Colors & Background Module in Astra

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Colors & Background Module

Design and Aesthetics are essential parts of any website. With that, the Astra theme comes with modern and various color options. If you want to expand your options, however, the Colors & Background addon with the Astra Pro plugin can give you more control and options to your theme.

This premium feature is available with the Astra Pro plugin. So in order to use this addon, you need to have the Astra theme installed along with the actual Astra Pro plugin.

Astra theme (free) gives some basic color options. While Colors & Background Module with Astra Pro plugin adds more options in the customizer.

Here are steps to activate the add on and explore the premium settings – 

Step 1 –  Make sure you have the Astra Pro plugin installed and activated. 

Step 2 – Activate the addon from Astra > Astra Pro Modules >  Colors & Background.

Step 3 –  After activating, the module will add additional color options for various sections in the customizer ( Appearance > Customize ). 

Below is the detailed list where you can see newly added color options in the Customizer:

  • Global > Colors > Content
  • Header > Site Identity
  • Header > Primary Header
  • Header > Primary Menu
  • Blog > Blog / Archive
  • Blog > Single Post
  • Sidebar

1. Global Colors

The Astra theme itself provides basic global color options as mentioned here. In addition to this, the addon will also enable the following options – 

  • Content Background – With this, you can add a background image and color to the container, i.e., any area where you add text.
  • Headings – You can set colors for each heading, H1 to H6, from one place.
  • You will also find the responsive option enabled for the Content Background.

Note: Content Background will be visible only with Boxed and Content Boxed container layout.

2. Header

Separate color options will be available under the Header tab for –

  • Site Identity- Enable displaying site title/tagline and you will observe color options.
  • Primary Header- Set background and color for your header.
  • Primary Menu- Set colors to the menu and submenus on normal, hover (color of the menu item when pointer moves over it), and active mode (color of the menu item that is currently active – the page you’re currently viewing).

3. Blog

  • Blog / Archive – Along with the post title and meta, this will add color options for the Archive Summary Box. This box will appear on an archive page like categories, where the title and the description of the archive page will appear.

4. Sidebar

You’ll get color options for your sidebar.

You can even manage the Sidebar’s Title Color, Text Color, Link Color along with the Background options.

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