1. Ahmed BENSALEM Profile Pic

    Hello, I just updated my Theme to the latest version and I don’t see in “Appearence” where to enable Google Story.
    I already have few Google Web-Stories on my wordpress site.

    For information : I’m a Pro user and I’m using Elementor as builder.

  2. Ben Profile Pic

    For a start, this is really cool, but some things aren’t apparently working, and there need to be more choices. I want to be able to place this somewhere else than at the very top. The View All Stories link can’t be centered or moved other than to use custom CSS. Clicking on individual stories doesn’t open them up, only View All Stories does so this is the only way to view any of them. The left/right arrow show and then disappear, and they don’t even work when you can quickly click on them when they are there. When you’re viewing a story there is no way to click out of it other than to click the back button on your browser.

  3. Ravi Kasturi Profile Pic

    Thank you for enabling the interface for web stories. I’ve not used the interface yet, but it is promising. I am looking forward to explore it!

  4. Helen McLean Profile Pic

    Is the top area the only position they can be placed? While the idea is interesting, it doesn’t look very good there.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Helen,

      Yes, currently top is the only position, we will look forward to introduce more options in the future. 🙂

  5. Joseph Profile Pic

    Does the web stories plugin generate a short code for displaying them in the post editor or anywhere else you would like them displayed?

    If so you could essentially display it using Elementor pro’s theme builder and any theme of your choosing.

    When you say that Astra is the first theme outside of the default themes to integrate web stories into it, are you referring to the customizer option?

  6. Simon Womersley Profile Pic
    Simon Womersley

    Hello, thanks for your post. After reading this I decided to create my first Google Web story today, whoop, whoop! Well, actually I went on to release 4 in total to showcase all my prices for my web design services.

    Does Astra have plans to allow site owners to add web stories to different locations? The customizer only allows the stories to appear in the header. Now, I can see the logic behind why someone might want them in the header. It’s their most recent news and it’s in an easy to digest format.
    I’m just curious to know, will the Astra customizer allow web stories to show in the footer, in the blogs as a widget etc.



    1. Mathukutty P. V. Profile Pic
      Mathukutty P. V.

      This was my mistake of not adding the Post image. Resolved it.
      I found people asked about showing stories on the sidebar instead of on the top. I found now that a web story widget and added that to the side bar.

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