What Are the Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2020

What Are the Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2020?

Popup plugins are the most popular and effective way to convert your website visitors into email subscribers and paying customers.

There are dozens of popup plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem, literally dozens. Some are better than others, of course, but just how much better? Well, that’s what this article is about.

We did the hard work for you and curated and tested the top WordPress popup plugins out there so you don’t have to. We’ve listed their best features, what makes them great, and of course, the price.

Here’s a quick comparison table of all popup plugins that we’ve listed in this article.


Free Version Availability?

Pricing Of Paid Version

A/B Split testing And Analytics Availability?

Convert Pro


$99 yearly (Unlimited Sites)


Elementor Pro


$49 yearly (Single Site)




$49 monthly ( Three Sites)




$14 monthly (Single Site)




$89 yearly (Unlimited Sites)


Thrive Leads


$67 yearly (Single Site)


Popup Maker


$87 yearly ((Single Site)


Popup Builder


$39.95 yearly (Two Sites)

A/B Split testing isn’t available.

Hustle Popup


$49 monthly (Unlimited Sites)

A/B Split testing isn’t available.

WP Popups


$70 yearly (Single Site)


Before we dive into the list, let’s take a look at some of the things you’d want to see in a popup plugin.

What Makes a Good Popup Plugin?

A good popup plugin will offer tons of features and customizations. Most importantly, it should give you full control over the popups.

While choosing a WordPress popup plugin, you need to focus mainly on its Targeting and Trigger options. These are some advanced features that can help you to manage popups according to your preferences.

Targeting Options

Targeting is a feature that allows you to target exactly who will (and won’t) see your popups. This can also allow you to choose which of your posts, pages, or custom post types to target or show the pop ups to.

Some of the popular ways to target your visitors with popups include page-level targeting, geolocation, device, and traffic source.

Commonly used targeting options are:

  • Page-level targeting
  • New vs. old visitors
  • Referrer detection
  • Cookie control
  • Device detection
  • Logged-in users
  • WordPress elements targeting (Archives, Categories, Tags, Posts, etc.)

Trigger Options

The trigger feature, on the other hand, allows you to trigger a popup on an action or click of a particular website elements such as menus, sidebars, buttons, images, etc.

You can also get automated trigger options, which will allow you to set a timed delay for the popup. “Welcome popups” are the best examples of an automated trigger option.

Commonly used trigger options are:

  • Exit intent trigger
  • User inactivity trigger
  • Timed trigger
  • After scroll trigger
  • Scroll to element trigger
  • Welcome trigger
  • After content trigger
  • Click to trigger

Apart from these popup features, plugin performance is another important factor that you need to focus on.


Plugin performance will define whether the said plugin is suitable for your website or not.

Because of the nature of popup plugins, most of them track users site-wide to know when to display the popup. If the plugin hasn’t been optimized by the developer it can result in a considerable slowdown.

So, it’s your responsibility to choose the well-optimized popup plugin that offers powerful conversion features without slowing down your site speed.

Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve listed some of the best WordPress popup plugins below. All you need to do is go through the article to find the best popup plugin for your site.

Before proceeding further, let’s know about the different types of popup options that you can expect from below listed plugins.

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins

In this list, you will find some of the best WordPress popup plugins for your website. Let’s take a look at each popup plugin and choose the one that meets your requirements.

1. Convert Pro

Convert Pro plugin site

Convert Pro is also one of our most popular WordPress popup plugins. Developed by the same team who brought you the amazing Astra theme.

Convert Pro comes with some advanced triggers like exit intent, user inactivity, timed to display popups on different conditions.

Convert Pro Triggers

On top of those, other features include:

  • Comes with a visual drag-and-drop builder to create and customize the popups
  • Offers tons of beautiful and fully-responsive templates for your site
  • Has 8 built-in, pre-made pop-up types
  • Built-in analytics
  • Detailed A/B testing module
  • Easily integrates with the most popular marketing services to extend the functionalities.

Anything Not so Good About Convert Pro?

Convert Pro offers everything you need to build your email list and increase conversions. The only drawback is that this is a paid plugin. But given it’s capabilities, might just be something worth spending on.

Convert Pro Pricing

Convert Pro offers different pricing plans depending on what you need.

Annual pricing options are:

  • $99 for unlimited sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $249 for unlimited sites with 1-year support, updates, and access to all Brainstorm Force plugins such as Astra Pro, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and Skilljet Academy.

Lifetime pricing options are:

  • $399 for unlimited sites with lifetime support and plugin updates.
  • $699 for unlimited sites with lifetime support, plugin updates, and access to all Brainstorm Force plugins.

2. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro plugin Site

Elementor Pro is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress websites. More than 4 million WordPress websites use this powerful visual drag-and-drop page builder.

Elementor Pro is the premium version of the Elementor which comes with powerful popup builder and advanced website building features.

Elementor popups use the same interface as the page builder. This will allow you to apply the same widgets and styling options to your popups, buttons, countdown timers, email opt-in forms, and more.

Elementor popup builder offers you some of the best targeting and trigger options to control your popups.

Elementor Pro triggers

Some of the other features you can expect from Elementor popup builder are:

  • Visual drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful popups.
  • 100+ stylish popup templates and widgets.
  • Extensive list of target and trigger options.
  • Integrates with the most popular marketing services.
  • You can improve the plugin’s features with third-party add-ons.

Along with these features, the Elementor popup builder also offers some advanced rules to control popups. Such as:

  • After X amount of page views
  • After X amount of sessions
  • Show on specific devices
  • Hide for logged in users/roles
  • When arriving from specific URLs
  • Show up to X amount of times
  • When arriving from internal, external links or search engines

The best part of the Elementor Pro is that it offers unlimited pageviews, popups, and interactions. This means, there will be no limitations for creating or displaying popups to your visitors.

Anything Not so Good About Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a very powerful plugin when it comes to features. However, it doesn’t come with built-in A/B split testing and analytics.

This might be a big drawback if you plan to be on the magnifying glass with your analytics and strict about your marketing strategies.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor Pro offers three pricing options for its users:

  • $49 for 1 site with 1-year support and plugin updates.
  • $99 for 3 sites with 1-year support and plugin updates.
  • $199 for 1000 sites with 1-year support and plugin updates.

3. SumoMe

SumoMe plugin Site

SumoMe is a freemium WordPress popup plugin. It’s one of the more powerful tools out there to grow your email list, increase conversions, and generate more sales.

SumoMe list-builder features help you to create popups and display them across your site to grow your email lists.

It gives you full freedom to create and manage popups with its advanced features:

  • Dozens of pre-built popup templates are available
  • Comes with a front-end drag-and-drop builder
  • Has several popup types, powerful triggers, and targeting options.
  • Can easily integrate with all major email marketing services.
  • Built-in analytics to track popup clicks, views, and conversions.
  • Allows A/B split testing

Using SumoMe, you can also show different popups based on referring URLs. Allowing you to only display particular forms for visitors coming from Facebook, Twitter, and other sites if needed.

Anything Not so Good About SumoMe?

As SumoMe is a freemium plugin, its free version comes with limited features. For example, the free version only offers one popup template.

If you use a free version then there will be SumoMe branding at the bottom of the popup form. To remove it, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

The pricing plans for the premium plugins are also on the higher side. Its plan pricing is based on a maximum of 3 sites and 100k visitors per month. It means you need to pay more if your site’s monthly visitors exceed 100k.

SumoMe Pricing

SumoMe lite version is available for free from the WordPress repository. However, if you want to use SumoMe’s premium features then you need to purchase the premium version of the plugin.

  • $49 per month if you pay on a monthly basis.
  • $39 per month if you pay annually.

With the premium plan, you will get unlimited subscribers, emails per month, revenue, and stats for emails, forms, and more. They also come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster plugin site

OptinMonster is another very popular and powerful WordPress popup plugin used by millions of websites. It’s main feature is it’s Exit-Intent technology, this helps website owners convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and paying customers.

It’s popularity is also due to the fact that it’s not only limited to WordPress. OptinMontster can also accommodate the likes of Joomla, HTML sites, and other CMS out there.

OptinMonster comes with powerful targeting options like referrer detection, cookie retargeting, ad-block detection, and more.

  • A front-end popup form editor.
  • Offers a lot of customization options for pop-ups.
  • Pre-built good looking and conversion-friendly templates
  • Comes with every targeting and trigger options to control popups individually.
  • Special spin to win discount wheel popup to boost the sales or conversion.
  • Offers custom responsive mobile popups
  • Built-in Analytics and A/B split testing options
  • Can easily integrate with the most popular email marketing services.

Anything Not so Good About OptinMonster?

OptinMonster offers a free plugin but it’s just a connector plugin to their SaaS. It doesn’t work without you having to sign up for one of the plans on their website. It also comes with limited features.

One more not so good thing about OptinMonster is its pageviews. Its affordable starting plan offers only 3,500 page views per month.

If your sites exceed that then OptinMonster will automatically upgrade your plan to the next plan.

OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster premium comes with different pricing options:

  • $14 per month for 1 site with 3,500 pageviews.
  • $30 per month for 2 sites with 15,000 pageviews.
  • $47 per month for 3 sites with 50,000 pageviews.
  • $80 per month for 5 sites with 250,000 pageviews.

All plans are billed annually and come with a 14-days money-back guarantee.

5. Bloom

Bloom plugin site

Bloom is a WordPress popup plugin built by Elegant themes. It’s one of the products that comes with the Elegant themes package, including Divi page builder, the Extra theme, and Monarch.

Bloom is a user-friendly popup builder that lets you build beautiful popup forms right from your WordPress dashboard.

Bloom plugin offers powerful trigger options that can help you be more specific in deciding who you want to show your plugins to.

Bloom Trigger options

Bloom also have features like:

  • 115+ elegant looking popup templates.
  • Various popup types.
  • A custom panel in the WordPress dashboard to view detailed statistics, manage popups and other data.
  • A/B split testing and analytics.

Anything Not so Good About Bloom?

Bloom offers fewer features compared to other popup plugins like more advanced trigger and targeting options like with Elementor or Convert Pro.

Also it’s a bit of a heavy plugin compared to other popup plugins, so it may affect your WordPress site’s performance.

Bloom Pricing

As mentioned, the Bloom plugin isn’t sold separately. It’s included in the Elegant themes package which would cost you:

  • $89 for unlimited sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $249 for unlimited sites with lifetime support and updates.

6. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads plugin site

Thrive Leads is another popular conversion-focused WordPress popup plugin by Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes is the company which specializes in creating conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins such as Thrive Architect, Thrive Comments, and more.

Basically, Thrive Leads offers all types of opt-in forms, triggers, and targeting options.

Thrive Leads feature

Along with these features, the plugin also offers you:

  • A simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Powerful targeting and trigger options along with multiple popup types.
  • Built-in advanced analytics and A/B split testing.
  • Comes with responsive popup templates.
  • Easily be compatible with all popular email marketing services.
  • Comes with pre-built conversion-focused popup forms which let you boost website conversions.

Anything Not so Good About Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is a heavy plugin like Bloom so you can expect some impact on your site’s performance.

On top of that, getting started with Thrive Leads can be quite difficult for beginners. It’s initial setup and overall UI is quite advanced and may be hard to understand.

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads offers a one-time fee for its users. Once you purchase the plugin you will get unlimited plugin updates and 1-year support.

  • $67 for 1 website.
  • $97 for 5 websites.
  • $147 for 15 websites.

Alternatively, you can sign up for their membership plan, which gives access to all their products for $19 per month.

7. Popup Maker

Popup Maker plugin site

Popup Maker is also a popular free WordPress popup plugin with more than 400,000 websites and more than 3,400 5-star ratings.

This free plugin offers a lot of flexibility in building and managing popup forms from your WordPress dashboard.

Popup Maker free version comes with 6 different popup themes. Actually, they are pre-built popup templates, which you can customize according to your brand and aesthetic.

Popup Maker Themes

Some other features of this plugin include:

  • A simple and easy-to-use interface to create and customize popups.
  • Advanced trigger and targeting options along with several popup types.
  • Integration with WooCommerce, which can help you to target users based on shopping cart items, purchase data, and more.
  • Comes with tons of hooks and filter options.
  • The paid version offers advanced features like exit intent, Ajax login modals, age verification, popup analytics, and more.

Anything Not so Good About Popup Maker?

Popup Maker is a freemium plugin, so most of the features and integration options aren’t available in the free version. You also don’t have access to your popup’s analytics.

Another major drawback of Popup Maker is that it doesn’t offer a visual drag-and-drop builder to create and customize the popup forms. Instead, it uses the default WordPress post editor.

Popup Maker Pricing

The Popup Maker core plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository.

But you can buy its extensions bundle and you will get integrations and other features as per the plan.

  • $87 for 1 website.
  • $147 for 3 website.
  • $247 for 5 website.

All three plans are billed annually.

8. Popup Builder

Popup Builder plugin site

Popup Builder is another feature-rich free WordPress popup plugin. Presently, this popup plugin has 100,000 installs and has more than 1,200 5-star ratings.

The Popup Builder offers several useful options on how to customize and specify the behaviour of your popup.

Popup Builder customization options

Some of the best things about this plugin are:

  • Works great with WordPress multisite network and can be used on all your sub-sites.
  • Fully compatible with a visual composer and Divi builder
  • Comes with dozens of pre-built responsive popup templates.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML)
  • Offers a lot of animations and customizations

Anything Not so Good About Popup Builder?

The free version of the Popup Builder plugin offers limited features and may be a let down to those only looking for free options.

This plugin also has no refund policy if you purchase the premium version.

Popup Builder Pricing

The lite version of the Popup Builder plugin is available for download from WordPress.org. If you want to extend the functionality of the plugin, the premium version offers you two choices, either you can buy individual extensions which range from $5 to $20 or you can buy a premium plugin with all extension bundles.

Popup Builder pricing options for all 28 extensions:

  • $39.95 per year for 2 websites.
  • $89.95 per year for 10 websites.
  • $149.95 per year for unlimited websites.

All three plans are billed annually.

9. Hustle Popup

WordPress Popup plugin site

Hustle Popup allows you to build popups, slide-ins, embeds, floating social share popups. Along with it comes with wonderful features like:

  • An easy-to-use and simple editor to create or edit the popups.
  • Comes with all the trigger and targeting options.
  • Comes with animation effects.
  • Can easily integrate with your favorite email marketing services.
  • Offers social sharing buttons.

Anything Not so Good About Hustle Popup?

Hustle Popup doesn’t offer a visual drag-and-drop builder to create popups. Instead, it offers a simple dashboard, where you can create and manage the popups, which may take away from those who aren’t used to visually designing elements.

Hustle Popup Pricing

Hustle Popup offers a lot of useful features in the free version but if you want the full experience, you can get the whole lot of WPMU DEV plugins bundle with a subscription for $49 a month.

10. WP Popups

WP Popups plugin site

WP Popups is a lesser known but also powerful WordPress popup plugin. It’s an upgraded version of the Popups plugin.

WP Popups is an easy-to-use popup plugin for WordPress users. It allows you to display multiple popups like subscription form, social like popup, cookies notice, and more.

Some other features of this free plugin are:

  • Offers a clean user interface to create and customize popups for your site. You can customize color, typography, background, background overlay, border for each popup.
  • Comes with the essential popup types.
  • Offers all the trigger and targeting options for each popup type.
  • Can easily be compatible with popular WordPress plugins like WPForms, MailChimp, Jetpack, etc.
  • Offers 30+ display rules and 45+ animation options for popups to grab the attention of your visitors.

Anything Not so Good About WP Popups?

WP Popups plugin doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop builder to create popups. Instead, it offers a decent-looking dashboard to create and control the popups.

Also since the free version offers limited features, you will miss powerful features like A/B split testing, Analytics, and popular integration options.

WP Popups Pricing

Popups premium pricing starts from $70 per year and goes up to $599 per year.

  • $70 per year for 1 site with 1-year support and updates.
  • $199 per year for 5 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $399 per year for 10 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $599 per year for unlimited sites with 1-year support and updates.

You will also get a 30-days money-back guarantee with the premium plugin.

FAQ About WordPress Popup Plugins

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve listed a few questions you might have in mind about using popup plugins for WordPress. Hopefully, we can get those questions answered.

How Should I Handle Popups on Mobiles?

Pop-ups for mobile users can be a bane. Due to the small sizes, they aren’t very welcomed, especially if you take up the whole screen space.

Our ConvertPro Plugin and most other plugins on this list gives you full control over that, including the design. News websites like The NY Times, and others have mastered the popups game on mobile devices.

So as long as you execute it properly, and don’t overdo it, it’s definitely going to be a big win for you. Since a majority of web traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices.

Will Popups Increase My Conversions?

Yes, popups definitely increase conversions.

Popups are the best way to grab the attention of your site visitors with offers, discounts, or other kinds of promotions. With a lot of popup types and advanced trigger and targeting options, you can target visitors on the basis of different scenarios.

However, timing is the key, It means you need to show the right popup at the right time for the right visitor to increase the conversion.

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Do With Popups?

Yes, there are some important things you need to keep in mind before creating popups for your visitors.

  • Don’t display popups frequently. Try to display less number of effective popups.
  • Showing a popup with a free ebook on your eCommerce shop is quite annoying. So, don’t display popups with irrelevant content.
  • People don’t have time to fill all the details on your popup. So, create simple popup forms requesting less information like name and email.
  • Don’t create awful popups because they can create a bad impression.
  • Popups with bad offers usually don’t make the conversion. So, create effective and conversion-friendly popups for your visitors.

With these in mind, you should be on your way to building those leads and converting them to sales and clients.


Popup plugins are the best way to increase the conversion of your site by helping convert site visitors into valuable subscribers and paying customers, sometimes as a last ditch effort.

In this article, we’ve covered some of the best WordPress popup plugins for your site. If you aren’t sure which one to choose we especially recommend the Convert Pro plugin. It’s lightweight, easy to use and, and very intuitive and customizable. We have developed this plugin, the same team who brought you the fast and lightweight Astra theme.

As an alternative, you can also go and try using OptinMonster since it’s one of the best and easiest to set up as a beginner too.

If you’re already using Elementor, or have built your site from Elementor, then your best choice is to go with the Elementor Pro option, just to make life easier for you.

We hope you’ve gained some insight on the best popup plugins out there for WordPress. It’s an expansive list, but let us know which one you chose!

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