How to Open a Submenu Towards the Left Using Astra?

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How to Change the Direction for Submenu Opening?

By default, submenus will open to the right side. Sometimes if the submenu structure is long, it might open out of the viewport in the right and user will not able to see it. 

Astra Demo Submenu Opening

To fix this add a below-mentioned CSS class to the parent menu who’s submenu is displaying out of the viewport.


For example: 
If following is the menu structure:

> About Team
>> Team Members
>>> Team Responsibilities
>>>> Team Contacts

Then add a CSS class ast-left-align-sub-menu to the parent menu – About Team  So that their sub-menus will open to the left instead of right. 

Detailed steps to add CSS class – 

Step 1: From the dashboard navigate to Appearance > Menus.

Step 2: At the top right corner click on Screen Options and enable the CSS Classes option.

Screen Options CSS Classes

Step 3: From the menu structure click on the menu whos submenu needs to be opened at the left.

Step 4: Add CSS class ast-left-align-sub-menu and click on save. 

Astra Submenu Options

Now the submenus will open like – 

Astra Submenu Opening Left
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