Astra’s Default Font Icons Replaced With SVG

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Astra’s Default Font Icons Replaced With SVG

Astra uses beautiful font icons internally in header, footer and other sections. You will see font icons like arrows, hamburger, search, account, cart and so on.

Astra Icons in Header

These font icons used to load from astra.woff file.

With Astra version 3.3, these font icons are replaced with SVG. SVG icons are lighter and look sharp on all devices.

Replacing Astra font icons with SVG icons can uplift page loading speed by 29ms and reduced about 12.5% part of the page load.

Users who are starting using Astra after version 3.3, can directly get icons in SVG format.

Users who are updating Astra from previous versions to v3.3, would need to use the following filter in order to replace font icons with SVG.

Here is a code you can paste into child theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter( 'astra_is_svg_icons', '__return_true' );

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