Introducing Lightweight Sidebar Manager

Normally you have a sidebar that appears throughout the website. However, sometimes it is necessary to display a relevant, different sidebar on certain pages on the website. For an example: on WooCommerce pages, a sidebar with related or top seller products would be more relevant than latest comments, blog posts right?

We just released a free plugin to help you solve that problem. It works with any theme, is very simple to use and most importantly it’s very lightweight.

Please check it out here 🙂

5 thoughts on “Introducing Lightweight Sidebar Manager”

  1. Junaid Rashid

    It is not working !!
    I have tried using it on category page, but it is displaying main sidebat

    1. Nikhil Chavan

      Make sure you have set the target rules correctly, If a page/archive has two different sidebars selected from target rules, the first one will be displayed.

      Can you open up a support ticket with more details?

  2. Hello,
    Very useful Plugin!
    I have a question:
    Is it possible to have a double side bar ? Left and Right custom side bars…
    Do you have a code or a workaround to achieve that?
    Thank you

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