1. Jenifer Profile Pic

    It is my first time working on woo commerce based website for SEO purpose. The tips that you shared with me are great and I appreciate the efforts you guys put on this article.

  2. Carolina Profile Pic

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Lot’s of thoughts are put into making this article and worth the time spend on this article.

  3. Clara Profile Pic

    Without SEO there it is hard to earn money or sell anything. You should definatly make all the neccessory changes to get maximum out of your website.

  4. Hayden Profile Pic

    Thank you for sharing this article with us, indeed optimizing woocommerce website is important for SEO.

  5. Marian Hammond Profile Pic

    That’s a great article that covers almost everything in WooCommerce SEO. I think enabling breadcrumbs and Image Compression are excellent tips.

  6. Duane Cooper Profile Pic

    Great post. Every online shop owner should know these SEO practices for WooCommerce. Especially beginners of WooCommerce.

  7. Lowell Banks Profile Pic

    Great article on WooCommerce SEO. Thank you for your time in putting these tips together! I just started a store; it is very informative with great information for my shop.

  8. Kevin Ortiz Profile Pic

    Awesome tips! Step by step explanation on Woocommerce SEO. I am going to apply this in the future on my business website.

  9. Barabara Profile Pic

    I appreciate the way you have written and explained. Using AMP to improve the mobile user experience tip was superb. It also counts as a ranking factor in SEO.

  10. Malisa Profile Pic

    Your Woocommerce SEO tips helped me a lot! Thanks. I agree with the Enable Breadcrumbs point. It’s a small SEO factor that makes a huge difference. Good article.

  11. Regan Profile Pic

    Thanks for sharing this detailed article about Woocommerce SEO. I’m planning to make a site entirely based on these tips. I hope all this stuff will work.

  12. Clarence Profile Pic

    Great post! I’m not a techie and therefore require precise instructions on how to do stuff as you have done here. Thanks for these actionable tips. Thanks!

  13. David Profile Pic

    Thank you, this is the article I was looking for. Btw may I know what you use for your great and fast website? I’m also planning to create a simple website for my business, but I need a domain and hosting recommendation. I hear asphostportal has a good reputation for that. Can you recommend them or are there any alternatives?

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