Spacing Addon Overview

Spacing Addon allows you to manage the margin and padding for various elements available with Astra.
Default values for the theme will be overwritten by the values entered with Spacing Addon settings.
You can activate addon from Appearance > Astra Options > Spacing


After activating the module, spacing settings for each module will appear under particular element settings in Appearance > Customize

Spacing controls overview

Following controls will be included in the spacing option.

Spacing Units

You can select a spacing unit from PX (pixels), EM (Relative to the font-size of the element), % (percentage) as per requirement.

Responsive spacing options

You can set different spacing values for responsive devices. Choose a device and set spacing values accordingly
Top, Right, Bottom, Left Spacing
You get an option to add spacing from all sides to the element.


The link icon you see next to above spacing control is a connector. When you click it, it will connect all 4 (Top, Right, Bottom, Left) spacing option together and you can apply same spacing value for all 4 sides.
When you deselect it, you will be able to add different spacing values for each side.

The spacing addon will add spacing control option to following elements in the customizer.

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