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    Hi, I am looking for a functionality to introduce more fields in the additional information (features of the products) of a variable product. Just as width, weight and dimensions, would other fields can be created like varitation featured, for example: power, that change depending on the product variation you choose.


    Coffe machine C100 – Varition 2 Cups – dimension: 20x30x60 – power: 4500W
    Coffe machina C100 – Variation 3Cups – dimension: 30x60x60 – power: 5300W

    In this case, the dimensions and the power field are variable and are characteristic of the machine; it is not a product variation.

    Do you know some plugin or how can I do these configuration?

    Thanks, regards.

  2. Kim Profile Pic

    I am using the Astra theme with Woocommerce. All are updated. I have tried adding a variable product using color as my attribute with 6 color variations. I have followed the tutorials and documents to the letter however it is not working properly on my store page. The store page shows the product with a “select options” button. When you press the Select Options button, it opens the product which has an “Add to Cart” button but the variations are not selectable. They are visible in the product description box but not selectable. I cannot get this working. Any ideas for a fix?

  3. Rich Holmes Profile Pic

    I am trying to use one of the plugins you list on this page – 6. WooCommerce Show Single Variations – but it’s not compatible with the Astra theme, in particular the paging navigation. It will show the full list of pages but essentially only allows you to page the number of pages there would be if you weren’t show variations as products. In my case I have 16 pages when listing variations as products but paging only allows 2. If I turn of the plugin then the paging show s the 2 pages but obviously ai then lose all the variations! Can anything be done to make this compatible?

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