30 Best Education Inspired Themes for WordPress in 2020

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30 Best Education WordPress Themes for 2020

Astra LearnDash Academy demo site

Educational WordPress themes can be used for schools, colleges, universities, online colleges and anywhere that hosts courses, classes or seminars. They combine attractive aesthetics with the practical tools required for courses. That can include calendars, course outlines to full blown online courses. All the specialist features an educational organization might need!

With the changes we have seen in the world this year, online learning has become more popular than ever. There are now more organizations offering online courses than ever before and many of them are of an equal standard to your local college.

Brick and mortar schools, colleges and universities also need a website to promote themselves and inform potential students and investors of their offerings. All these things and more can be delivered by a well-chosen education WordPress themes.

This article is going to showcase 30 of the best education WordPress themes for 2020. The list includes general websites for educational organizations and themes that integrate with LMS (Learning Management Systems) that can host online courses within your website.

What Is an LMS?

Before we get to our list of education WordPress themes, it might be worth covering what exactly an LMS does and how it can help you.

A Learning Management System is either a standalone platform or a WordPress plugin designed to manage online learning. It organizes the courses, provides reporting for students, enables you to add quizzes and certifications and helps you build coherent online courses for students.

Some LMS will include the eCommerce elements required to enable payments while others will integrate with WooCommerce. Either way, it is now easier than ever to sell online courses from your website.

In the context of this piece, we class an LMS as a WordPress plugin such as LearnDash. Other LMS are available.

In a Hurry? Here Are the 5 Best WordPress Education Themes for You

If you want to know which are the best WordPress educational themes around, you don’t go far wrong with:

Astra – The ease of use, high quality code and flexibility of Astra themes is unparalleled. With a range of school and LMS themes, the option to build your own online course website from scratch and sheer number of features and options, it’s hard to buy better than this.

Coursemaker Pro – Coursemaker Pro stands out because of its very contemporary design. It isn’t your typical WordPress education theme and looks and feels all the better for it.

Corporate Pro – While not a dedicated WordPress education theme, Corporate Pro has the flexibility to be utilized for almost any use. With a nice layout, calm design and excellent features, it is definitely one to try.

School – School is light and playful and welcomes you to the page with open arms. The combination of soft palette, friendly header and nice icons means it delivers an experience that would be appreciated by both parent and student.

Education Zone – Education Zone has a free version that competes well with many premium templates in this list. The premium version adds some important features. Both deliver the quality of experience your audience expects with the ease of use we all appreciate.

30 Best Free Education WordPress Themes

We have travelled to the edge of the internet searching for the best and the brightest WordPress education themes. This list has been filtered and refined to showcase the best of what we found.

We also feature a few high quality corporate themes that could work very well for education organizations with minimal customization.

1. Astra

astra Kindergarten demo site

Astra is one of the best-selling WordPress themes in the world. Part of that is down to the quality of their demo websites and flexible page elements and partly down to the ease of use and implementation of drag and drop page builders. You could build a professional quality website in an afternoon without knowing a single line of code.

Astra has a few education WordPress themes covering most uses. A couple of themes are for schools and colleges while another, that in the image above is for online learning. The theme integrates with LearnDash LMS which can be implemented seamlessly into the design.

While we have designed a series of top quality WordPress educational themes, our demo templates are flexible enough to be used for any purpose. Like a different theme you would rather use that isn’t education? No problem. Simply load the demo, change the imagery, add the page elements you want and you’re good to go!

Astra themes are designed to be easy to build, simple to use, load quickly, score highly on Google PageSpeed and require minimal maintenance. It is for these reasons and for the quality of the design and build that Astra is so popular!

2. Academy Pro

academy pro theme demo site

Academy Pro is a clean design build for online courses. It could also be customized for other membership or subscription sites too. The design is modern, interesting and uses the bold red colour well. It could also be changed if it doesn’t fit your brand.

It’s a very straightforward WordPress educational theme that delivers the information and the courses you need. There are multiple content types, optional page elements, layout options and the freedom to build or customize as you see fit.

The theme uses the Genesis Framework so there is a modest learning curve but once you know what you’re doing, the world really is yours to educate!

3. Divi

Divi Elementary School Home demo

Divi has a few WordPress educational themes to choose from covering preschool, school, college and online learning. Like Astra, there is a mix of the promotional and LMS design covering most requirements.

Also like Astra, Divi offers simple setup and operation, compatibility with page builders, complete freedom to customize a demo template or build your own and to use a theme as a complete Learning Management System. Designs are clean, modern and colourful and have been created to deliver the experience your audience should respond positively to.

Divi is a flexible theme that could be tuned to the widest range of schools, colleges and universities using the included page builder. It is well worth checking out if you like modern design.

4. Academica Pro

Academica Pro Education WordPress Theme

Academica Pro is a multipurpose WordPress education theme for schools or colleges. It could also be tweaked for business or corporate use too. It uses a mixture of blog and magazine layout with distinct content blocks with a left menu to complement the main menu up top.

An image slider grabs interest while the page unfolds to showcase the school, courses, achievements and other supplementary data. A sidebar on either side adds the option for more content or for linking elsewhere. The theme also includes an application widget that takes you to a form which could be useful.

The layout offers a range of options to tweak this theme to almost any use. It’s a strong showing that could work as a school website as well as LMS.

5. Coursemaker Pro

Demo Course Maker Pro

Coursemaker Pro is a contemporary take on the online course. It’s a greyscale design with a cute header image and very calm feel. A mixture of grey elements and subtle colouring offers a calm appeal while the layout flows effortlessly through the page content.

The Sample Course page offers a look at how you could build out the site with your own courses while maintaining the modern look and feel. It’s a very accomplished design that stands out for all the right reasons. With the backing of the Genesis Framework, there is very little you couldn’t do with this theme.

Coursemaker Pro is a very current design that could work for many organizations. As the Genesis Framework is designed to work with LifterLMS, you definitely have options.

6. Ultra

Ultra Education demo site

Ultra is a multipurpose theme with a couple of education demo websites. This is a WordPress school theme that uses colour and imagery effectively. It opens with a strong header image that sets the scene immediately. Combined with pops of colour from the buttons and strong white fonts, it’s a compelling design.

While the main page promotes a school, there are LMS elements contained within. A Courses page outlines how you could build your own online college with a dedicated courses section. You can of course move, add or change these elements as required.

Ultra is a very smart design with a wide appeal. It could work well in any situation with the right amount of customization.

7. Blackboard

Blackboard demo site

Blackboard is a more sober WordPress school theme designed for a different demographic than Ultra. It uses sensible design with a standard layout, mature colours and fonts and an authoritative but still has an approachable look and feel.

It’s a relaxed design that makes it easy to navigate and find your way around. A combination of top navigation and pair of sidebars tells you everything you need to know while a central content section adds content and context to the main page.

You can, of course, build this out however you like and we would suggest adding a lot more introductory content to the home page but the demo gives you a good idea of what to expect.

8. Education Pro

Education Pro Genesis Theme for Your Institution

Education Pro is a clean, modern WordPress education theme that uses a bold header slider to grab attention. The combination of complementing and contrasting colours helps to keep it while you scroll down the page.

This is a flat design with a nice layout, good use of white space and contrasting fonts. The overall feel of the site is one that inspires confidence and has the aura you would expect from an educational website, which works surprisingly well. The template could also cope with heavy customization without losing that feel which would be to your benefit.

Education Pro, like Coursemaker Pro uses the Genesis Framework which is designed to work in concert with LifterLMS. While there are no specific LMS elements here, you could add them with a little work.

9. Lectura

Lectura wordpress demo site

Lectura is a composed education WordPress theme within a boxed layout that could work well for schools or colleges. It’s a calm-looking theme with a grey background that makes the white content frame work well. The blue and orange contrast colours just add to the effect.

This is a blog-style layout that could be fully customized to suit many uses. It uses a modest header slider with headline and a range of layout options depending on the page you view. It’s another very flexible theme that could be heavily modified without spoiling the overall aesthetic.

Lectura doesn’t have LMS functions but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work. It just means more customization would be required to fit them in. Otherwise, it could promote a school or college with minimal changes.

10. Digital

Digital Theme demo template

Digital is a standard business template that could easily work for a school, college or university. It’s a light design with a static header image and bold white headline. It uses a simple navigation bar at the top and borderless content blocks as the page unfolds.

Further down the page, there is a mixture of content blocks, lots of white space, some cool little graphics and all the ingredients you would want to see on an educational website. There is also the option to add or remove elements as you see fit.

We rate this theme because of its inherent flexibility. You could change everything about the demo website while maintaining the modernity and appeal. It definitely lives up to the term flexible, that’s for sure!

11. Hestia

Hestia PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Hestia is another multipurpose design that could easily be turned into an education website. It’s a bold, modern theme with flat elements, a strong header image, bold contrast colours and stark fonts. It’s a very effective theme that we recommend often in our lists.

Hesta would be more suited as a school WordPress theme rather than LMS. It has a selection of content block types covering most requirements. It has great balance down the page with good use of white space, contrasting backgrounds and content blocks and all the page features you could need. There is also scope to customize this however you like, which is another reason to try it.

Hestia, like its sibling Neve, is a contemporary design that is flexible enough to be tweaked to suit any purpose. In this context, it wouldn’t take long to create an inspiring educational website with the addition of some simple but effective imagery.

12. Corporate Pro

corporate Pro wordpress theme template

Corporate Pro is another multipurpose WordPress theme that could be customized to suit education. It’s a modern, flat design with header image, bold headline, modern sans serif fonts and a calm blue accent colour. All combine to deliver an authoritative look and feel without being overbearing.

The rest of the demo unfolds as a standard corporate website. Elements include video blocks, content, services, a portfolio, call to action, forms and all the elements you could utilize fully for a school.

Initially, this isn’t the most obvious choice for a school website. Yet look beyond the initial corporate first impression and you see it has real potential to deliver all the elements you need. It’s a complete theme that ranks highly in our estimation.

13. Capital

Capital education demo template

Capital is a clean, contemporary WordPress education theme that stands out thanks to its colour scheme and the layout. It’s an inviting design that uses a full width header slider to draw you in and competent layout to keep you there. It works well.

The design uses a nice blue colour with white background to promote a formal but approachable feel. A three column layout with a range of content blocks tells the story easily while offering access to other parts of the site. Working alongside are the modern fonts and video sections to offer even more flavour.

There is a good reason why red, white and blue is used often in politics. The colour combination creates a feeling of trust and authority. Two aspects that could work for any educational establishment too.

14. Fleming

Fleming Theme school demo

Fleming is a purposely-designed WordPress education theme with a demo each for schools, colleges and universities. There is also a church theme for good measure. Each offers a slightly different look and feel while using the same layout. It’s an attractive look that delivers the features you would expect.

Themes use a white background with a mixture of highlight colours and images to make its mark. Borderless content blocks with horizontal dividers keep things organized while staying low key. A selection of content blocks provide all the opportunities necessary to build your website however you like.

Each of these demo templates could work with any organization. You could also take elements of one design and add them to the other. This theme is flexible enough to handle it.

15. Erudito

Erudito demo template

Erudito is a crisp WordPress school theme that works very well. It uses the popular boxed layout with grey background and white box to stand out with strong colours used for fonts, buttons and navigation. The overall look is one of calm competence which would be ideal for an educational setting.

This template uses a traditional blog-style layout with top navigation and sidebar to keep you on track. Centre elements include a range of layout options, content block types and opportunities to add more. Flexibility is a key benefit with this template and part of the reason it’s in this list.

Simple designs often work best and there are no rules anywhere that says a website has to be complicated if it is to work. If you’re looking for a traditional website experience that still delivers, this could be it.

16. Foundation

Foundation Theme Demo template

Foundation is another WordPress school theme that could be made to look exactly how you want it to look with very little effort. It’s another blog-style theme within a boxed layout but looks different to the others here.

A bold side menu provides primary navigation while a centre section is where you place your content. Optional sidebars on the right provide placement for supplementary content, links or other elements depending on your needs. You can change the layout as required, add or remove elements or even sidebars.

While it doesn’t natively support an LMS, there are also useful course pages included with the theme to make your job a little easier. With an LMS plugin like LifterLMS or LearnDash, you can add courses to almost any website. This theme is no exception!

17. Neve

University Template Demo neve template

Neve is a clean, contemporary multipurpose theme with a few educational demos. Each provides the framework to build a school or complete LMS website. All designs are attractive, includes the gravitas you look for in education and a light-heartedness to remain approachable.

Each Neve design works well and includes lots of white space, bold fonts and colours, strong images and a real eye for design. Depending on the demo you choose, you could build a school website or a full eLearning website depending on your needs. You would have to buy your own LMS plugin though.

Neve loads quickly and contains all the features you want from a WordPress education theme. Those demos do all begin to look alike so you may have your work cut out to make them truly original.

18. School

School Theme by mythemeshop

School is light, colourful and playful and would be an ideal WordPress school theme for early years learning. It uses a pastel palette to ease you in with a selection of coloured icons and content blocks to keep the information flowing. With that friendly header image, the theme delivers a warm welcome that few other templates manage.

The rest of the page includes a lot of white space with frameless content blocks covering most requirements. A nice timeline is included for events while a gallery and blog element offers engagement.

We rate this template highly. Few other themes in this list manage to make you instantly feel as welcome or as willing to explore the site. This is a very accessible education WordPress theme that could work exceptionally well for the right organization.

19. Social Learner

Social Learner wordpress demo site

Social Learner is an LMS website built to support LearnDash and BuddyPress. It’s a straightforward design with traditional layout that works well and includes the elements necessary to implement courses within the website.

Social Learner is a heavier website with a darker design. It includes LMS elements, store elements, social areas, lots of content options and a well balanced flow down the page. We would change the order of some of the blocks in the demo, but otherwise this site could be ready to go with minimal effort.

This is probably one of the deeper websites here due to the requirements of LMS. It is still appealing and approachable though. Pages are well designed, LearnDash is very straightforward to use and as long as you have your course content ready, your site could be up and running in hours.

20. Zakra

Zakra Education demo template

Zakra is a multipurpose theme with an educational demo website. It’s an attractive template that uses clean design to great effect. The header image sets the scene perfectly while transitioning seamlessly into a more traditional layout.

It has good use of white space with some colour pops on buttons, alternating white and coloured backgrounds, course boxes and an attractive registration form that stands out for all the right reasons. While Zakra doesn’t come with an LMS, it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement one if you wanted to.

Zakra also has some non-educational demos that could be transformed into something unique with a little work. Like many websites on this page, you’re provided with a framework with the demo and the rest is up to you!

21. City Hall

City Hall Theme demo website

City Hall is not an education WordPress theme but it could be. The demo is for a city guide but it’s clear to see just how well it would work when customized with education in mind. It wouldn’t easily work for an LMS but could make a very credible WordPress school theme.

It uses a boxed layout with coloured background and white box. Borderless content areas keep things clean while those coloured navigation buttons immediately draw the eye. The page unfolds to a traditional three column layout with sidebars that could easily be repurposed for courses, school features and benefits and supplementary content.

Using the right LMS and enough patience, you could include courses in this theme. It is certainly flexible enough to handle the extra load and an LMS plugin would do the rest.

22. Convert

Convert theme demo

Convert is a corporate theme that could easily be repurposed for schools or colleges. It’s a very modern design with full size header slider with bold headlines, modest top navigation and nice red and blue contrast colours. The blue continues down the page and into the image filters, giving a professional look.

Convert is another WordPress theme that uses the favoured red, white and blue colourway. It delivers the same gravitas and authority as others that use the scheme and that could work to your benefit.

Convert uses standard content blocks to outline the features and includes optional elements like case studies, service blocks, a timeline for events, calls to action, team biography and blog posts. All could be used to promote an educational establishment with minimal customization.

23. Edumag

edumag wordpress theme

Edumag has both free and premium versions of the education WordPress theme. It uses a crisp magazine layout with bold colours and fonts to create an instant impact. It also features a headline box which could be used to highlight courses or events depending on your needs.

The rest of the pages include a range of content blocks that would be ideal for schools. Those blocks include content, images, biographies, categories and a range of others. The theme also supports a store and comes with its own blog. It’s a basic theme in terms of features but it definitely makes a visual impact.

You would need to choose your images carefully to make the most of this template but all the ingredients are there for you to use.

24. Business3ree

BUSINESS3REE wordpress theme

Business3ree is another corporate theme that could be used for educational purposes. It would mainly be useful as a school WordPress theme but could include LMS elements with a little work and a competent LMS plugin.

Business3ree uses a modest header slider that helps paint the picture that is borne out in the service blocks and supplementary content elements that unfold down the page. It’s a subtle but very effective template.

This is a refined template with a white, blue and black colour scheme. You could change that if you like but we think it works well for building confidence. We also like the pops of colour in the graphics. While you would likely want to change them, it provides the inspiration for where to take the theme yourself.

25. Reel

Reel wordpress theme

Reel is a video portfolio template that could work for a community college or art college. It uses a full size video header that thankfully doesn’t auto play. Stark white headlines complement the video background and perform your call to action or introduction.

The rest of the theme offers an opportunity to showcase video or images with minimal distraction. There are optional content blocks that come with the theme and other layouts are possible with the builder. Other pages include everything you’ll need along with an online store.

The video intent of this theme is why it’s here. With most online courses being heavily oriented towards video, this could be the perfect theme to showcase your courses and build an online presence.

26. Montblanc

One page theme Montblanc

Montblanc is yet another corporate design that could be perfect for an educational WordPress theme. It’s a largely greyscale design that evokes a feeling of calm with the main image header and white fonts. There are occasional pops of colour from imagery but it is kept to a minimum and looks and feels better for it.

Montblanc includes the usual selection of content elements to help you build a page including a portfolio, service blocks, calls to action, biographies, a store, blog and forms. This is a contemporary theme with very wide appeal. This is one of our go-to themes for all kinds of uses.

Montblanc is a genuinely multipurpose WordPress theme. It has features to deliver a superb experience for a variety of niches. There is no LMS but we are sure you could fit one in there somewhere if you needed to.

27. Education Zone

education zone wordpress education theme

Education Zone is a free WordPress education theme that really doesn’t look it. There is also a premium version with a different layout. The free version has a modest header with content elements and a blue accent colour that works well. Below is a standard tiled layout that you could use however you liked.

The premium demo website begins with a full size header image and a hint at some bold colour choices at the bottom of the screen. This is a more education-focused theme with some neat animations, a nice flow down the page and lots of opportunities to customize it to suit your needs.

Both versions use white space and colour well. While the free version offers amazing value, it’s only when you invest in the premium that the theme comes alive. There are many more options and features with premium so this is one theme that is well worth paying for.

28. Uni Education

Uni Education Education WordPress Theme demo

Uni Education also has a free and a premium version. The free version uses a similar colour scheme to the premium with a full size header image that opens out into a traditional white background with content blocks covering most requirements.

The premium version differs slightly but retains a similar colour palette and flow. Both versions use nice red and blue colours throughout with lots of white space, nicely balanced pages and strong imagery. Both versions of the template offer a credible experience but you have a lot more work to do with the free version with no support.

The free theme is quite limited in its options but the premium version could be a fully functional WordPress education theme with very little effort. You also access the full range of features and developer support too so could be worth the investment.

29. Education Soul

education soul wordpress theme

Education Soul is another WordPress education theme with a free and a premium version. Again, both versions look quite similar with the main differences being in the features and options.

Both designs use a strong header slider to create the atmosphere alongside strong fonts to call to action. The familiar red, white and blue colour scheme is apparent here and creates that authority we look for. A modern font keeps the design looking current while strong imagery keeps interest.

Pages are well laid out with good spacing and contemporary fonts. Banners and buttons stand out and there are enough opportunities to list courses, events and anything else an educational website may need. Overall, both versions are worth checking out but the premium is where the theme really shines.

30. Potenza

Potenza demo template

Potenza is the final WordPress education theme in this list. It’s another multipurpose theme with the flexibility to be anything you like. This is a modern theme with an urban feel which could be ideal for city colleges or universities. It’s a bold design with full width header image and some intriguing font choices.

Potenza isn’t afraid to make an impact and we like it for that. It’s a flexible theme that could be used for schools, colleges or universities with ease. You could even fit an LMS in there too if you wanted to.

Further down the page are service blocks, calls to action, price blocks, biographies and more. There is also the opportunity to add supplementary blocks if required. The overall design is very smart with some bold design choices that could work exceptionally well in the right hands!


The depth and breadth of choice with these education WordPress themes is impressive. As is the quality of design and functionality of each of them. We carefully curated this list to represent the widest possible range of educational establishments while maintaining the highest quality.

There are themes here primarily for schools or colleges and some that would work well for an LMS. Some even work for both.

All are responsive, designed to load quickly and be easy to set up and deploy. Many of the premium themes will use a drag and drop page builder like Elementor, Brizy Builder, Gutenberg or Beaver Builder or work with all four.

Page builders make deploying and customizing a WordPress theme so much easier. They also mean anyone, at any skill level can set up and launch a professional WordPress theme without knowing how to code. You don’t even really need to know how WordPress works!

What we have here is what we think are the best education WordPress themes around right now. Each of which we deem worthy of your time and money!

What do you think of our list? Have any educational themes to suggest? Do you use any of these themes and want to provide insight? Tell us about it below!

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