How to Setup Custom Adobe Fonts (Typekit) Plugin?

Have you installed the Custom Adobe Fonts (Typekit) plugin, and facing difficulties setting it up? 

Let us help you with the process –

Step 1: Once, the plugin is installed and activated you will need the Project ID to fetch the Adobe fonts from the web projects.

Step 2: Get the Project ID you can follow the instructions up to Step 4 in this article.

Step 3: Next, paste the Project ID, for which you will need to navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Adobe Fonts > Project ID and get all the fonts.

Go ahead and add more fonts to the respective project and refresh the Project this will fetch other font-families too.

Note: If you are using Astra theme, then start using fonts from the customizer.

You can also select Font Family from Appearance -> Adobe Fonts and start using it into your custom CSS.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.