How to Allow Automatic Beta Updates for Astra?

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Automatic Beta Updates for Astra

Small but a very useful feature we are introducing with Astra Pro Addon version 1.5.1 is Automatic Beta Updates.

We follow a Beta testing process while releasing any major version. It allows us to provide a working copy of the upcoming release to our customers and get feedback on new features, improvements, and fixes. It is a part of our efforts to release only stable and thoroughly tested updates.

Until now, you had to log in your account on our store, download the beta version and install it manually on your website. But now, we’ve simplified the processing by introducing a feature that will allow users to easily participate in the Beta Program. You can now enable automatic beta updates for Astra Pro on your website.

The setting can be found under WordPress Dashboard> Astra > Dashboard > Settings > Version Control > Enable beta.


You will see the Allow Beta Updates box. Click on the Enable Beta Updates button.

Important Note

1. Automatic Beta Updates feature is available only with Astra Pro Addon plugin. You will only find this feature with Astra Pro Addon plugin but enabling this option from Astra Pro Addon will display beta updates for both Astra Pro plugin and Astra Theme. Whenever there is a beta update available for Astra Pro or Astra theme, you will get the update notification in WordPress updater.
2. If you want a beta update notification for Astra theme, you can enable the above option from Astra Pro. If you are not Astra Pro user then you need to manually download the zip for beta and upload it to the site. Read more here.
3. Beta versions are stable as possible since we release them only after testing internally. But we still recommend you to use them only on staging sites or playgrounds. Do not use beta features on live websites. Read About Beta Versions. 

How to revert back to the previous version?

In case you update theme or plugin to the beta version and want to revert back to the previous stable version, follow the steps –

Step 1: Install Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin.
Step 2: Download the previous stable version of the theme from here
Step 3: 
Download the previous stable version for Astra Pro from your store account.
Step 4: Now upload recently downloaded zip for theme and plugin to the site.
Step 5: Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin will override the current beta version of the theme and plugin with a zip uploaded in Step 4.

Note – If you need zip for the older version for Astra Pro Addon plugin, contact us on the support portal.

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