FAQs - Astra Header/Footer Builder

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    FAQs – Astra Header/Footer Builder

    What is Astra Header/Footer Builder?

    Astra Header/Footer Builder is a new visual builder inside Astra customizer. This is a powerful way to design creative header and footer for your website. You can add various items in header/footer and arrange a structure with simple drag and drop.

    This feature is available with the Astra theme version 3.0.0 and above. Advanced options are available with Astra Pro version 3.0.0 and above.

    How can I get Astra Header/Footer Builder?

    Astra Header/Footer Builder comes inbuilt with Astra theme while Astra Pro adds advanced options to it.

    How new Header/Footer Builder will affect old design? Will my current header/footer design be migrated?

    No, when you opt to use new Header/Footer Builder, old design will not be migrated. You will need to rebuild the old header/footer design.
    As soon as you activate new Header/Footer Builder the old design will be replaced and will no longer be visible.

    In case you wish to continue using old header/ footer settings, you can choose the option from Astra Options (Appearance > Astra options > Use Old Header/Footer).

    New Header Footer Builder, Astra 3.0+

    What will happen to my Above and Below Header from Astra Pro?

    Above and Below Header will be available from Astra theme now. Though advanced options will come from Astra Pro. As mentioned in the above answer, when you switch to a new Header/Footer Builder, you will have to rebuild old design.

    What will happen to my Typography, Spacing, Colors & Background Addon options in the new Header/Footer Builder?

    All the Typography, Spacing, Colors & Background options will remain the same with respect to new Header/Footer Builder. That means when you activate these addons, respective options will be added into customizer for individual elements like Primary Menu, Secondary Menu, etc.

    What are different elements do I get with Astra theme and Astra Pro plugin?

    Here is a complete list of widgets available in new Header/Footer Builder with Astra theme and Astra Pro.

    Do I have a limited no of Elements or Can I Use Multiple Elements in header/footer?

    You get all the elements as mentioned in the list above. But in case you need more elements, you can get it with Astra Pro. Refer article here to see how.

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