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We are listening! Here is another major change that we’ve done after receiving a lot of requests from our existing users. Many among you wanted the freedom to use transparent headers within the theme itself. And we did that!

Yes, you heard it right! Our transparent header feature from Astra Pro is now made free and is available within the free Astra theme!

The transparent header feature is really very powerful as it opens new possibilities for all of us to design fantastic free websites. We have improvised the previous transparent header options to give you an amazing experience with header designing.

That’s not all! We are introducing a new dedicated Button option for the Last Item in Menu. This option allows you to style the button differently in the primary header, transparent header, and sticky header (with Astra Pro) respectively. Let’s explore these two new options with Astra –

Transparent Header in the Astra Theme!

You get access to the complete feature within the theme itself. This means that we offer all the required options to make your transparent header look clean and attractive.

Responsive support – This allows you to choose a device on which you wish to display a transparent header.

Different Logo – This lets you set a different logo than a primary header so that it suits your transparent header.

Colors & background – These include dedicated color options for the menu, submenu, and content in the transparent header along with background options.

Read more about the Transparent Header in our knowledge base article.

Button as the Last Item in Menu

Call-to-actions are important! And having one in the navigation menu makes it even more prominent on your website.

Have you felt the need to add an attractive button that offers product download, a purchase link etc. as the last item in your menu? You can do that using Astra!

We’ve made this quite easy with the new button option that has various styling settings that let you manage the look and the feel of the button.

Ready field to enter Button Text and Button Link

Button Style – You can opt for a Theme Button and a Custom Button. A Theme button inherits global styling while the custom button allows you to style the button differently for the primary header, transparent header and sticky header(with Astra Pro) respectively.

You can read our knowledge base article to know more about this new button option for the menu.

In the Closing…

Like I said in the beginning, we are listening! In fact, we’ve been listening to the needs of our users right from the day we began. And therefore present to you a theme that I am sure you are in love with!

The addition of the Transparent Header in the free theme will take our free website demos to the next level and give you more freedom to implement it on your websites too!

Go ahead and update the Astra theme to version 1.6.0 and start implementing transparent headers on your website.

Have anything more you want to share? Share them in the comments below and let us know how you feel about it. 😉

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

  1. Kaycinho Profile Pic

    I’m on pro, but still I’m excited about this. That opens the road to creating stunning layouts / layouts packs for people using the free version (which I plan on doing). And I’m pretty confident that after trying the free version, many people will want to step up, but at least it allows people who don’t have the money (yet) to get started.
    Thank you for all your hard work and the value you provide

  2. Vashishtha kapoor Profile Pic

    Great step.
    Thanks for this. It helps a lot. I have been using elementor header and footer where it was not easy to make transparent header which gets background on the scroll.
    Thanks for making this available for free.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      You’re welcome! 🙂

      So, you know, we are listening! Please feel free to let us know in case you have any suggestions or ideas for us.

  3. Subhankar Das Profile Pic
    Subhankar Das

    I am not getting some of the menus on some of my pages, on desktop and mobile version of my website. I am using AstaPro theme. What should I do?

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