How to Import A Complete Site With Starter Templates?

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    How to Import A Complete Site With Starter Templates?

    Starter Templates plugin allows you to import ready and beautifully built demos to your website. Most importantly, when you import a complete site, your whole website is ready in a few minutes. You get already made designs, dummy content, images, and style that you can customize and personalize as you wish.

    Thus, this document will show you how to import a complete site with Starter Templates directly from your WordPress Dashboard. We will cover both the Free and Premium Templates. 

    Importing Free Templates

    The first step to importing the free templates is to install the Starter Templates plugin. The plugin provides two sets of templates, free and Premium. You can learn how to install the free plugin here.

    Visit the Getting Started with Starter Templates document for more details on FREE and PREMIUM Starter Templates.

    Once you install and activate the plugin, please follow the steps below.

    Choosing A Template

    Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Starter Templates. In the right-top corner of the Starter Template Library, you can see available page builders. Select your preferred page builder: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, or Brizy. This will filter the Library accordingly;

    Starter Templates - Page Builder Filter

    Step 2 – You can browse through the Library to see the available templates. Once you find the one you like, click on it.

    Here, you should see a ‘Preview Site’ button in the bottom-left corner. This will take you to the live preview of the selected template.

    Preview Template

    Further, you can preview the individual page templates within the selected template. Keep in mind that you will be able to see page preview only for our uniquely designed pages.

    At the same time, when you import the complete site, the imported template might come with additional pages. In particular, these are the default pages created by some 3rd-party plugins once plugins are imported and installed. For example, these can be WooCommerce default pages like Shop or Checkout. There is no preview available for these default 3rd-party pages since they are not imported by Starter Templates.


    Templates that include 3rd-party plugins will contain premade dummy content for these plugins (e.g., Products in your WooCommerce Shop). Since the preview is only available for page templates, the preview for this content is not available in Starter Templates.

    Importing A Complete Site Template

    Step 3 – Next, click on the “Import Complete Site” button to start the import process;


    If you see the “Get Access!” button instead, it means that you are trying to import Premium templates using the free Starter Templates plugin. Also, this could mean that you didn’t activate your Premium Starter License.

    Import A Complete Site

    Step 4 – After you click “Import Complete Site”, a popup will appear with the following options:

    • Delete Previously Imported Site – You can opt to automatically delete any starter template you previously imported;
    • Install & Activate Astra Theme – Starter Templates are designed to work perfectly with the Astra theme. Starter Templates plugin will install/activate it automaticaly if you tick this option. Contrary, if you skip this option, the imported template will inherit current theme customizer settings. Hence, the template might look differently on your website compared to the Library preview;
    • Install Required Plugins – The Starter Templates plugin will automatically install and activate the required plugins. No other manual action needed;
    • Import Customizer Settings – Each site template has its own typography, layout, color, button set within the Astra customizer. Further, If you diable this option, the template will inherit these settings from your current theme’s customizer;
    • Import Content – Enabling this option, will import content (text) and images for the template you selected. Yet, if you only need to import the structure and designes of the site you can skip this;
    • Import Widgets – This will import the widgets used in the site template (especially with header and footer).

    Furthermore, we suggest that you enable all these settings to ensure the imported template is the same as the preview.

    Import A Complete Website - Advanced Options

    Step 5 – Now that you selected the options you wish to enable, click the “Import” button. Don’t close the window until the template import is finished;

    Step 6 – Once the import process is completed, you can view your website by clicking the “Preview Site” button.

    Successfully Imported A Complete Site

    Importing Premium Templates

    Premium Templates are available only with Essential or Growth Bundles. You can distinguish them in the template library by the Premium tag in the upper right corner.

    Free and Premium Starter Templates

    To import Premium site templates, you need to install the Premium Starter Templates plugin. If you need help installing and activating the plugin or activating its license, you can find more details here.

    Once the Premium Starter Templates license is activated, you can import the Premium templates. Please follow the same above-mentioned steps for importing free templates.

    Also, you could check this short video of the Premium template importing process:


    Though not required, we recommend you import a site template on a clean WordPress installation. Also, you can reset your current WordPress installation to start fresh with the brand new site. Here’s a quick guide to help you do that.

    The “Get Access!” Button – Importing Premium Template

    While trying to import the premium templates, you might have seen the “Get Access” button instead of the importing options. This means that something is missing in your setup. Firstly, as you know, these templates require a Premium Starter Templates plugin to be installed and activated.

    Secondly, to import Premium templates, you also need to activate your Premium Starter Templates license. If you haven’t done this, you will see the “Get Access” button on your Premium templates.

    Hence, this is what you can do to activate your plugin license:

    Step 1 – If you see the “Get Access!” button when you try to import a Premium template (on Step 2 of importing process), go ahead and click on it;

    Step 2 – Next, you will see an activation popup. Click the “Activate License” button to activate your Premium Starter Templates plugin license. You can copy the license key from your store account and paste it into the popup input field.

    Step 3 – Once the license is activated, continue the import process from Step 3.


    Although we try to use stock and non-copyrighted images on all of our Starter Sites/templates, we cannot take legal responsibility for any claims. We highly recommend replacing the images after importing.

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