How to Configure the AMP Plugin on Your Website?

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Configure AMP Plugin

AMP plugin needs to be installed in order to enable AMP for your web pages. Read about Astra-AMP Integration. After installing the plugin we recommend you follow the AMP’s Wizard to configure AMP.

Or you can choose from the below settings and that would be all –

From WordPress dashboard navigate to AMP > Settings. Below are the global settings that are recommended with the Astra theme –

  • Template Mode – Transitional: Enable this option. It will create a non-AMP and AMP versions of your content.
  • Advanced Settings – Supported Templates: Disable the first option ( Serve all templates as AMP ) so it will give you a particular post type choice. Select post types where you wish to have AMP.
AMP Settings Page

Apart from the above global settings, you can enable/disable AMP on particular pages/posts.

  • Edit the page.
  • In the right sidebar, you can see a toggle button to enable/disable AMP.
  • If page builder is used to designing a page or post, it is recommended to turn off the AMP.
Enable AMP
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