How to Remove Page Header Title?

You might ever have a requirement, where you needed to remove Page Header Title. And the previously the only option was to hide the same using custom CSS.

We are providing two filters. One to remove the Page Header Title and another one to add the Page Title in the Content Area.

Let’s dive into both the cases and see the filter on how it will work –

Case 1:

How to remove Page Header Title which appears on top of the image.

Solution: You will need to add the following filter, this will remove the title from the Page Header.

add_filter( 'astra_advanced_header_title', 'remove_page_header_title' );
function remove_page_header_title() {

Case 2:

After removing the Page Header from the Top Banner, we will need to add the title in the below content area.

Solution: Let’s see the filter you will need to add the title to the content area –

add_filter( 'astra_the_title_enabled', 'display_page_title', 999 );
function display_page_title() {
  return true;

This is how you can remove the Page Header Title and add the Title in the content section.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.