How to Update Astra Theme Manually?

You get an update notification in the WordPress backend under the Dashboard > Updates tab. From this page, you can update Astra with one click. WordPress checks for updates every 48 hours. If you have not get the notification to update, here is how you can safely update any theme or plugin.

Step 1: Install the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin.
Step 2: Download the zip file of the Astra theme here.
Step 3: Upload the downloaded zip as installing a theme.
Step 4: If you are Astra Pro user, download the zip file of the plugin from our store.
Step 5: Upload the downloaded zip as installing a plugin.

Note – ‘Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades’ is a plugin that is developed to help manually update any plugins or themes easily. Installing theme or plugin with this won’t lose any data on your website.

We always recommend backup. It only takes less than 10 minutes.

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