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15 Best Website Annotation Tools for Better Team Collaboration

Quick Summary ↪ We compared and listed 15 annotation tools. However, SureFeedback stands out by combining powerful features with ease of use. It’s easy to install, requires minimal training, and offers an intuitive platform for clients to provide feedback.

Best Website Annotation Tools

In this list, we’ll cover the 15 best website annotation tools to simplify feedback management.

Every project, from a marketing campaign to a website development project, comes with constant feedback.

With feedback comes the back and forth with clients and teammates, introducing the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding🤦‍♂️

If you dream of streamlining this part of a project, website annotation tools are a game-changer.

They create a streamlined process for giving, receiving, and managing feedback. This can save time and lengthy email chains and generally improve the whole project.

We use an annotation tool all the time and can’t imagine working without it.

We think you’ll love them, too, so let’s review the best tools on the market right now.

Why Use a Website Annotation Tool To Collect Feedback?

Commenting and annotating using documents, spreadsheets, or email threads is a common method that often lacks visual context, precision, and collaborative capabilities.

It can lead to miscommunication, inefficiencies, and disorganized feedback. That’s not to mention lengthy email chains, frustrated designers and clients!

a demo of website annotation tool

Website annotation tools outperform other commenting methods in several ways:

  1. Visual context: Allows you to provide feedback directly on the website, maintaining the visual context and eliminating ambiguity.
  2. Precise targeting: Precisely highlight or point to specific web elements, enhancing feedback accuracy.
  3. Collaborative environment: Enable real-time collaboration, streamlining feedback and ensuring transparency.
  4. Organized feedback: Features like categorization, prioritization, and filtering make managing and addressing comments systematic and efficient.
  5. Centralized repository: Annotation tools centralize all feedback, improving organization and accessibility.

Let’s quickly discuss some use cases before getting to the list.

Who Should Use Website Annotation Tools?

Here are some common use cases for website annotation tools:


  • Providing feedback and suggesting changes to client websites during the development or design process.
  • Annotating website mock-ups or prototypes to communicate ideas and revisions.
  • Collaborating with other freelancers or developers on web projects.

Web Agencies

  • Collecting feedback on website designs, layouts, and functions.
  • Annotating client websites to document bugs or areas that need improvement.
  • Collaborating with team members while creating websites and performing maintenance.

QA Teams

  • Identifying and documenting bugs, usability issues, or inconsistencies.
  • Highlighting areas of concern or non-compliance with design specifications or guidelines.
  • Collaborating with developers to communicate issues and track resolution.

Marketing Teams

  • Providing feedback on website content, layout, and user experience from a marketing perspective.
  • Annotating website pages to suggest changes or improvements for better conversion rates or engagement.
  • Collaborating with web designers or developers to implement marketing-driven website enhancements.

Before starting the project, always discuss with clients about which website annotation tools do you use or they prefer to use.

SureFeedback vs vs Ruttl

Here’s a quick overview of the three market leaders in website annotation:

Project LimitationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited projects in paid plans.
AnnotationsWebsite, images, design mockups, PDFs, and moreLive and mockup websitesWebsite, images, design mockups, PDFs, videos, and more
Real-time CollaborationYesYesYes
Organization CapabilitiesComments are sorted into Active, In Progress, In Review, and ResolvedBasic organizationSort annotations and comments in folders
Integrations600+ integrations with SureTriggersIntegrations with popular toolsIntegrations with popular tools
Collaboration and SharingThe client-side plugin enables seamless collaborationRegister users and share links with guest usersRegister users and share links with guest users
On-brand CustomizationsYes, on all plansUpgrade to higher plansBasic customizations
Browser ExtensionsNoYesYes
Support and CommunityDocumentation, online community, and 24/7 live support for all plansDocumentationLive chat support, dedicated success manager, and priority support for paid plans

15 Website Annotation Tools That Give Visual Feedback

Here are the best website annotation tools around right now.


surefeedback banner

SureFeedback is a powerful website annotation tool to add, review, and manage feedback with ease. You can provide specific, detailed feedback on design elements directly within websites or design files.

Using digital sticky notes, you can use SureFeedback to communicate efficiently.

You can drop comments on the WordPress website, report bugs, exchange design input, and so much more.

This will not only save QA and UAT time but also boost team productivity and lead to uninterrupted design-dev communication. This can reduce development costs and produce a superior final product.

Suppose you own a web development agency or work as a freelancer. You ask clients to install the SureFeedback Client Site plugin and use the point, click, comment feature to add notes or share ideas.

You can exchange real-time feedback, resolve comments, and cut down the back and forth via emails or video meetings.

It works seamlessly with WordPress, but you can also connect it with other platforms, such as Shopify, Squarespace or Wix.

Here’s a video tutorial for you

SureFeedback Features

  • Highlight specific areas on a webpage or design file, making it easy to pinpoint feedback.
  • Add comments and notes directly on the annotated elements, ensuring clear communication about changes or improvements.
  • Collaborate faster with real-time feedback, sharing annotated links, and discussing changes.
  • Keep track of different versions so you can review feedback over time.
  • Integrate 600+ apps using SureTriggers and project management platforms like Slack.

SureFeedback Is Best For

Marketing teams, web agencies, and QA Teams for annotating and reviewing websites, design mockups and PDFs.

SureFeedback Pricing

SureFeedback offers three paid plans with a 14-day free trial:

  • Standard (1 Dashboard): $99.00/year
  • Professional (3 Dashboard): $139.00/year
  • Ultimate (5 Dashboard): $169.00/year

(One dashboard can control multiple client sites)

All plans include unlimited mockups, unlimited client websites, unlimited users, a central dashboard, white label, sketch sync, PDF support, and more.

In our SureFeedback review, we discuss everything about this website annotation tool that can assist you in your purchase decision. banner is a website feedback and annotation tool designed to streamline the collection of feedback and bug reports.

You can use a Chrome extension or install it on your website by adding a code snippet.

Once installed, you can take full or partial screenshots, add arrows or callouts, write text-over-image, blur sensitive information, and add image overlays.

If you’re looking for a website annotation extension for bug reporting, then is a great solution.

It automatically includes essential information with every report, including reporter name, source URL, console logs, browser environment and session replay. Popular Features

  • Easily report issues by clicking, annotating, and sending. The feedback widget captures screenshots and allows visual markups.
  • Automatically add technical details (such as browser, OS, and screen size) to bug reports.
  • Rewind and watch what users did before submitting feedback, providing valuable context. Is Best For is best for client feedback and QA testing. Pricing offers three paid plans:

  • Starter ($39/mo): Includes 3 members. Users can take screenshots and add annotations, create bug reports with environment data, collaborate with comments and notes, and integrate with tools like Asana, JIRA and Slack.
  • Team ($99/mo): Includes everything in the Starter plan. Allows up to 15 members with additional benefits like white labeling, custom branding, session replay and console logs.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): Includes everything from the Team plan, a dedicated Slack channel, product concierge service, integration with the Jira data center and premium support.

There’s a 15-day free trial with any plan.


ruttle banner

Ruttl is a powerful website annotation tool designed for designers, developers, and project teams.

It allows you to collect visual feedback, invite teammates to collaborate on projects, and make changes on live websites.

Ruttl offers a suite of products for website annotation and feedback. The suite includes tools for websites, video, mobile apps, bug tracking, PDFs and customer feedback.

Ruttle is one of the best free website annotation tools if you need generative AI assistance to make edits.

It exports important comments to tools like Slack, Trello, Jira, and Asana, ensuring seamless workflow integration.

Ruttle Popular Features

  • Easily add comments and leave detailed feedback directly on web pages.
  • Tag teammates, assign comments as tasks, set deadlines, and resolve them once the task is finished.
  • Compare different images directly on your website to see the best match.

Ruttle Is Best For

Ruttle is best for developers and designers for internal communication, feedback review, and making changes on a live website.

Ruttle Pricing

Ruttle offers a free plan that allows 5 users to collaborate on one project.

This lets you annotate static landing pages, web applications, videos, images, bug tracking, and PDFs up to 2MB.

If you want advanced features, you can upgrade to the following premium plans:

  • Pro ($6/month/user): This plan allows up to 50 users and unlimited guests to collaborate on unlimited projects. Users can add video comments of up to 10 minutes and upload PDFs of up to 50MB.
  • Team ($25/month/user): This plan allows unlimited users to collaborate on unlimited projects with unlimited guests. Add PDFs up to 100MB and get workspace storage of up to 100GB.

There’s also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.


MarkUp banner

MarkUp is a powerful website annotation and markup tool that simplifies providing feedback and reporting bugs directly on web pages.

You can quickly add comments, arrows, text-over-image, rectangles, circles, and more.

MarkUp integrates seamlessly with popular project management tools like Jira, Trello, GitHub, and Asana. When users submit feedback, an issue is automatically created in their chosen tool.

Developers can stay in their preferred environment, streamlining the feedback process.

Agencies and software development teams can efficiently gather client feedback after delivering a website project.

MarkUp Popular Features

  • The MarkUp Chrome extension makes it easy to screenshot a website and add comments.
  • Supports over 30 different file types, including websites, images, PDFs, and videos.
  • Invite unlimited collaborators. They can register as team members or join as guests using the shared link without logging in.

MarkUp Is Best For

MarkUp is suitable for web design, marketing, advertising, web development, and QA testing professionals.

MarkUp Pricing

MarkUp offers a free plan that allows unlimited users to collaborate on 1 workspace with up to 5 markups. The plan also includes 10GB of workspace storage and basic integrations.

There are also two premium plans:

  • Pro ($25/mo): You get folders to organize your screenshots, unlimited markups and 500GB of workspace storage. However, you only get one workspace.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): You get unlimited workspaces with unlimited storage, SOC II documentation, SSO (SAML), a dedicated success manager, and so much more.

MarkUp has one of the best web page annotation Chrome extensions around. It works seamlessly, even the free plan.


Filestage banner

Filestage is a versatile collaboration tool that simplifies feedback and approval for web content, designs, and more.

It’s easy to set up with a step-by-step guide and captures comments, annotations, and feedback.

Filestage integrates smoothly with tools like Slack, Dropbox, and Trello. It supports multiple file types and provides a clear feedback trail, making it ideal for complex projects.

Filestage is excellent for organizing approvals, uploading files, inviting reviewers, editing based on feedback, and comparing versions side-by-side.

While powerful, it may be overkill for smaller projects and has a learning curve for beginners.

Filestage Popular Features

  • Annotate live web pages and interactive HTML directly within the platform.
  • Reviewers can interact with content as they would in their browser, switching between desktop, tablet, and mobile views.
  • Useful for wireframes, digital/print ads, social media graphics, apps, and video annotations.

Filestage Is Best For

Filestage is useful for designers, project managers, digital marketers, and anyone involved in web development.

Filestage Pricing

There’s a free Filestage plan that lets you work with unlimited team members on two active projects. You also get 2GB workspace storage, support for all file types, robust integrations, batch review, and so much more.

If you need advanced features, there are two paid plans:

  • Basic ($49/mo): Includes everything in the free plan, including 10 active projects and 250GB of secure storage.
  • Professional ($249/mo): Everything in the Basic plan, plus 25 active projects, compare versions, custom branding, external uploads and 1-automation/project.

There’s also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Everything is offered at unlimited capacity, and you also get a dedicated customer success manager with verified approvals.


BugHerd banner

BugHerd is a tool for web developers and designers that simplifies bug tracking and feedback collection.

It acts like sticky notes on your website, capturing visual feedback and detailed bug reports, including browser, OS, and screen resolution data.

BugHerd integrates with platforms like Slack, GitHub, and Jira, making it easy to share information and collaborate.

The markup tool allows for comments, highlights, and annotations on various file types. It’s a very effective tool that makes markup seem simple.

The integrated Kanban board turns feedback into trackable tasks, making task management seamless too.

BugHerd Popular Features

  • BugHerd overlays your website, allowing reviewers to leave feedback by clicking the plus button and pinning comments on the page.
  • Collects essential technical data, including the website URL, OS, and browser, aiding faster issue resolution.
  • Annotations and technical data become tasks on a central board for easy tracking.

BugHerd Is Best For

BugHerd is best for companies looking for an efficient way to track and solve bugs. Its Kanban style makes it a go-to tool for communication management.

BugHerd Pricing

BugHerd offers five paid plans. Each is available for a 14-day free trial.

  • Standard ($33/mo): Up to 5 members and unlimited guests and projects. You also get 10GB storage, screenshot annotation features, and powerful third-party integrations.
  • Studio ($58/mo): Up to 10 members, unlimited guests, and projects. You also get 25GB storage, screenshot annotation features, powerful third-party integrations, and video feedback.
  • Premium ($108/mo): Up to 25 members, unlimited guests, projects, and 50GB storage. Includes everything in the Studio plan, along with custom branding.
  • Deluxe ($191/mo): Up to 50 members, unlimited guests, projects, and 150GB storage. The rest of the features are similar to those of the Premium plans.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): Unlimited guests, storage, and projects with a custom limit on members. You get everything in the Deluxe plan, along with a dedicated success manager, onboarding and training support, SSO and 99.9% uptime.



Usersnap is an awesome website and app customer feedback management tool for agile product testing and feature validation.

It captures screenshots, browser details, OS type, screen size, URL, and console logs, ensuring seamless product management.

It’s easy to install and integrates with tools like Jira, Slack, and Trello, enhancing team coordination.

Usersnap offers a free basic version, with premium plans available.

It features an intuitive interface for real-time, in-browser collaboration, making it a top choice for efficient feedback and bug tracking.

Usersnap Popular Features

  • Streamline feedback by linking the help page, messenger chat, and web pages.
  • Trigger simple surveys and polls according to user events, time spent on the web page, or URL paths.
  • AI capabilities for automating replies, summarizing feedback and detecting urgent issues.

Usersnap Is Best For

Usersnap is best for businesses looking to manage customer feedback efficiently, QA teams who want to report and track bugs effectively, and product development teams looking to build new features and test user sentiments.

Usersnap Pricing

There is no free version so you have to choose one of the following paid plans:

  • Startup plan ($49/month): 5 active projects, 5 team members, screen capturing with metadata, conditional surveys, 50+ integrations, AI-powered insights, and Kanban view.
  • Company plan ($129/month): 15 active projects, 15 team members, feedback and support widgets, browser error log recording, public requests upvote boards, customizable widgets, data export, and more.
  • Premium plan ($249/month): 25 active projects, 25 team members, no Usersnap branding, mobile app surveys (SDK), protected site capture, multilingual translations, webhooks, and REST API.
  • Enterprise plan (custom pricing): Tailored for large teams, single-sign-on, onboarding sessions, full API access, security audit and a customer feedback strategy consultation.


Feedbucket banner

Feedbucket is a user-friendly website annotation tool for streamlining projects.

It enables seamless annotation and collaboration between developers and clients. Installation is simple, just sign up and start immediately.

It captures screenshots, annotations, comments, and detailed feedback, integrating well with popular tools to maintain an efficient feedback loop.

Feedbucket excels in real-time collaboration and versatile annotation features, though basic plans have limited third-party integrations.

It can be installed on WordPress sites and integrated with project management tools like ClickUp, Jira, Asana, and others.

Feedbucket Popular Features

  • Manage client feedback and communication directly from the project management tool.
  • The bug report includes essential technical information, such as the browser, OS and device.
  • No installation is required to give video feedback.

Feedbucket Is Best For

Web agencies want to integrate client feedback management with a project management tool like Asana or Jira.

Feedbucket Pricing

There is no free version of Feedbucket. However, you can try out one of the following paid plans with a 14-day free trial before purchasing.

  • Pro ($33/mo): This plan allows up to 5 registered members to collaborate with unlimited reporters on unlimited projects.
  • Business ($72/mo): Everything in the Pro plan, plus console logs, custom branding and metadata, and up to 25 registered team members.
  • Enterprise ($207/mo): Everything in the Business plan, plus, priority support and a dedicated success manager.


Userback banner

Userback is a comprehensive tool for visual feedback on websites and apps, using annotated screenshots and video recordings.

Userback identifies design strengths and weaknesses and analyzes user churn to find reasons for user departure and solutions.

It’s invaluable for optimizing beta testing and combining app insights with user surveys to understand preferences. It centralizes bug reporting, feature requests, and surveys in one place.

Userback also boosts eCommerce conversions by triggering on-page surveys to understand cart abandonment and purchase experiences.

It eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails, calls, and meetings. You can add comments and collaborate with your team directly on the platform.

Userback Popular Features

  • Send bug reports and visual feedback right from the websites and apps.
  • Draw on the screen, add comments, tag users, and highlight areas to give detailed contextual feedback and bug reports.
  • Capture more insightful user feedback with user segments, targeted surveys, and feedback requests.

Userback Is Best For

Userback is best suited for product teams who want to collect valuable insights and improve their products.

Userback Pricing

Userback offers three paid plans:

  • Starter ($49/mo): 250 feedback/mo, 5 team members, unlimited projects, session replays, visual feedback, and more.
  • Scale ($109/mo): Everything in Starter, plus 500 feedback/mo, 15 team members, unlimited projects, advanced survey triggers and browser error logs.
  • Premium ($219/mo): Everything in Scale, plus no limits on projects, feedback, or team members. Includes premium support, invoice payment and SOC2 Type 2 reports.

New accounts include a free 14-day trial to access all the key features before you buy.


Diigo banner

Diigo is a powerful research tool that lets you annotate web pages and PDFs directly while browsing online. You can also collect and save web resources for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Improve your team collaboration by adding comments and reminders directly to web pages using sticky notes.

You can create an organized research base with a feature called Outliner. It lets you organize your research, inputs, annotations, links, and references to create a well-structured document.

Diigo is a Chrome extension that you can install in your browser and start using right away. It is one of the best online annotation tools for students and academic researchers.

Diigo Popular Features

  • Combines annotations with bookmarking.
  • Structure your research by streamlining content through Diigo or customizing it with Outliner.
  • If you buy a premium plan, you can store online resources with annotations intact, even if the original source becomes inactive.

Diigo Is Best For

Researchers, students, educators, and anyone who wants to organize and annotate online content effectively. It’s particularly useful for collaborative work and knowledge sharing.

Diigo Pricing

Diigo offers a free plan that comes with ads and limitations on bookmarking, webpage annotation, and PDF highlighting.

  • Standard ($40/year): No ads plan with unlimited cloud bookmarks, webpage and PDF highlights, image storage, cached pages, import Kindle highlights and notes.
  • Professional ($59/year): Everything in the Standard plan, and unlimited PDF storage and outliners.
  • Business ($10/mo/user): Everything in the Professional plan, and unlimited team library storage, collaborative web page and PDF annotation, admin console dashboard, and many advanced team features. banner is a unique, free, Chrome-based PDF and web annotation tool that supports social annotation, allowing both private and public notes.

It’s easy to install via the company’s website and adds a sidebar for annotations on any web content.

This open-source tool captures annotations, comments, highlights, and tags and integrates well with other systems.

Ideal for educators and researchers, encourages active engagement with text and collaborative peer reviews.

Create a free account with, install the extension, and start annotating to leverage its powerful capabilities. Popular Features

  • Adding public or private notes to online resources.
  • You can search within the notes.
  • Being an open-source software, the scope for innovation and updates is unlimited. Is Best For enables collaborative research and group work for free, making it an excellent web annotation tool. Pricing is a free online web annotation tool.


Monosnap banner

Monosnap is a versatile screen capture tool for Mac and Windows, ideal for startups, designers, and freelancers.

It isn’t as fully-features as some of these others, but if you work mainly with visuals, it has the tools you need to get work done.

It allows quick screenshots and screen recordings with one-click or keyboard shortcuts and easy editing and annotation.

You can upload your work to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive and share it with simple links without signing up.

Monosnap supports collaboration with annotated screenshots, streamlines workflows, and offers extensive editing tools. It also includes a Chrome extension for added convenience.

Monosnap Popular Features

  • Quickly capture the entire page with just one click and drop feedback.
  • Enables asynchronous working with editable GIFs and video recordings.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive storage for updates.

Monosnap Is Best For

Freelancers, designers, and startups who want to take quick screenshots and upload them for review and feedback.

Monosnap Pricing

Monosnap offers a free version and three premium plans:

  • Free: Take screenshots, annotate websites and draw, get 2GB cloud storage, record up to 5 minutes of videos.
  • Non-commercial ($2.50/mo): Everything in the Free plan, with no limits on monthly uploads, supports all file formats, 10GB or more cloud storage and unlimited video recording.
  • Commercial ($5/user/mo): This plan includes everything in the non-commercial plan, including a Team account, a commercial environment, and advanced integrations.

FuseBase (Formerly Nimbus)

FuseBase banner

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a versatile tool for web annotation, screenshots, and screen recording. You can sign up on their site to use the web platform or install the extension.

It captures screenshots, video recordings, annotations, and comments and integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.

The free version offers basic features, while premium plans provide advanced functionalities like AI assistance, white labeling, portal access management and server backups.

FuseBase excels in screen recording and note-taking, though some features have a learning curve, and premium plans can be costly for small teams.

It is an all-in-one workspace for teams and clients, enabling document sharing, real-time editing, and feedback exchange.

FuseBase Popular Features

  • AI assistance for brainstorming ideas, turning discussions into tasks, summarizing the comments, and personalized recommendations.
  • FuseBase can connect with 2000+ tools.
  • Create internal workspaces to enhance collaboration among team members and other departments.

FuseBase Is Best For

FuseBase is best for medium to large businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for client collaboration and CRM.

FuseBase Pricing

With FuseBase, you get four plans: one is a free forever plan, the other three are paid.

  • Free Forever: Unlimited devices, up to 20 members, 1 client portal, document scanner, unlimited nested folder, and more.
  • Standard ($9/mo/user): Suitable for solopreneurs as it allows only 1 member, 1 workspace, and 1 client portal.
  • Plus ($12/mo/user): All Standard plan features, along with 3 members, 5 workspaces, 5 client portals, 20 client accounts, 3 guests and server backups.
  • Premium ($30/mo/user): Everything in the Plus plan, including 15 workspaces, 15 client portals, unlimited client accounts, white labeling, and AI assistance.

You can also go for a lifetime plan that could go up to $1999 as a one-time purchase.


GoVisually banner

GoVisually is an essential proofing solution for design teams and web agencies aiming to streamline feedback processes.

The platform allows easy sharing and reviewing of web designs, with the ability to annotate and comment on PDFs and websites.

You can upload various file types, including PNG, PSD, and PDF, facilitating timely feedback and faster client approvals.

The tool captures annotations, comments, and feedback on design drafts and live web pages, making it highly efficient for collaborative work.

The platform excels in seamless design collaboration, easy revision tracking, and centralized feedback management.

GoVisually Popular Features

  • Add direct visual feedback on designs, PDFs and video content.
  • Add visual markups, mention teammates, track reports, and send visual notifications.
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

GoVisually Is Best For

We like GoVisually for its user-friendly tools, making it perfect for design feedback and online resource proofing.

GoVisually Pricing

GoVisually offers 3 paid plans.

  • Lite ($16/user/mo): 50 active projects, unlimited guest invitations and up to 50GB of workspace storage.
  • Pro ($33/user/mo): Everything in Lite, plus work on up to 250 projects, unlimited guest invitations, 150GB storage, custom branding and emails.
  • Premium (Custom Pricing): Everything in Pro, plus custom requirements, dedicated account manager, team training and onboarding.


Scrible banner

Scrible is a robust research tool designed to enhance your ability to annotate, organize, and collaborate on web articles.

The tool captures detailed annotations, highlights, and comments on web articles, making it invaluable for academic research.

It integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, OneDrive, and several learning management systems, ensuring your research stays organized and accessible.

Scrible offers a free version with the option to upgrade to advanced features. Its rich annotation tools and collaboration features are excellent for in-depth research and team projects.

However, the free version has limitations, and new users may face a learning curve. Despite this, Scrible’s comprehensive features make it a powerful ally for researchers and students alike.

Scrible Popular Features

  • Automatically creates citations for free in Chicago, APA, and MLA styles.
  • Drag and drop quotes and comments from your Scrible library to create an outline.
  • Access your evidence, comments, and citations in Google Docs.

Scrible Is Best For

Scrible is best for students and educators who want to save web pages, bookmark websites, need cloud storage and build a library of articles

Scrible Pricing

Scrible offers two paid plans and two free plans for students and educators.

  • Basic (Free): Includes 1 library with 500MB storage, web page and PDF annotation, bookmarking, various highlight and comment colors, and a Google Docs addon.
  • Edu (Free): Everything in the Basic plan and 1-click citations and bibliographies, various citations and Google Classroom sync.
  • Edu Pro Student ($35/year): Everything in the Edu plan and library sharing, multi-tag filtering and annotation customizations.
  • Edu Pro Teacher ($119.99/year): Everything in the Edu Pro Student plan, along with assignments and analytics, and 15 libraries for teachers and 1 library/student.

Scrible also offers Grade, Department, School, District, and Higher Ed plans.

Why We Prefer SureFeedback in Our Team

surefeedback hero image

SureFeedback is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify client feedback and project approval. It’s incredibly user-friendly.

Clients can point, click, and comment directly on your web pages, making the feedback process straightforward and efficient. This leads to higher client satification.

Hosted entirely on your WordPress site, SureFeedback ensures all data remains within your control.

One of its standout features is task management tracking. When a client leaves feedback, you can effortlessly assign to team members, track progress, and mark tasks as complete.

adding comments in surefeedback

You can update when you want to send notifications to team members. This keeps everyone updated and ensures smooth and efficient project workflows.

You can customize the interface to match your brand, ensuring a cohesive client experience.

With integration capabilities for over 600 apps with SureTriggers or through Zapier, SureFeedback offers unparalleled flexibility.

Being GPL-licensed, it allows for code modification and reuse, catering to developers who need flexibility. With 1-on-1 direct email support, any issues are promptly addressed.

SureFeedback transforms client communication and feedback management. It’s indispensable for web developers and excellent for web agencies and designers seeking efficiency and control in their projects.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a freelancer, a part of a design team, or a web agency, managing client communications can be overwhelming.

Annotation tools simplify this process by providing clear, visual feedback for designs and documents, allowing for precise client requirements and efficient collaboration.

SureFeedback stands out by combining powerful features with ease of use. It’s easy to install, requires minimal training, and offers an intuitive platform for clients to provide feedback.

Sign up for SureFeedback to streamline your workflow and improve feedback management today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you annotate a website?

To annotate a web page, you need a website annotation tool like SureFeedback. Simply click on the element you want to annotate, add your comment and save. It’s that easy!

What is a web annotation?

Web annotation is like a digital sticky note. Click on a page or document to create a comment, add your notes and you’re done. It allows users to provide commentary, feedback, or additional information directly on the page without altering the original content.

How can I annotate online for free?

Website annotation tools help you give precise website feedback, and you can do it for free with tools like Scrible, Diigo,, or others.

How do I mark up a website?

There are several ways to mark up or annotate a website using web annotation tools, such as visual, text-based, code, screenshot. We recommend SureFeedback. Install it on a WordPress website, open a page, click where you want to add a note, save it and authorized people can answer, add notes or complete the task you requested.

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