Top 9 Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Companiesn in 2021

Top 9 Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

Finding the fastest managed WordPress hosting company can be difficult. Out of the thousands, how would you know which one to use?

Numerous web hosts offer WordPress-optimized hosting packages. In a nutshell, a managed WordPress web host will manage the security, speed, core updates, daily backups, scalability, and uptime of your website.

When shopping for a web host, don’t fall into the trap of “the cheapest you can find.” Sometimes, you only do get what you pay for, and what would you expect for a $2 a month plan?

Instead, you should look for the value in a company’s services — things like customer service, performance, uptime, and extra features need to be considered as well.

This article is going to go over what a web host is, the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting, and we will compare the 10 fastest managed WordPress hosting companies out there.

Hosting Plan Storage Bandwidth Managed WordPress Hosting Available
SiteGround$14.99 per month 10GBYes
Hostinger$9.99 per month10GB100GB per monthYes
Kinsta$30 per month10GBYes
Nexcess$19 per month15GB2TB per monthYes
Flywheel$13 per month5GB20GB per monthYes
WPEngine$25 per month10GB50GB per monthYes
GreenGeeks$10.95 per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedYes
Pressable$25 per month20GBUnlimitedYes
Pagely$199 per month30GB20GB per monthYes
Table Of Contents

Types of Web Hosting

There are a few types of packages you should know before paying for web hosting, most of them go by different names, which can be confusing, we know, but essentially they are mostly built the same way.

Shared Hosting

  • The website is stored on the same server as many other websites.
  • The hosting plan is cheap because you’re sharing the same server performance across hundreds of other websites.
  • Hosting providers and the website owner get a lot of people to pay for shared resources.
  • You need to update your website manually with most of the hosting service providers.
  • Backups only available through third-party plugins.
  • Speed optimization only available through third-party plugins.
  • General security mechanisms on the server itself. Added security through third-party plugins.
  • No additional database optimization.
  • You are only allowed a limited number of visits to your website.
  • Designed to be working together with a range of different website scripts and platforms.
  • The traffic surges and other resource-intensive processes will slow down your website and everyone connected to the same server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • Each website has its respective server, but you’re still sharing a physical server with other website owners.
  • A VPS hosting plan is the perfect middle ground for website owners, who use VPS hosting, and want the power of dedicated hosting but they don’t have the technical knowledge to run one.
  • Best for website owners who want more control without using a dedicated server.
  • Provides larger storage space and more customization options.
  • Not capable of handling incredibly high traffic levels or spikes in usage.
  • Site performance affects other sites connected with the server.
  • Offers the same cost with shared hosting with control features the same with dedicated hosting.
  • VPS hosting packages boasts more storage space, more customisation, and is an excellent choice for advanced users who needs specific software and package installations.
VPS hosting image

Dedicated Hosting

  • You are renting a physical server.
  • You are responsible for everything, including setting up and managing your server.
  • You will have to perform ongoing updates, patches, and perform other server management skills.
  • You will have full control — root access — to your server.
  • You are responsible for everything from security to the type of operating system you want to run.
  • Provides complete control for websites with very high traffic.
  • This is the most expensive hosting service and required deep technical knowledge.

Cloud Hosting

  • Composed of several computers working together while sharing and combining their computing resources.
  • Allows flexibility and makes scaling possible. Your site can grow over time, using as many resources as it requires, while paying only for what they need.
  • Users can use as many resources as they need.
  • Companies work via a network and consume computing resources as a utility.
  • Resources are spread across multiple servers, which reduces downtime if a server were to malfunction.

Managed Hosting

  • Includes hardware and software setup, configuration, and maintenance.
  • Automatic site/WordPress updates.
  • Automatic daily/weekly backups.
  • Built-in caching and CDN networks for speed optimization.
  • Built-in security mechanisms optimised for WordPress.
  • Built-in database optimisation for WordPress.
  • Scalability optimisations (servers capable of handling more traffic if need be).
  • Server settings optimised explicitly for WordPress software.

Did you know that WordPress is still ranked the #1 content management system?

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Do you have an idea for a blog? What about a dropshipping business?

A cheap and easy way to get your WordPress started is with managed WordPress hosting. They will manage the servers, optimize performance and make it easy for you to get your creation online.

Meet wordpress image

According to a survey published by Netcraft, they estimate over 1.3 billion active websites, and WordPress is powering 35% of the internet. That means WordPress powers a staggering 455,000,00 dynamic websites.

WordPress has been around since 2003, and according to W3techs, WordPress owns 61.8% of the CMS market share.

The best part about managed WordPress hosting is the support. Your support will be actual WordPress experts with a lot of experience — you won’t have someone trying to read a manual to answer your question.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Configured specifically for WordPress. It runs smoothly with WordPress and users don’t have to worry about the coding and other technical skills.
  • Secure your website. Managed hosting provides strong security measures for your website. These providers have a very tight layer of protection on their servers to keep your site secured from hacking, DoS attacks, malware, etc. It also actively scans for malware and other hacking attempts.
  • Reliable WordPress expert support. Their support staff knows WordPress inside and out and will be able to help you with whatever you need, like performance, site functionality, WordPress errors, etc. Your support is based on real-world experience and can solve problems faster.
  • Boost your site speed. Managed hosting companies enable content caching at their server to keep it readily available for review by your site visitors. You don’t have to rely on external caching plugins.
  • Maintain daily back-ups. Manage to host companies back up your site daily, including content, data, themes, and plugins, which you can then download from the dashboard. It gives you accessible restore points that are easy to download if your website needs to be reverted, performs automatic updates and prevents your website’s downtime.
  • Update your site automatically. Your managed hosting provider automatically updates your WordPress core files as soon as the latest version is released—no need to pay someone extra to update your site anymore.
  • Ensure No Downtime. No matter how much traffic your site gets, your site will still be up and running without any issues. Even if you hit the homepage of Hacker News or Reddit, your site will never go down.
  • Provide improvement offers. Some hosts offer version control, staging area, and more.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • You need to pay for their services. A shared hosting plan will cost you an average $3.95 while a managed hosting plan cost is from $30. The server architecture is specialized for WordPress, so you can only run a WordPress website. Other forms of hosting are flexible on the type of CMS that they run.
  • You can’t run all WordPress plugins. Your host may block specific plugins that can either slow down your website or the entire server.
  • They use cPanel. Managed hosting uses a different kind of user portal than shared hosting. You might find it challenging to shift from shared hosting to Managed hosting.

Who Needs Managed WordPress Hosting?

  • Websites that are growing rapidly. You need to anticipate the volume of traffic that will come to your site. Managed hosting allows for greater traffic volume and offers more excellent stability for WordPress sites.
  • Websites that are experiencing spikes in traffic. Managed WordPress hosting is very much useful for small businesses and other websites that have high traffic spikes.
  • Individuals, bloggers, and other small business owners that just want for their WordPress website to work without much technical knowledge. If you’re looking for hassle-free web hosting, outstanding performance, and professional support to help you with issues, managed WordPress hosting may be for you.
  • Business websites that can’t afford to be offline. Managed hosting ensures no downtime for your site no matter how much traffic your site gets.
  • Website owners who value generous support that responds fast and can solve any issue. With managed WordPress hosting, you get access to expert support that’s always ready 24/7 to solve any problem you might have.
  • Growing businesses, and everyone who wants their hosting platform make this growth to happen.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Managed WordPress Web Host

Before you only look at your pocketbook to decide which web host to go with, let’s go over a few things you should consider.

Server Reliability, Uptime, and Security

If your website is your business, any downtime is losing money. Don’t disappoint your visitors with a site that won’t load. The main job of a web host is to ensure your website stays accessible and online.

Most reputable companies offer a 99% uptime, with some going even further and offering a 99.9% uptime and a money-back guarantee.

A great web host offers other security features such as:

  • Access Restriction – Access is heavily restricted to the server’s root. Unauthorised root access means the user has complete control of the server and all resources.
  • Network Monitoring – A web hosting company will regularly monitor their network for intrusions, unauthorized activity, and downtime. They will fix any server issues before it grows into a bigger problem.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Firewalls – SSL encryption ensures the sensitive data that flows through your website is secure and private. A web host will also have a web application firewall to help prevent SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other vulnerabilities.
  • Distributed Denial of Service Prevention (DDoS) – A DDoS attack floods your website with so much traffic that it will become unavailable to real visitors. Just like cloud computing, they use a distributed network of computers to make this happen. It’s hard to stop a DDoS attack, but many web hosts have the proper tools to mitigate any attacks if they occur.
  • Malware Protection – Regular file scans are performed on client accounts. A good web host will have software to help identify and remove any malware.
  • Backups – Having a backup of your large website is a must. Your backup needs to be offsite, updated frequently, and updated automatically. This will remove any human memory errors.


What are people saying about the company? Are they genuine reviews, or are they fluff reviews written to get more sales?

One of the easiest ways to measure a business’ success is their overall reputation. If a web host fulfills their promises and provides value for what they’re charging for over the years, word will get around. Look for reviews from third-party sources. Can you find any reviews about them in a tech publication? What do they say?

Check multiple sources for reviews — if the reviews are generally positive, you can trust you’ll be in good hands.

WordPress recommendations image

Ease of Use

It’s important to be able to use whatever service you’re buying. Does your web host have an easy to use the control panel? Managed WordPress web hosts generally offer one-click configuration and can help get your website up and running faster.

What good is a service if you can’t figure out how to use it? When checking for reviews, make notes of what people say about how comfortable their service is to use.

There are many web management tasks as a website owner you need to complete. This includes:

  • Setting up redirects
  • Managing your SSL
  • Domain name management
  • Managing domain email addresses
  • Adding new applications, databases, or options to your website
  • Backup management
  • Upgrading or renewing your hosting or domain services

You don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out how to perform your daily, weekly, and monthly duties. Look for a provider that makes the process easy with an excellent interface.

Customer Service

Customer support image

Website owners have the luxury of working whenever they want on their website. If you’re up late at night working on your website and run across a problem, the last thing you want to do is wait until the morning for customer support. I mean, let’s be honest, whenever something on your website breaks, you want it fixed now.

It can be frustrating to watch your website remain nonfunctional as you sit there hopelessly trying to fix it.

Make sure the web host you choose has top-notch customer support available all hours of the day. Some companies offer multiple ways to get in touch, including phone, email, and live chat.


Along with a responsive customer service department, your web host should have resources for getting started. A reputable web host will have a comprehensive set of supporting documents, so see what the company offers.

Documentation could include using features offered in your package, domain management, account management, and fixing common errors. The amount of documentation provided varies by company, but all web hosts we will compare in this article have excellent documentation.

Web host documentation image

Account Limitations

It’s important to know the requirements your website needs before you choose a web host. Each company will have different account limitations — from storage to the amount of traffic your site receives. Can you upgrade your package or do you get charged if you exceed your limit?

Account limitations image

Did you know some web hosts can temporarily or permanently ban or discontinue your web hosting if your website uses excessive amounts of CPU processing?

Take your time to go through the terms and conditions so you know what you’re signing up for. If the company doesn’t provide clear terms of engagement such as suspension decisions being at the discretion of the company’s management, buyer beware.

Domain Management

You’re going to need a domain name for your website. What happens if you want to start a second website? Many web hosts offer packages that limit your usage to one account, while others provide multiple websites and domains.

Fees, Costs, and Variety of Plans

Most web host companies offer an enticing pricing deal during signup; however, renewal charges could more than triple after. Be sure to check the renewal charges after your discount period.

Many companies offer multiple packages — adding features and removing limitations as you get more expensive. This web host allows a beginner to get started with one package, and an agency can expand with another.

Additional Features

Additional features image

All web hosts offer the same service — to host your website and make it available for the world to access. Additional features such as a page builder, one-click installs, included email inboxes, all add value to their packages.

Page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder create fully-functional professional looking websites quickly, without having to know how to program. Many web hosts offer some page builders or one-click website builders.

Elementor features image

Jot down the features you would like and check out our comparison of the 10 fastest managed WordPress hosting companies to see which web host is right for you.

Top 10 Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a managed WordPress web host, we’ve hand-picked 10 of the fastest managed WordPress web hosts and will go over the plans available, features offered, and a review of their customer support.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround homepage screenshot

SiteGround is one of the most renowned names in web hosting. Providing everything from shared hosting, cloud hosting, and even managed WordPress hosting, this company has a package for everyone.

SiteGround strives for performance as well as creating a stable server environment and offers all of the features you need in a managed WordPress web host.

The company recently upgraded their systems to offer significant speed improvements for all hosting plans. 

Those upgrades include a new dynamic caching system that improves page loading speeds by between 50-100%, a new Brotli compression system that takes over from Gzip and a new SQL infrastructure for superfast query processing.

Users of the GrowBig and higher plans also get Ultrafast PHP for even more speed, up to 30% boost!

All these speed improvements demonstrate SiteGround’s dedication to delivering superb performance to all their customers.


SiteGround offers many features, which include:

  • A selection of web hosting packages ranging from cheap to expensive — depending on the features you need
  • Regular system upgrades including the new dynamic cache, SQL system and Brotli compression
  • Ultrafast PHP for GrowBig and higher plans
  • Friendly and effective 24/7 support
  • Fully managed servers
  • Create a WordPress starter site in minutes
  • Easy migration and professional transfer service on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans
  • Hardware located in the best data center facilities
  • Unique WordPress Auto installer for more straightforward setup
  • Auto update WordPress Core files and all of your plugins
  • WordPress SuperCacher for improving site performance
  • WordPress staging to quickly test out new features before live launch
  • Pre-installed WP-CLI comes to take the command line route to updates and multisite management


  • Officially recommended by
  • Autoinstall, auto-update, caching, and staging features at a very low price
  • Encrypt SSL for all plans
  • Also comes with Git, free PCI compliance (for e-commerce), WP-CLI pre-installed, and offers WordPress migration for no added cost
  • Proactive security team when it comes to security, they have an account isolation option, and they regularly patch security exploits, instead of just sitting back and waiting for a security release to come out
  • Offers Staging, SSD drives and includes CDN
  • Allows multiple websites on a single account, with 24/7 support
  • And free backup and restore features


  • SiteGround only supports Cloudflare CDN by default. If you want to use MaxCDN, a third-party plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Total Cache plugin are needed
  • Lack of cPanel may require learning a new back end system for some users

Plans Available

There are three plans available, all reasonably priced and full of features.

SiteGround managed WordPress hosting plans

Customer Support

SiteGround is known for its superior customer support available 24/7. There are three ways to get support — support tickets, live chat, and phone support.


StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
$14.99/month $24.99/month $39.99/month
10 GB storage 20 GB storage 30 GB storage
10,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month 100,000 visits/month
1 website Unlimited sites Unlimited sites

2. Hostinger

Hostinger hosting homepage

Hostinger offers rock-solid performance for WordPress websites. Boasting sophisticated platforms, Hostinger is a cheap web hosting provider that delivers superb web hosting services. Hostinger gives you everything you need to launch a website for the lowest price possible.

Hostinger specialises in low-cost plans packed with features, few restrictions, and WordPress-ready hosting and best for both WordPress developers and beginners. It offers fast and knowledgeable customer support.

Hostinger places very few limits on what you can do with your hosting environment, and it does not display ads on the WordPress sites that it is hosting. And this company confidently offered public information on the performance of its servers including uptime data.

For professionals or beginners, this WordPress Hosting is intuitive and conveniently simple to use. It offers LiteSpeed’s cache-engine, Cloudflare’s protection and SSL certificate for your WordPress site. Hostinger also automatically backs up your site real-time for any core or security updates available for WordPress, or any of its plugins.


  • cPanel administration for an easy to use user interface
  • Speedy solid-state hard drives for optimal performance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Website builder
  • 1-Click WordPress installations
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Superior speed performance
  • The latest tech and custom-built technology


  • Hostinger is really FAST
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Faster loading with the cache manager
  • Incredible benefits that increase speed
  • Excellent custom dashboard
  • Responsive support (they’re fun too!)
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited features
  • Great introductory price
  • They own the Zyro website builder
  • Affordable shared hosting plans
  • Good performance results for users who are based in the US and the UK.
  • Publicly-displayed server status


  • No daily backup
  • Not so quick response times for support
  • Lower performance results for users outside of the US and UK

Plans Available

If you’re strapped for cash, this is the cheapest option.

Hostinger pricing image

Customer Support

Hostinger provides customer service through its 24/7 support ticket system and via email. They have a solid knowledge base full of helpful information.


Single Premium Business Cloud
$9.99/mo $10.99/mo $15.99/mo From $9.99/mo
10 GB storage 20 GB storage 100 GB storage 100+ GB storage
100GB Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
1 website Unlimited sites Unlimited sites Unlimited sites

3. Kinsta

Kinsta site image

Last but not least is Kinsta. Kinsta performance-focused managed WordPress host that offers its users a fully managed service that includes free website migration and daily backups. It started as a high-end host for $100 per month plan but changed in late-2017 to a more accessible WordPress hosting at a lower price of about $30 per month.

Kinsta is built with an infrastructure designed for speed that allows you to get the most out of what you pay. Offering powerful tools with a user-friendly environment, Kinsta makes creating a WordPress website easy. Kinsta is so serious about their security that they offer a hack fix guarantee.

Kinsta has all the features needed from a managed WordPress host such as staging sites, automatic backups, server-level caching, and more. It is built on the Premium Tier of the Google Cloud Platform, allowing you to access Google infrastructures and 18 different data centers available on every content.

Kinsta is a smaller player compared to the other companies, but its high-quality hosting platform and WordPress-focussed hosting make it at par with the rest of the other WordPress hosting in this list.

Kinsta is more of a premium solution with a highly optimized platform, ready to take on a large number of visitors, performs automatic scaling, supports SSH, WP-CLI, Git, integrating a CDN, and many more features.


Kinsta offers many features, which include:

  • Next-gen infrastructure and technology for performance
  • Google-powered cloud platform
  • A variety of hosting packages that range from cheap to expensive
  • Secured servers designed with speed and performance in mind
  • Regular updates and daily backups
  • Free migration
  • Excellent documentation and customer support
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Custom hosting user-friendly dashboard.
  • Smart staging and automatic backup features.
  • Powered by the Premium Tier of Google Cloud Platform and includes the latest technologies like NGINX, PHP 7+, LXD containers, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and more.
  • Comes with KeyCDN credit and premium DNS from Amazon Route 53 for no extra cost.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Adds WordPress login hardening, uptime monitoring, and plenty of other essential security features.
  • Migrations from WP Engine or Flywheel id free and with no limit.


  • Incredible performance under scale, and make your website load fast.
  • The custom dashboard also makes it easy to manage your site, and the built-in features like staging and automatic backups are convenient.
  • Fast 24/7 support and help services with the Intercom chat widget.
  • Great Google Cloud Platform support, including the premium tier network.
  • 1440 daily uptime checks per site.
  • Automatically optimises the MySQL database for your WordPress website.
  • Free CDN for every plan.
  • Quick SSD storage.
  • Self-healing PHP.
  • Automatic scaling.
  • Supports SSH, WP-CPI, Let’s Encrypt, Git, etc.
  • Free website migrations and hack fixes.
  • Staging and cloning environment.


  • Not as affordable as other low-cost hosting like SiteGround, especially for multiple sites.
  • No phone support.
  • The cheapest plans have low monthly visit maximums.

Plans Available

There are plenty of packages available at Kinsta:

  • Starter – $30 per month or $300 annually
  • Pro – $60 per month or $600 annually
  • Business 1 – $100 per month or $1,000 annually
  • Business 2 – $200 per month or $2,000 annually
  • Business 3 – $300 per month or $3,000 annually
  • Business 4 – $400 per month or $4,000 annually
  • Enterprise 1– $600 per month or $6,000 annually
  • Enterprise 2 – $900 per month or $9,000 annually
  • Enterprise 3 – $1,200 per month or $12,000 annually
  • Enterprise 4 – $1,500 per month or $15,000 annually

Customer Support

Kinsta offers an online messaging system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not offer phone support, but their customer service shines with their ticket system and chat channels.


Starter Pro Bus. 1 Bus. 2 Bus. 3 Bus. 4 Ent. 1 Ent. 2 Ent. 3 Ent. 4
$30/ mo $60/ mo $100/ mo $200/ mo $300/ mo $400/ mo $600/ mo $900/ mo $1,200/ mo $1,500/ mo
10 GB storage 20 GB storage 30 GB storage 40 GB storage 50 GB storage 60 GB storage 100 GB storage 150 GB storage 200 GB storage 250 GB storage
25,000 visits/mo 50,000 visits/mo 100,000 visits/mo 250,000 visits/mo 400,000 visits/mo 600,000 visits/mo 1 Million visits/mo 1.5 Million visits/mo 2 Million visits/mo 3 Million visits/mo
1 website 2 websites 5 websites 10 websites 20 websites 40 websites 60 websites 80 websites 120 websites 150 websites

4. Nexcess

Nexcess managed WordPress hosting

Another popular, managed WordPress web host is Nexcess a Liquid Web Company. Dedicated to bringing you the best service, their 250+ experienced administrators, technicians, and engineers are there to help. They’re famous for their Heroic Support, with swift response times and expert support staff.

They offer multiple web hosting packages that include managed WordPress hosting, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting.

Nexcess caters to users with multiple websites such as corporate agencies and online professionals. It’s a privately held company that owns three (3) data centers where they host their customers’ websites. This web host is in full control of its entire network.

Nexcess stopped offering shared hosting and focused on delivering high-end hosting for site and store owners with more complex needs. This is the type of company that is investing all its resources, time and energy in delivering a premium service to those with more complex hosting requirements and demanding expectations.


Nexcess offers many features, which include:

  • Incredibly fast managed WordPress hosting
  • High-performance servers with SSL included
  • Packages available to scale and grow your business — great for businesses
  • Automatic WordPress updates, backups and single-click backup restoration
  • Free migration
  • Beaver Builder Lite
  • 24/7/365 US-based Heroic Support from highly trained staff available via live chat, phone, and support tickets.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee. Unlike most other hosting companies, Nexcess promises 100% uptime.
  • Offers a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee for dedicated server customers.


  • Plans that you can use for 10 to 50 sites. For more sites, you will also be given a custom price.
  • Daily, automated website backups.
  • Staging areas to test your sites.
  • Free SSL.
  • Development tools including Git and SSH.
  • 24/7 professional customer support team that contacts you via chat, email, and phone.
  • A relatively reasonable monthly price to host 10 websites.
  • Speedy Hosting – with hosting plans that are optimized for quick page loads.
  • No Plugin Limits – Nexcess doesn’t ban any plugins.
  • Guaranteed 100% Uptime.
  • Heroic Support


  • Nexcess has some history with downtime issues.
  • No Shared Hosting.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Higher Costs – Nexcess hosting plans are more expensive, but you get what you pay for in quality of service and support.

Plans Available

With seven different tiers and the ability to pay monthly or annually, there are plenty of choices:

  • Spark – $19 per month or $190 annually
  • Maker – $79 per month or $790 annually
  • Designer – $109 per month or $1,090 annually
  • Builder – $149 per month or $1,490 annually
  • Producer – $299 per month or $2,990 annually
  • Executive – $549 per month or $5,490 annually
  • Enterprise – $999 per month or $9,990 annually

Customer Support

Nexcess employs highly-trained professionals to be available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you have. Support is available via phone, support tickets, and online chat. Phone calls have a 59-second initial response guarantee, live chat has a 59-second initial response guarantee, and the help desk support offers a 59-minute initial response guarantee.


Spark Maker Designer Builder Producer Executive Enterprise
$19/mo $79/mo $109/mo $149/mo $299/mo $549/mo $999/mo
15 GB storage 40 GB storage 60 GB storage 100 GB storage 300 GB storage 500 GB storage 800 GB storage
2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth 4 TB Bandwidth 5 TB Bandwidth 5 TB Bandwidth 10 TB Bandwidth 10 TB Bandwidth
1 website 5 sites 10 sites 25 sites 50 sites 100 sites 250 sites

5. Flywheel

Flywheel hosting homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for fast speeds, an excellent performance record, and outstanding support, Flywheel may be an excellent choice for you. Flywheel offers some tremendous free demo sites that allow you to have a website built in a few clicks, so you’re up and running in no time.

Flywheel is an excellent choice for non-developers, designers, small business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and all non-technical people in general, who want to launch a WordPress site with no interruptions.

The network infrastructure of Flywheel is optimized for speed, security, and scaling. Packages are feature-rich, you get free migrations and automated backups.

They offer an easy to use platform with a set of sleek workflow tools that are great for developers and agencies. The platform is designed to quickly and easily build, launch, and manage all of your WordPress sites.

The Flywheel support team is staffed mostly with designers with WordPress expertise. The pricing is very reasonable, and it scales up according to your needs.


  • Fast website speeds
  • Free website migrations
  • Automated backups
  • Free demo sites
  • Optimized for the WordPress platform
  • Create common themes and plugins as “starter sets” for future projects
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Nightly backups
  • Around the clock security
  • More intuitive SFTP


  • Faster page load, more scalability, and freedom to use whatever plugins you want.
  • Flywheel’s highly-qualified WordPress expert staff will take care of your every need and concern.
  • Ultra beginner-friendly interface and easy to use.
  • Data centers around the world.
  • Built-in caching and automatic backups.
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat.
  • Free SSL for all plans.
  • No overage charges policy.
  • Cheap pricing for beginners in using managed hosting.


  • Lacks support from popular plugins like WPEngines.
  • More expensive than shared hosting.
  • You need to learn a new dashboard or interface other than those you already use in your business website.
  • Additional server features can get expensive.
  • Phone support is no longer provided.

Plans Available

Plans start at $13 to $242 per month paid annually or $15 to $290 paid monthly, so you have plenty of options.

FlyWheel pricing image

Customer Support

Customer support for Flywheel can be reached 24/7/365 through phone, support tickets, live chat, or email. You can even send them a tweet for help.

Flywheel offers plenty of resources for learning everything from building a business to tips for increasing the speed of your WordPress site.


Tiny Starter Freelance Agency
$13/mo $25/mo $96/mo $242/mo
5 GB storage 10 GB storage 20 GB storage 50 GB storage
5,000 monthly visits 25,000 monthly visits 100,000 monthly visits 400,000 monthly visits
20GB Bandwidth 50GB Bandwidth 200GB Bandwidth 500GB Bandwidth
1 website 1 website 10 website 30 website

6. WP Engine

WPEngine site image

WP Engine is one of the most popular managed WordPress web hosts. They boast a robust in-house performance optimization, managed updates, and much more. Whether you’re looking for managed, dedicated, or cloud WordPress hosting services, WP Engine has you covered.

WP Engine price is a bit higher compared to other Managed Hosting providers as it emphasizes providing WordPress experts team support, fast loading times, and more secure servers.

WP Engine’s platform is designed around four pillars — agility, intelligence, performance, and integrations. It offers managed solutions that cater to both beginner-friendly and developer-friendly WordPress hosting. WP Engine’s in-house caching technology provides more speed and scalability options to make building a simple personal blog or a complex website more easily.

WP Engine includes a one-click backup and restores process with all hosting plans. WPEngine will scan and monitor for hacking attempts, and fix your hacked website for free.


WP Engine offers many features, which include:

  • Free SSL certificate and content delivery network ready.
  • Highly redundant system and robust technology structure
  • Free automated migration to WP Engine
  • Daily backups, threat detection, and firewall protection
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Flexible hosting plans
  • Free WordPress themes and Genesis framework plugin
  • Staging area – It creates a duplicate copy of your live site, so you can test new themes and plugins before applying changes to your live site.
  • One-Click Restore Point – In case anything goes wrong with your site, theme, or plugins, you can use the one-click restore point to bring back your site to how they were when everything was working.
  • No cache plugins needed – WP Engine’s EverCache technology delivers and scales your WordPress at speed required by Google.
  • Free hacking scanning and fixing.


  • Easily add a CDN to your site for all plans with just one click, fantastic support for your WordPress site, extremely fast, and secure servers.
  • It uses EverCache to regularly scan your WordPress site for any hacking attempts and keeps your site safe and secure. No need for external caching plugins to secure your WordPress site.
  • Great scalability, free automated migration, 24/7 chat support and phone support.
  • Allows you to access the Genesis Framework and over 35 StudioPress WordPress themes for free.
  • Included SSL certificates.


  • More expensive compared to other managed WordPress hosting service provides.
  • It’s not flexible enough for your plugin department.
  • High excess costs of up to $1 per every 1000 visits.
  • High costs for add-ons like WordPress Multisite, geotargeting, and additional sites.

Plans Available

Plans start at $25 to $241 per month paid annually or $30 to $290 paid monthly, with plenty of packages to choose from.

WPEngine plans image

Customer Support

Knowledgeable customer support is available 24/7/365. A well-known name in the industry, WP Engine is a three-time Stevie Award Winner for best customer service. You can also check out their support center for a vast amount of information ranging from setting up a website to account management.


StartUp Growth Scale Custom
$25/month $95.83/month $241.67/month Custom
10 GB storage 20 GB storage 50 GB storage 100GB to 1TB storage
50GB Bandwidth/ month 200GB Bandwidth/ month 500GB Bandwidth/ month 400GB+ Bandwidth/ month
25,000 visits/month 100,000 visits/month 400,000 visits/month million visits/month
1 website 10 sites 30 sites 30 sites

7. GreenGeeks

greengeeks web hosting

GreenGeeks developed by experienced professionals, GreenGeeks is a unique and eco-friendly web hosting service with more than ten years in the business.   

Every data center server needs to be functioning 24/7 in secured and climate-controlled facilities. That requirement alone consumes a lot of energy. This green, stable, and competitive company brings eco-friendly web hosting to the next level. GreenGeeks committed to replacing thrice the energy they consume by purchasing wind energy credits back to the grid. What a heroic effort of lowering their carbon footprint to save planet Earth, right? But some call it a clever marketing strategy. No wonder GreenGeeks is a recipient of plenty of environmental awards. 


GreenGeeks offers many features, which include:

  • Unlimited SSD web space
  • Unlimited domains on one account
  • Free domain registration
  • Free site builder
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Free unlimited email accounts
  • Free CDN integration
  • Free nightly backups


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Commit 99.9% uptime
  • Free domain name for life
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Unlimited disk space & data transfer
  • Free data backup and restore
  • Unlimited web space
  • Free site migration service
  • Nightly automatic data backups
  • Fast servers (LiteSpeed using SSD, HTTP/2, PHP7, built-in caching + more)
  • Free SSL certificate & Cloudflare CDN
  • PowerCacher Technology
  • Hosting account isolation of servers
  • Real-time security scanning
  • Free SEO tools


  • No 24/7 phone support
  • Setup & domain fees aren’t refundable
  • Confusing (a bit misleading) pricing
  • No data centers in Asia

Plans Available

GreenGeeks plan starts from $10.95 per month.

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plans

Custom support

GreenGeeks guarantee 99% uptime for your WordPress website. If your not 100% satisfied you can avail of their 30 days money back guarantee. They provide Phone and Live Chat support and a 24/7 email tech support.


Unlimited Web SpaceUnlimited Web SpaceUnlimited Web Space
Unmetered Data TransferUnmetered Data TransferUnmetered Data Transfer
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites

8. Pressable

Pressable site image

Vid Luther founded pressable in 2010 after deciding to change the web host market by offering managed WordPress hosting solutions so website owners could focus on creating great content. They’re well-known for being one of the first and most well-established managed WordPress web host companies.

Pressable is formerly known as ZippyKid. It is a unique Managed Hosting platform and a self-rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Pressable builds its services from custom RackSpace hardware and receives highly satisfied clients and testimonials.

Automattic acquired Pressable after a few years of hosting WordPress websites. Automatic is the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of the WordPress software.

Pressable’s impressive infrastructure has been carefully optimized for the WordPress CMS and strives to deliver the fastest loading times without any downtime. They strive to put you first and go the extra mile.

Pressable plans include free WordPress website migrations that help you easily migrate your site hosted by a different provider to Pressable. You only need to sign-up. For manual site migration, Pressable also has its own WordPress migration plugin to simplify the process.

Pressable assigned a staff member once you sign up with their hosting service. This dedicated staff member will help you set up your account, start a new site or manage your migration.


Pressable offers many features, which include:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Personalized onboarding, including a free website migration
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Automatic malware scan and brute force attack protection
  • Easy to use account area
  • In-house CDN, storing your information around the world for faster loading times
  • Jetpack premium plan
  • Rackspace Hybrid cloud servers.
  • SFTP access, so your data is safe even while in transit.
  • SSL support for users to set up their shop and secure their customers.
  • Malware scanning and removal.


  • High-quality and reliable hosting service designed to cater specifically for businesses and developers.
  • It comes with malware detection and removal, SFTP, SSL, and CDN, etc.


  • On the pricier side of managed hosting providers and might not offer the most extensive plans for those with special hosting needs.

Plans Available

Pressable offers a risk-free 90-day guarantee on all plans. There are three tiers — Basic Use, Moderate Use, and High Volume Use — and three packages in each tier.

Pressable WordPress hosting plans

Customer Support

Pressable’s customer support access is limited based on the plan you purchase. Everyone has access to a 24/7 ticket support system, but you have to purchase a higher-tier package if you want access to their live chat support. They have a blog with articles on WordPress tips, tricks, and news.


Personal Starter Pro Premium
$25/mo $45/mo $90/mo $155/mo
20 GB storage 200 GB storage 30 GB storage 50 GB storage
30,000 monthly visits 50,000 monthly visits 150,000 monthly visits 400,000 monthly visits
unlimited Bandwidth unlimited Bandwidth unlimited Bandwidth unlimited Bandwidth
1 website 3 websites 10 websites 20 websites

9. Pagely

Pagely site image

Pagely is a managed WordPress web host that provides users with premium features, catering to developers and enterprise-level projects. This web host will cost more, but in return, you have a powerful web hosting package.

Pagely is a more developer-centred solution with its advanced and more complicated features. Pagely is now using Amazon’s servers, which gives them access to many of Amazon’s advanced features. It allows you to use features such as SSH, staging, Git integration, WP-CLI and more. You will also get the VPS power and privacy features.

Pagely put emphasis on your website’s security. It focused on making fast loading websites with great features such as automatic WordPress Core updates, plugin updates, daily backups, and a PressArmor custom WordPress security configuration to keep your site safe from hackers and attackers.

Pagely offers white-glove site migration of two websites for free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service.


Pagely offers many features, which include:

  • Entry-level to enterprise-level hosting packages
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Security to prevent backdoors, malware, and other malicious attacks
  • Great for entrepreneurs and agencies
  • Developer-friendly tools such as GIT, staging, and SSH
  • Automatic updates for WordPress Core and plugin.
  • Get millisecond load time with advanced Varnish caching.
  • Free reign on plugins.
  • Complete and real-time malware scanning and removal for your WordPress site, and protects you from redundant firewalls and DDoS.
  • PRESSCDN: This service starts at $9/month.


  • Feature-rich and security-focused Managed Hosting for your WordPress website.
  • Comes with PRESSCDN and varnish caching for faster site load times.
  • Real-time malware monitoring.
  • Advanced developer features.
  • Automated daily backups.
  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Great scalability.
  • You can use any plugin or theme on your website.
  • Supports a large number of sites for each plan.


  • More costly than some managed hosting providers.
  • The most expensive with a starting price of $199 / month.
  • Phone Support is not available on all plans.

Plans Available

Plans range from $199 per month for their VBurst-1 package to $2249 per month for their VPS-2+ [HA] package.

Pagely pricing image

Customer Support

To get support from Pagely, you can check out their online FAQ as well as their online messaging system.


Developer 1 Developer 2 Performance Performance+ Scale
$199/mo $299/mo $499/mo $999/mo From $2,500/mo
30GB storage 30 GB storage 50 GB storage 50 GB storage custom
20GB Bandwidth 50GB Bandwidth 200GB Bandwidth 300 GB Bandwidth custom
5 websites 15 websites 35 websites 60 websites custom

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Company

Out of the 10 web hosting companies we reviewed, Hostinger is the cheapest to get started. For $0.80 per month — $2.15 per month upon renewal — you can have one website, one email account, and 100 GB of bandwidth.

When it comes to overall value, we’d still recommend SiteGround. It’s cheap plans, amazing customer support, and blazing fast EVERYTHING is just what you need to get your site off the ground!

Wrapping It Up

When choosing a web host, don’t just look at the pricing — additional features, security, uptime, documentation, and ease of use all need to be considered.

The 10 web hosts we’ve compared here all offer a great value and features needed to get your WordPress website up and running. Which one will you choose?

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  1. You convinced me on investing on the best hosting company rather than investing on the cheaper ones but will not satisfy my needs. Good thing I haven’t subscribed yet to any hosting company. I will consider your recommendations. Do you have blogpost also about the best themes and plugins? I really need you advice for me to have a complete guide in making informed decisions about putting up my website.

  2. SiteGround is a popular option among my colleagues, now I clearly understand why. I was about to use Hostinger because it is cheap, but this article provided me more options. Thank you for this very extensive listing. I can see the effort you put in this one. Salute to the author.

  3. My friends are convincing me to use Pressable but it’s a bit pricy. I might consider using the first one on your list. do you have more posts about it? I really want to know more about it. Do you also have social media accounts where I can follow your posts and updates?

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  6. I would also mention Namesilo, because I use them personally and they have very low hosting prices. You should definitely check them out as well.

  7. For the ASEAN market, maybe can consider Exabytes too, their WordPress hosting plan is reasonable. They also are quite well-known in Malaysia & Indonesia.

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