Starter Templates — Basics and FAQs

Astra provides a stunning library of pre-built templates. Instead of designing a website from scratch you can import Starter Templates (formerly Astra Starter Sites) with few clicks and customize them in your own way.

Starter Templates are available with your favorite page builders and WordPress default editor – ElementorBeaver BuilderBrizy and Gutenberg Editor.

Starter Templates library has a number of templates, some are FREE (without any tag) while some are marked with a PREMIUM tag.

FREE and Premium Starter Templates

  • Templates without any tag ( Free Starter Templates )
  • Templates with tag – PREMIUM ( Premium Starter Templates )

Templates Without Any Tag ( Free Starter Templates )

Starter Templates that do not have any tag are available for free. These templates are built with free resources like – free versions of page builders (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy) and free external plugins.

How to Import? – For a detailed step-wise explanation on how to import the FREE starter templates, you can refer to the article here.

Templates With Tag PREMIUM

In the library, templates with PREMIUM tags are accessible only to those who own the Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle.

Why is it so? – In ‘Premium’ templates, you will see advanced design styles and features. These sites are built with – Page builders (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy) and a few of the premium plugins.

Note: The Growth Bundle owners can access all the sites marked as Premium. While those who own an Essential Bundle can access the Premium sites for a specific page builder (depending on their choice) only.

How to Import? – The Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle comes with the Premium Starter Templates plugin. You will find it along with the other plugins in your store account. Refer to the article here to see how you can install the plugin.

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