How to Translate Custom Layouts with WPML?

Custom Layouts is a premium addon available with Astra Pro.

To translate the Custom Layout with WPML, follow the steps below –

Step 1 – From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WPML -> Translation Management

Step 2 – From the top horizontal bar select Multilingual Content Setup -> Post Types Translation 

Step 3 – Select Custom Layouts (astra-advanced-hook)  to be Translatable and Save.

This will set all Custom Layouts to be translated. Though when creating a new custom layout, follow the steps –

Step 1 – From the Screen Options enable Multilingual Content Setup.

Step 2 – Save Custom Layout. Open Multilingual Content Setup -> Show system fields. Set all Custom Fields with ast prefix to Copy and hit Apply.

Step 3 – In the right sidebar, click on the Language. Select language. Translate the layout like you would translate any post using WPML.

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