Colors & Background Module

Astra Pro is a plugin that enhances the possibilities with Astra. This plugin comes with a number of addons that can be enabled as per your needs.

In this article, we’ll be dive in to know more about the Colors and Background Module.

What does the Colors and Background addon add?

The basic Astra theme has a Colors and Background option that allows you to manage the following sections:

  • Body
  • Footer Widgets
  • Footer Bar

After you activate the Colors and Background addon, you’ll see many more options like:

  • Header
  • Primary Menu
  • Content and Heading 1 (H1) to Heading 6 (H6)
  • Blog/Archive
  • Single Page/Post
  • Sidebar

You can activate the module from Appearance > Astra Options > Colors & BackgroundAfter activating the module, you can find the settings under Appearance > Customize > Colors & Background.

1. Header

1.1 Header

This allows you to set a background color for the primary header.

If you have activated Header Sections Module from Astra Pro, you can see color options available for Above and Below Header.

1.2 Primary Menu

This offers you following color options for primary menu and it’s submenu.

  • Link / Text Color
  • Link Hover Color
  • Hover Background Color
  • Active Link Color
  • Active Background Color

2. Content

2.1 Content Background Color

It applies a background color to the container where the content of the site is inserted.

Note: It depends on the Container Layout you set under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Container
When you select Boxed or Content Boxed Layout you can see the content color, while in other two layouts you will not see the change in the content background color.

2.2 Heading 1 (H1) to Heading 6 (H6) Color

It sets the color to heading tags on entire site.

3. Blog/Archive

3.1 Archive Summary Box

This box will appear on archive page like category, where the title and the description of the archive page will appear. You can set the background, title and description color for this box.

3.2 Blog/Archive Post Color

You get following options for posts on archive pages.

  • Post Title Color
  • Post Meta Color
  • Post Meta Link Color
  • Post Meta Link Hover Color

4. Single Post/Page

4.1 Title Color

It would set the color for the title on single page/ post.

5. Sidebar

It provides color options for a sidebar. Below are the available options.

  • Widget Title Color
  • Text Color
  • Link Color
  • Link Hover Color

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