How Translations Can Be Manually Exported and Uploaded to a Website?

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    How Translations can be Manually Exported and Uploaded to the Site?

    Astra can be 100% translated using GlotPress. Here is a detailed document for How to Translate Astra Theme / Plugins in Your Own Language using GlotPress? As mentioned in the document if you wish to translate the strings, you need to submit a translation then a project validators take a look at them and approve them. This process needs some time.

    In case you need to implement this translation in your website immediately, you can export the current translation file in the .mo format and use on your website by uploading it to the languages folder using FTP / SFTP with the correct naming convention.

    Below are the detailed steps –

    Step 1: Visit the GlotPress Project. GlotPress for Astra Theme is hosted on WordPress Repository here and Astra Pro can be translated here.

    Step 2: Login or Register a new account.

    Step 3: Choose your language from the list. (Screenshot). Click on the Astra.

    Step 4: Click on any string and translate it

    Step 5: Once you translate all required strings, scroll the page till the end.

    Step 6: From the last line select only matching the filter and Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo), then click on Export.

    Step 7: Rename the .mo file as –

    • For Astra Theme:  astra-{locale-slug}.mo
    • For Astra Pro: astra-addon-{locale-slug}.mo

    Note: You can find a local-slug for your language from the list here.

    For example – If the language is Hebrew, WordPress Locale Code for it is he_IL, then the theme mo file will be renamed as astra-

    Step 8:  Copy the above-renamed file to –

    • For Astra Theme:  wp-content/languages/themes/
    • For Astra Pro: wp-content/languages/plugins/

    That’s it! This will display unapproved translations on your site.

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