Do Not See License Activation Form for Astra Pro Addon Plugin?

If you do not see the license activation form for Astra Pro, chances are —

1. Astra Pro plugin is not installed

Make sure you have installed and activated the Astra Pro plugin. See How to Install Astra Pro Addon plugin?

2. Astra Pro plugin is not able to find the theme installed on your website.

This can happen if the theme folder is renamed. To verify and fix, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the FTP of your website and go to wp-content/themes
  • Ensure you have a folder: astra
  • If it is something else, rename the folder back to astra (or just reinstall Astra theme)

Renaming the theme folder can be a cause of many problems. WordPress recognizes themes by the folder and it is strongly recommended not to rename folders unless there is the intention behind.

3. Astra theme has a stable version while Astra Pro has a beta/RC version or vice versa. 

Check if the theme and the plugin both have a stable version. Else both should have a beta/RC version. Sometimes if the versions are different the license box does not display.

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