Double Your Customizer Speed and More With the New Astra 2.6

Double Your Customizer Speed and More With the New Astra 2.6

At the beginning of this year, we released our most ambitious update – Astra 2.0. Setting new standards for WordPress themes, Astra 2.0 gave an even more refined performance, a reinvented customizer, and even more blazing-fast speeds.

From then, we were committed to the process of continuously evolving Astra.

With your love, Astra crossed 1+ Million active installs in July 2020. This is the biggest milestone on our journey. Your support always encourages us to push our limits further.

Astra has been famous for its lightning-fast speed in the WordPress community. Astra now offers speedy customizer, new color controls, and much more to keep up the top-notch performance.

Let’s dive in and see what exciting features this update offers.

Customizer Load Time Cut Down by Half!

Astra customizer now loads faster than ever before!

Version 2.6.0 brings down customizer loading time straight from 2.87 Seconds to 1 Second – more than 50% reduction.

That means you can now have customizer loading at 2x speed.

Astra customizer now uses an improved page load technique that helps load options that need to be configured.

Wish to see it in action? Here are some stats –


Astra 2.6 customizer speed test before


Astra 2.6 customizer speed test after

Improved Looks with Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg editor is being used creatively that opens up new design possibilities every day. Astra works flawlessly with all Gutenberg blocks.

With this update, we have taken a step further and enhanced the look of Gutenberg pages with Astra.

You can now see more beautiful and well managed Gutenberg pages with Astra without taking any extra efforts.

Astra will manage spacing and style for Gutenberg blocks by default. You just need to use Gutenberg blocks on the page, add content and go live. It’s that easy!

Existing Astra users can enable this feature with a filter mentioned here.

Gutenberg template example

Presenting New & Sleeker Color Controls

Picking up the shade of the exact color for various parts of a website is essential.  Astra customizer gives you powerful control over setting up nice colors and gives your website an ideal look. 

Astra customizer now offers refined color picker with sleek options. You might have used this color picker with Gutenberg blocks. You can now enjoy working with it from Astra customizer too.

The new color picker is now powered with:

  • Hash, RGBA & HSLA color values
  • Improved UI and Color Palettes
  • Reset and clear button for all the color options
Astra 2.6 global color options

Advanced Background Controls

Finely used backgrounds can create a great impact on website design and user experience. Astra offers full control over website backgrounds.

You can now see improved options for setting up the background –

  • New Color Picker
  • Advanced Gradient Setting
  • Flexible Image Options
  • Improved UI

The Gradient is a new edition of background options that open up new possibilities in designing.

Experience More Speed Now!

Update your Astra theme to version 2.6.0 and Astra Pro plugin to version 2.7.0 now to be among the first to experience this new update. Our best version ever!  

And if you run into any hiccups, we’re here to help you out. Drop our support team a message here

Well, as always, we are not stopping here! Our incredible users inspire us every day to seek better innovations and improvise.

What’s Next?  ?

Astra is getting ready for the next big update!

It’s not just another feature, it’s going to be a massive shift that will expand Astra’s potential even further.

We are as excited as our users and can’t wait to hand over the most powerful header footer designing controls ever.

Get ready for the all-new – Astra Header Footer Builder! ?

Aside from this, there is a lot more to look forward to with the upcoming update, but if you’re read this far, you can enjoy this early sneak peek:

Stay tuned for more amazing surprises!

We hope you enjoy the new Astra 2.6.0 release. Do let us know how you like it in comments below.

Until next time, Stay safe!

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    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      You’re most welcome, Petr!

      Adding login widgets in the header would require a plugin which provides a shortcode that can be added in the Last Menu item in Astra.

      And for the Cart yes, we do have an option in the Last Menu in Item to display WooCommerce Cart in the Header. You can refer our demos here and article.

  1. Daniella Profile Pic

    Updated to the latest version last night and the customizer looks refreshing and fast! Great job, guys…

    Looking forward to the header footer builder.

  2. Brandon Profile Pic

    The gradient color option opens so many colorful possibilities! I need to get my thinking cap on.

    And the Customizer speed just looks very promising, I can complete projects more faster now.

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Hello Diana,

      Glad that you liked the Gradient option! And thank you for the suggestions, we checked this with the concerned team and we will soon be adding this for the Buttons too. And a lot more improvements are coming up. Stay tuned!

      Also, feel free to reach out to us for any queries or concerns or drop us an email at [email protected]. 🙂

  3. Claudio Profile Pic

    Hi, we use elementor with astra and noticed the speed is slow and slower. We have built over 600 sites with elementor and hello them and a few with astra to see an improvement on the speed. Do you have a guide how can we speed up the sites when using elementor and astra?

  4. Noor Ahmadzi Profile Pic

    Hi when is exactly the footer and header updates come out?
    I hope you do this quickly as I really needed something like this.

  5. Pranjal Profile Pic

    I hope you people are working on a major WooCommerce update for Astra.

    If done right, Astra with several enhancements for WooCommerce stores could be a game-changer.

    For instance – The need for a floating bar for desktop and mobile, with buy now/add to cart and Cart button with cart total.

    A side slide in cart box for desktop browser, similar to Amazon.

    The header with three sections, instead of just two.

    A built-in instant search box.

    Option to add content on category pages for better category page SEO.

    Slide up sales notification

    Trust badges

    Improved menu bar notification for mobile devices.

    I hope you will consider them in your future update.


  6. Gravnetic Profile Pic

    I am encouraged by the direction. I love the new customizer color controls. I do not love that I have to add a functions snippet to every theme to set ‘Global Default Colors’.

    Please add a section to add default ‘global’ colors which expand on the current offering of 6 to include 12.
    Please be sure to add all the header footer builder options included in Kadence Pro specifically.
    Please consider the hook feature in Kadence.
    Please consider the custom block / section available in Kadence to add content to hooks.
    Continue to make performance the highest priority and refactor to only load features on the pages where they are used rather than globally enqued into the header.

    To be clear I love you theme, but I am no longer using it. If these updates are not made to compete with the best themes on the market I will move on.

  7. Joshua Evans Profile Pic

    Hey guys,
    Good job on the update!
    Regarding the upcoming header builder, do you have any release date estimate? Furthermore, in the YT video you mention a sticky header and mega menu, are those coming to the free Astra theme or we would need Pro (as is the case now for sticky header)
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      You’re most welcome, Joshua!

      Glad that you liked it.

      For the Sticky Header and Mega Menu, you would still require Astra Pro. And we are planning for the beta release early next month. Stay tuned on our Facebook group! 🙂

  8. Jon Loveless Profile Pic

    Let me join the masses. I love the new speed. And, all the other new options also. Can’t wait to try them all out. Astra rox!

  9. laura Profile Pic

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve tried to find the Astra theme on my WP. com but it doesn’t in. the theme list. There is a reason for that? Is it working only on
    Thank you!

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