1. Hiro Profile Pic

    I’ve used the reservation-based plugins listed here.
    However, they all provide only poor experience.

    That’s the best I’ve ever seen.

    The promotion is poor, but the features and UI/UX are great, and I think this is the best plugin that is considered for users from the admin panel.

    LatePoint – Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

    It’s a shame that it doesn’t work with WooCommerace.
    However, this was in the development plan, so maybe it will be added if it sells more.

  2. Austin Profile Pic

    Very comprehensive article!

    So, this is what it is, WordPress Booking Plugins. I guess I need one for my website. My clients will love this.

    Is Bulk Booking and Multiple Booking the same? Or Bulk Booking and Group Booking are the same? I am a bit confused. I know the difference between Multiple Booking and Group Booking.

    Thank you author for this article.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Austin,

      Glad that you liked the article. Regarding the query, Multiple Booking refers to booking multiple services while Bulk means purchasing some tickets together.

      And yes, Group Booking and Bulk booking are the same.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Ernesto, glad that you liked the article! 🙂

      Thanks for the tip, we shall see if we can do a features comparison in a separate article.

  3. Sinas Profile Pic

    The best plugins are here. Almost everything I need for a booking plugin are discussed in this article. I hope there is only one plugin that has it all, but I guess that can’t be. Your article will be my guide in choosing which is best for my website. I am learning a lot from you even just by looking at the comparison table, it says a lot of information Nice work on this post.

  4. jaypie Profile Pic

    I’m looking for a plugin that can manage multiple bookings and overlaps. I think I found it now. Thanks to this post, I can start my booking website now

  5. Yro Profile Pic

    I’m looking for a plugin that can manage multiple bookings and overlaps. I think I found it now. Thanks to this post, I can start my booking website now

  6. Kelly Profile Pic

    I’m looking for a mobile-friendly booking plugin for my website and you have given me a comprehensive list to choose from. Thank you for this. Now I have a better idea which plugin to use on my booking website.

  7. Peter Profile Pic


    Which booking plugin would allow two or three customers to book one tutor at the same time slot? This would allow each customer to pay less. It would also allow the teacher to be paid slightly more. Win-win for everyone!

    I want two or three people to have a class with the same instructor at the same time, within minimum human input. These people may not know each other, and may be from different cities and countries. How can I tie them together into the same group, at the same time, with the use of a bookings plugin?

    The use is for language classes online!

    Please advise 🙂

  8. Joe Fly Profile Pic


    Thanks For The Great Roundup Of the best Booking Plugin Here. I would Like to Add Here Please Add BookingPress WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin In Your List.

    It’s a Really powerful booking plugin as well as many features available in the premium version. None of the other booking plugins give this many features in their premium version.

    if you can add please add it so users can also get the benefits of this plugin.

    Thanks & Regards

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