LifterLMS Integration in Free Astra Theme

This document lists the free features available with the Astra theme and LifeterLMS plugin. To use these features, you need to have the Astra theme along with the LifterLMS plugin installed and activated on your website.

If you have LifterLMS plugin installed and activated, you get the following options with the Astra theme.

Container Settings

Astra gives you an option to set a dedicated container for the LifterLMS courses. These options overwrite all the default container layout settings.

For managing the container navigate to Appearance > Customize > Global > Container > LifterLMS Layout

You can keep the setting default or change into the following layouts –

  1. Boxed Layout
  2. Content Box
  3. Full Width / Contained
  4. Full Width / Stretched

Boxed Layout

Content Box

Full Width / Contained

Full Width / Stretched

Sidebar Settings

Sometimes you would need to set different sidebars for LifterLMS pages than site sidebars. Astra supports default LifterLMS sidebars. Like the container settings, Astra gives you the option to manage the sidebar on the LifterLMS pages.

You will find the settings under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Sidebar > LifterLMS.

Following options are available:


It will manage the sidebar on pages like Checkout, Profile, Quiz, Courses, Memberships, Membership single.

LifterLMS Courses/Lessons

It will manage the sidebar on Single Course & Single Lesson pages.

For adding the sidebar widgets go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets
You can drag & drop the widgets from left side Available Widget option

Astra gives you the following options for LifterLMS and LifterLMS Course/Lesson sidebar:

  • Default: Whatever setting you have applied for your website will be applied to the pages related to LifterLMS
  • No Sidebar: This setting will hide the Sidebar from the pages related to LifterLMS
  • Left/Right Sidebar: This setting will display the Sidebar on the pages related to LifterLMS

Sidebar Width

Manage the sidebar width of the LifterLMS pages.

LifterLMS Layout Settings

You will find the settings related to the LifterLMS layout in Astra customizer. For settings go to Appearance > Customize > LifterLMS

Here there are options to set columns for the Course and also for the Membership.

Membership Columns

This is the page where various memberships for the courses appear.
With Astra, you can manage the number of columns per row.

Styling options for LifterLMS with Astra Theme

Default colors of the site set under Appearance > Customize Global > Base Colors will be applied to the LifterLMS pages.

Typography that you set for the body and headings under Appearance > Customize > Global > Base Typography > Typography will be applied to the LifterLMS pages by default.

Typography for Headings of LifterLMS

LifterLMS Pro Module will extend the features ahead.

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