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Experienced website designer but unable to multiply your revenue streams?

You might have wondered if serving clients is the only way to earn money from your web design skills.

Or are there other ways to monetize your skills?

If you don’t yet have an answer, this post is for you.

Approximately 175 new websites are created every minute. Our experience selling Starter Templates! 🙂

Your design skills could help you enter a growing market expected to reach $6.3 trillion by the end 2024.

That’s an opportunity that is too good to miss!

We have been designing web templates for years, creating a very successful business. If we can do it, you can too!

We’ll show you how to:

  • Create and package your template using AI (ZipWP)
  • Setup your store with SureCart
  • Choose where to sell

Read on to discover the secrets to transforming your website templates into a source of passive income!

Discover how to turn your web design skills into #passiveincome by selling website templates! Streamline with AI and stand out in a $6.3 trillion market.

Understanding Passive Income

Passive income enables financial growth through earnings that require minimal effort to maintain.

What some people won’t tell you is that passive income is almost always the result of a lot of hard work.

It involves investing time, money, and patience to get you to a place where you can sit back and watch the money come in.

The greater the passive income you can build, the freer you will become.

Todd. M. Fleming

The potential income from selling website templates is attractive, especially when targeting a niche market.

The table below summarizes revenue potential at different price points and sales volumes:

ScenarioTemplate PriceCopies SoldRevenue
Best case$1001000$100,000
More realistic$50100$5,000

As you can see, even the lowest estimates indicate that selling website templates can generate significant income!

Scaling Your Earnings

Scalability is the real potential behind template design and passive income.

Consider these points:

  • One-time effort, multiple sales: Design a website template once and sell it repeatedly.
  • Multiple niches, multiplied revenue: Target different niches with specialized templates to further increase earnings.

Here’s a table outlining potential revenue with multiple templates:

NichesPriceCopies SoldTotal Revenue

To make a living from selling website templates, you’ll need to consider:

  • Market size and demand: Target niches with a substantial customer base.
  • Template quality: High-quality, well-designed templates sell better.

Get those two right, and you could have an extra revenue stream that utilizes your existing skills!

Please check the video below for actionable tips for creating a website template, even if you’re a total beginner.

From Design To Purchase: How To Sell Website Templates

Now, let’s walk through how to make it happen.

We’ll use ZipWP, our templating tool, as it’s free and has an intelligent Blueprint feature that makes it easy to sell templates.

Step 1: Create and Package Your Template Using ZipWP

ZipWP is an AI-powered website builder that can help transform your idea into a sellable template with just a few clicks.

It’s an excellent tool for building templates at speed and scale.

It creates first-draft websites in seconds, leaving you to add your unique flair so you can sell it.

Key features of ZipWP:

  • AI website builder: Leverage AI to create professional-looking WordPress websites.
  • Flexibility: Transfer sites to any host in seconds.
  • Stunning designs: Captivating design options and visual clarity.
  • Persuasive copy: Compelling copy tailored to your target audience.
  • Customization assistance: AI Assistant will help with personalization.
  • Plugins: Add plugins, install themes, and write custom code.

ZipWP is free to use and has premium options that add powerful features.

ZipWP: Create Templates in 5 Easy Steps

Building with ZipWP involves just 5 simple steps:

  1. Sign up: Create a ZipWP account and choose a plan.
  2. Describe your idea: Highlight your template idea. Be as descriptive as possible.
  3. AI creation: The AI builder selects the design and generates a copy of your template based on the information added in step 2.
  4. Customize: Use the AI Assistant to personalize the template or do it yourself.
  5. Package: Once your template is crafted, package it for sale with just one click.

Once you know how ZipWP works, you could go from zero to a first draft template in around 60 seconds!

This video shows you just how easy it is to build a template with ZipWP:

Generate a Blueprint Link

Once you’ve created your website, you can package it as a Blueprint for sharing.

A Blueprint is a ZipWP feature that makes it easy to create copies of a website and share them with others.

Once you’re ready to share, you can generate a special URL that recreates your template. It’s a fast, simple way to share your creations!

Here’s a video to help you understand Blueprints and how to use them.

Creating a Blueprint is simple. Navigate to the ZipWP Blueprints area, then:

Create the Blueprint

Create the Blueprint

    Click the Create New button to add a new Blueprint.

    Create New button

    In the next popup window, select the radio button next to the site you want to add a Blueprint for (this is a list of sites you already created).

    Click Next.

    Provide details

    Provide details

      Give your Blueprint a title and then a short description. Click Create to finish.

      Your Blueprint is now ready!

      Use the Blueprint link to reproduce the site on any work WordPress installation. (it generates a link similar to

      Click on Regenerate to refresh the Blueprint or Edit to make changes. You can also toggle the Enabled property to enable or disable the Blueprint.

      Send the Blueprint link

      Send the Blueprint link

        Send the unique link to your client or customer. They can visit the link and will see the website you created with 100% accuracy.

        As you can see, we have tried to keep the process as simple as possible. We don’t want anything to interfere with your creativity!

        Now you know how to create and share your website templates, let’s explore where to sell them!

        Platforms to Sell Your Website Templates

        There are several places to sell your website templates.

        Here are the most popular options:

        Sales StrategyProsCons
        Self-hosted website– Provides full control over branding and pricing
        – Has potential for high-profit margins
        – Helps build strong relationships with clients
        – Can be the center of your marketing efforts
        – More work than using third-party platforms
        Template marketplace– Provides access to a large customer base
        – Established reputation and trust
        – It comes with built-in sales and marketing
        – They are also competition
        – Marketplace fees
        – May have no control over pricing, branding, and customer interaction.
        Social media– Provides direct access to your target audience
        – Has potential for organic growth
        Can link to your self-hosted website
        – Discoverability is limited
        – Needs consistent content creation and outreach efforts
        Freelancing platforms– Offers immediate access to clients
        – Has built-in escrow systems for secure payment
        – Can link to your self-hosted website
        – Competition is high
        – May have platform fees
        – You’re limited in terms of use and pricing

        A self-hosted website is the preferred way to shine online.

        You’re in control of:

        • Profits, since you’re not sharing revenue with 3rd party vendors
        • Brand, including your visual style and messaging
        • Integration, which includes preferred plugins and extensions

        We recommend SureCart, our flexible eCommerce tool, for your self-hosted website. SureCart efficiently handles products and digital downloads.

        Here’s a hands-on guide on using SureCart to manage and sell your templates.

        Step 2: Set Up Your Store with SureCart

        Here’s how to set up SureCart for your new template store.

        Install the Plugin

        Install surecart plugin

        In the plugins area, Search for SureCart, then install and activate it.

        Set Up Your Store

        Create a New Store

        Go to SureCart > Get Started menu to jumpstart the process.

        Click the Create New Store button to proceed (assuming you’re creating a store for the first time).

        Confirm store details

        Enter your Brand Color and select your Store Currency from the existing options. Click on Continue.

        Select starting point

        Select the Start From Scratch option as a starting point (You can also click on Start With Demo Products to test if you prefer).

        Click Continue.

        Confirm email store notifications

        Enter your email address in the Email field and click Continue.

        Enter email address

        You should now see a “Congratulations, Your store has been created” message.

        Close this window by clicking on the X icon at the top right of the page.

        Click to complete setup

        Click the Complete Setup link at the top of your SureCart settings window.

        Next, you’ll need a few simple configuration steps, which won’t take much time.

        Here’s how to proceed:

        Adding an account

        Enter your details to create a SureCart account. You’ll need an account for the store to work properly.

        Click on the green Sign Up button once you’re ready.

        Adding account details

        Verify all your details are correct, then click the Next Step button.

        Back to WordPress button

        You should see a message telling you your store is now ready.

        Click Back to WordPress so we can continue the setup.

        Add a Payment Processor

        Every store needs to take payments, so let’s tackle that now.

        Engage payment processors

        Go to SureCart > Settings > Payment Processors.

        Select a payment method from the four options.

        Add payment method

        If your preference is not on the list, click the Add New button to trigger the manual payment details.

        Enter the payment details in the popup window, then click Create.

        We’ll use Stripe as an example, as it’s an incredibly popular option.

        Click on the Stripe link to proceed, then follow the prompts to set up your Stripe account.

        Select another payment processor

        On the Payment Processors page, you’ll see a list of options under Processors.

        Click on Stripe from the Inactive Processors area.

        Selected payment processor

        Click the green Connect button at the top right, then select the Test Mode option. (Once ready to go live, switch from Test Mode to Live Mode).

        Activate test mode

        Enter your Stripe login details when promoted, and click Log In to access your account.

        List of connected stripe accounts

        Once logged in, you’ll see your account details under Connected Stripe Accounts.

        Create a Product for Your Template

        Now, we need to set your template up as a product so you can sell it.

        Create a product

        Go to SureCart > Products > Add New.

        Add new product

        Enter a product name, and click Create. You’ll be directed to a SureCart edit product page.

        Enter product details

        This page contains the following various sections.

        1. Name: This is the name of the product. Make it short and relevant.
        2. Description: Describe your product persuasively in this area.
        3. Images: Click Add to include an image from the Media Library. You can also click Add from URL to include an external file. The first image will be featured (drag the one you prefer to this position).
        4. Pricing: Click the Add a Price button. Most importantly, you’ll need a description for the Name field and a value for the Price field (compulsory fields). Click on the Create Price field once done.
        5. Inventory: You can skip this part as templates are digital products and won’t go out of stock. This also applies to the Variants and Integrations sections.
        6. Downloads: Click the Add Downloads button and select the External Link menu item. Under the Link Name, provide a name for your download.

        Under the Link URL, provide a link to your Blueprint file, which users will use to download.

        Access the Blueprints area via and select a link to sell.

        All other steps are optional. You can skip them or add them as preferred.

        Click Save & Publish when you’re ready.

        Add a Front End Checkout Page

        Now, we need to create a page where people can buy your templates.

        There are two ways to do it.

        Method 1. In the top right corner, click on the Instant Checkout menu area. In the popup, switch on the Publish and Test Mode toggle areas.

        Lastly, click on the Save Product button to preserve your changes.

        When you copy the link under the Link field and paste it into your browser, you’ll be taken directly to the checkout page for this product.

        You can add this as a link in your front-end menu, which users can easily access.

        Add a link

        Method 2. Under Publishing, click the link adjacent to the URL Slug. A window will appear.

        Click the URL under the View Product area.

        You’ll be directed to a page where users can check out on the front end. Add this page to your public menu so users can easily view the products.

        Here’s a video walkthrough to help you sell better with SureCart.

        Step 3: Choosing the Right Place to Sell

        It makes sense to spend a little time figuring out where your potential customers might hang out.

        Here’s how:

        • Understand your audience: Know your target customers, where they shop, and which templates they prefer.
        • Analyze your goals: Do you prefer flash sales, long-term brand building, or better profit margins?
        • Evaluate the platform: Consider the platform’s reputation, traffic, and the type of templates that sell well. Also, consider how much control you would have over branding and pricing.
        • Assess your skills: Each platform demands specific skills. You’ll need website management and marketing skills for self-hosting and social media.
        • Test multiple platforms: List your templates on multiple platforms to see what works best.
        • Figure out platform fees: Note any fees or commissions affecting your profit margins.
        • Understand the terms and conditions: Know your rights and obligations.

        The more time you spend selecting the best place to sell, the better your chances of making a profit.

        Tips for Theme Sellers

        Let’s set you up for success and explore strategies to create and sell website templates effectively:

        • Quality over quantity: Focus on creating high-quality templates with clean code, responsive design, and user-friendly features.
        • Pricing: Offer competitive prices with tiers to cater to a varied audience.
        • Customisation: Provide varied options to cater to different customer preferences.
        • Provide regular updates: Stay current with the latest design trends and technologies. Always keep your templates relevant.
        • Comprehensive documentation: Document your templates.
        • Responsive support: Assist customers with any issues they may have.
        • SEO and performance: Optimize templates for search engines and ensure fast load times.

        We’re sure you can think of others, but these should get you started.

        Wrapping Up: Successfully Sell Templates Online

        Selling website templates can provide a lucrative passive income opportunity once the hard work is all done.

        We showed you:

        • How to use ZipWP’s AI features to streamline design.
        • The advantages of a self-hosted website
        • How SureCart captures payment information and displays template details.
        • Popular platforms that help you showcase your work.

        If you’re ready to profit, let ZipWP’s AI power up your creativity and give your templates that professional edge.

        Start building your template business today!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I Make Money Selling Website Templates?

        Yes, you can make money selling templates. You can sell the same template repeatedly without spending undue energy. If your templates are high-quality, you increase the chance for sales.

        How Can I Sell My Website Templates?

        Using your own website is our preferred method of selling website templates. You have full control over everything and won’t have to pay platform fees. Popular platforms like ThemeForest or Etsy also have many potential customers. They handle marketing and payments, but you’ll face competition and fees.

        Do People Buy Website Templates?

        Yes, people do buy website templates. Templates are very affordable compared to custom solutions. They’re a favorite for individuals and small businesses with a small web design budget. Templates also appeal to users who want to spin a website quickly.

        Is Selling Web Templates Profitable?

        Yes, selling web templates can be profitable. It all depends on template quality, your marketing strategy, and the nature of demand for your templates. The higher the quality of the template, the higher the demand.

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