How to Get Started with CSS File Generation in Astra 2.1.0 Update?

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How to Get Started with CSS File Generation in Astra 2.1.0 Update?

Astra 2.1.0 update provides a new way for CSS file generation for faster browsing caching. This article explains how you can update Astra to this version and enable the File Generation option.

You can simply update the Astra theme and Astra Pro from your WordPress Dashboard.


You will need the Astra Pro plugin installed and activated to find this feature!

1) Head over to your WordPress Dashboard, and then click on the Updates Tab

2) You will see the update notification for Astra theme and Astra Pro – v2.1.0

3) First, select and update the theme and then update Astra Pro.

4) Head over to the Astra Options page, and on the right-hand side, you will see the option under the CSS File Generation section.

Astra Enable CSS File Generation

5) Click on the Enable File Generation button and after it’s done. Click the Refresh button to complete the regeneration process.

Astra CSS File Generation Refresh

6) Once you have updated the theme and the plugin make sure to clear your browser cache (Ctrl + F5).
Alternatively, if you use any type of Cache Plugin, you can use that as well to clear the cache.


If you still want to load the inline CSS and do NOT generate separate CSS files within your Astra/ Astra Pro themes – disable the above option and refresh the page.

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