Default Structured Data and Schema Markup in Astra Theme

Schema is basically a joint effort by all major search engines that guidelines the markup that we should add in our website. This markup allows search engines to better understand our website and display better search results.

As you might already know, Astra theme adds Schema markup to and takes care of the SEO fundamentals of your website. Below is the list of all Schemas Astra adds on your website:

WebPage: On WordPress single pages

Blog: On Blog Index Page


  • On author archive pages.
  • On blog posts meta to the author link.
  • Author Bio on blog posts

WPHeader: To the header

WPFooter: To the footer

WPSideBar: To the main sidebar

SiteNavigationElement: To the primary navigation menu.

SearchResultsPage: On Search Results Pages

Organization: To the title & logo

BreadcrumbList: To the breadcrumb through Page Header module in Astra Pro

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