Naming Convention for Astra 2.1.0 CSS File(s)

Astra with version 2.1.0 offers an option of CSS file generation. In this article, you will see how these CSS files are named.

The new naming convention is really simple, so you don’t get confused when looking at these files.

The CSS file is named based on the post(s) or page(s) on your website. The Post ID or the Page ID will be used as a suffix at the end of the CSS file.

Let’s say you have a post and it’s ID it “206”.

Then the CSS file will auto-generate with this name:

  • “astra-theme-dynamic-css-post-206.css”  (for Astra Theme)
  • “astra-addon-dynamic-css-post-206.css” (for Astro Pro)
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