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Astra Options Page – All Settings Explained

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Astra provides a dedicated settings page in your WordPress dashboard. You can manage all Astra theme and Astra Pro related controls here. You would see this screen under Astra > Dashboard.

Astra Theme

Have a look at the options that are available with free Astra Theme:

Astra Header/Footer Builder 

It allows you to switch between the legacy header and footer, which were available with previous versions of the Astra theme, and our new Header and Footer Builder. To change your current header and footer option, just click on the button in this section. To find out more about our new Header and Footer Builder please check this article (

Links to Customizer Settings 

These settings will land you on a respective setting in the customizer. So you would not need to open a customizer and search for a particular setting.

More Options Available with Astra Pro! 

This section lists all modules available with Astra Pro Addon. You can refer to documents for each of the modules to see all the advanced options offered by Astra Pro modules.

Import Starter Site 

This option in the right sidebar, allows you to install the Starter Templates plugin with a single click. It offers a free library of Starter Site Templates available with a choice of Page Builders – Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Brizy. You can choose from more than 150 Starter Templates created by our team. 

Importing any template will set up your whole website in a couple of minutes including installing all needed plugins, creating pages and adding designs, and setting all Astra Customizer settings. From there, you can just replace texts and images and any other content you might have (like WooCommerce products) with your own, and your website is done. Also, if you wish, you can further develop your website designs using our template design as a starting point.

Important Links

From here you can check out Astra Website and get familiar with all options and features that come with the Astra theme.

If you have any queries regarding Astra, you can dig for a Knowledge Base solution or ask Astra Community on Facebook. 

Still did not find the solution?  You can contact our Five Star Support team for all your questions straight from this page.

Also, you can easily Rate Us and leave your feedback. We value the opinion of our users and we are happy to hear it anytime.

Useful Plugins

There is a number of plugins created for extending Astra theme capabilities. You can activate these depending on your needs by clicking on the “Install” button. This will install the desired plugin and activate it. You can then access the plugin settings straight from Astra dashboard. Among the free plugins available here are Spectra builder which will add advanced blocks to your default WordPress builder, Sidebar Manager which will allow you to create custom sidebars for your website, Custom Fonts for easy font importing, and many more.

Astra Pro Addon Plugin

With your Astra Pro Addon installed and activated, the “More Options Available with Astra Pro!” section will turn to the Available Astra Pro Modules section. Here, you will have the option to Activate or Deactivate All modules or activate/deactivate each one individually as you need them.

It’s good to know that deactivating Pro modules you don’t use will benefit your website performance.

Additional Sections Available with Astra Pro Addon:


  • File Generation is another option that you can use to improve your website performance. Enabling this will result in your inline CSS not showing up in the Source Code anymore, as the inline CSS will now be added as a separate file. You can find out more about this in the following article (
  • Asset Regeneration: Facing issues with style, layout, color or another page element? Use this option to regenerate CSS and Javascript assets. It can help with all kinds of asset issues.


  • Load Google Fonts Locally: Enable this option to download Google fonts and save them on your server. This can be great for improving speed of your website and to comply with GDPR laws.
  • Preload Local Fonts: This option will load the font files right away on page load. Preloading Local Fonts can speeds up your website even further.
  • Flush Local Fonts Cache: Click the button to reset the local fonts cache.

Version Control:

  • Rollback to Previous Version: Experiencing an issue with current versions of software? Roll back to a previous version to help troubleshoot the issue.
  • Enable Beta: Enable this option to receive update notifications for beta versions.

White Label:

Astra’s White Label feature allows you to transform the Astra theme and its plugin counterparts into your own branded solution. This is particularly beneficial for agencies or developers who build websites for clients and want to maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the website creation process.

You can enter your desired company name, logo, and descriptions to replace Astra’s default branding elements.

Make a note if you have white-labeled Astra using Astra Pro, the links in the sidebar won’t appear.

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