LearnDash Shortcode for Profile Link

Astra Pro plugin provides a shortcode for LearnDash that allows displaying profile link. The shortcode can be used anywhere on the website. It will display a profile picture for logged in students. Clicking on it will display student profile details.

The LearnDash addon in the Astra Pro provides a shortcode [astra_learndash_profile_link] This can be used on various locations like header, footer, sidebar, widgets, page builders etc.

To use the shortcode, activate the LearnDash addon from Astra Options. (screenshot)

[astra_learndash_profile_link] has an attribute ‘link’ that will open on click of profile picture.

For Example – [astra_learndash_profile_link link="https://www.google.com"] This shortcode will display a profile picture for logged in the student. On click, it will be redirected to inserted link i.e. to https://www.google.com

Below is the example that shows how can this shortcode be used –

How to display LearnDash profile link in the primary header?

Below are the detailed steps –

Step 1 – Make sure to activate LearnDash and Astra Pro plugin. Activate LearnDash addon from Astra Options. (screenshot)

Step 2 – From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize >  Layout > Header > Primary Header.

Step 3 – From the Last Item in Menu drop-down, select Text / HTML.

Step 4 – Paste the code in the input area. Profile link will appear in the header as shown below –

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