Where does Astra Primary color setting take effect?

Astra offers a setting where you can set the main, default color that takes effect on the several places.

To set the primary color, go to: Customizer – Colors & Background – Base Colors

The color that you set as primary is used for:

  • Links that you give from content
  • To the background of the text when you select it
  • Background color to a button
  • Background color of the scroll to top icon
  • Background color of the hamburger menu in responsive mode
  • Tag cloud widget

Most of these elements above can be have a different color from their respective settings.

For example, background color of a button by default taken from what you’ve set in the primary color. However, we offer a dedicated setting for you to change this in the customizer under Customizer – Buttons.

Primary Color saves a lot time as it gets applied on several areas without you having to set color for every individual item.