What Icon Fonts Come with Astra?

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About Icons Font That Comes with Astra


Since version 3.3, Astra theme default font icons have been replaced by SVG icons. When SVG support is enabled, the astra.woff file and the icons mentioned in this document are not loaded anymore. You can find out more information details in this article.

If you still wish to use these icons, you need to disable the SVG support.

Astra comes with a custom lightweight & beautiful icon font. All icons used in the theme are shown in this library.

You can find each of the font-icons available with Astra and its CSS class described below-

Icon Content CSS Class
. e900 astra-icon-down_arrow
. e5cd astra-icon-close
. e25d astra-icon-drag_handle
. e235 astra-icon-format_align_justify
. e5d2 astra-icon-menu
. e8fe astra-icon-reorder
. e8b6 astra-icon-search
. e56b astra-icon-zoom_in
. e901 astra-icon-check-circle
. f07a astra-icon-shopping-cart
. f290 astra-icon-shopping-bag
. f291 astra-icon-shopping-basket
. e903 astra-icon-circle-o
. e902 astra-icon-certificate

Here is a screenshot that shows how the default added icon appears.

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