How to Import Complete Site with Starter Templates?

Starter Templates plugin offers a complete site template. You can just import readymade demo sites, add your content, image and make your site ready in minimum time.

This article will explain how you can import the complete Starter Site Template – FREE as well as the AGENCY. Read more about free and agency templates here.

Importing Free Templates

To import free site templates, install plugin Starter Templates from Here are the detailed steps.

Once the plugin is activated, to import template, follow the steps mentioned below.

Importing Agency Templates

To import Agency site templates, install Premium Starter Templates plugin from your store account. Activate the license. Here are the detailed steps.

Once the plugin is activated, to import template, follow the steps mentioned below.


Though not compulsory, it is a good idea to import a site template on a fresh WordPress installation. If you would like to reset your current WordPress installation to make it like a fresh, brand new website, you may refer to the article here.

Importing process –

Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Starter Templates. Select your preferred page builder.
Step 2 – Browse through the library to find your favorite template, click on it. You will get a ‘Preview Site’ button in the left bottom corner. This will give you the exact preview of the starter site.
Step 3 – Now click on the “Import Complete Site” button. [See “Get Access!” button? Explained in later parts of the article.]
Step 4 – A popup will appear with the following options –

  • Delete Previously Imported Site – In case you have imported a starter site before, you can opt to delete it automatically.
  • Install & Activate Astra Theme – Starter Templates are designed with Astra theme. In case you don’t have it installed/activated tick the option to do so automatically. If you skip this option, the imported template will inherit current theme customizer settings and might look different than its preview in the library.
  • Install Required Plugins – Starter Templates plugin will automatically install and activate the required plugins. No other manual action needed.
  • Import Customizer Settings – Site templates have their typography, layout, color, button set from the Astra customizer. Skipping this step will inherit these settings from your current theme customizer.
  • Import Content – Enabling this option will import content (text) and images for the site template. If you only need to import the structure of the site you can skip this.
  • Import Widgets – This will import widgets used (especially with header and footer) in the site template.

Step 5 – Hit the “Import” button. Do NOT close the window until the site is imported completely.
Step 6 – Once the import process completes you can view it.

See “Get Access!” Button? / Importing “Agency” Starter Template?

Templates with AGENCY tag are premium templates and are available with Mini Agency and Agency Bundle. You can read more about it here.

To import AGENCY templates you need to activate the license. Let’s see how you can do it –

Step 1 – As mentioned in the above process, if you are using free plugin and trying to import the “AGENCY” template you will see “Get Access!” button at Step 3.
Step 2 – Click on this button. It will display a popup. You can copy the license key from your store account and paste it in the popup input field.
Step 3 – Once you activate the license key successfully, continue the above process from step 3.


  • Though we try to use free and non-copyrighted images in all of the starter templates, we cannot take the legal responsibility. We recommend you to replace the images after importing.
  • Need to import site template on the existing website? Read this article.

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