1. Acel Profile Pic

    This solves my problem, really. I always have customers who abandoned their carts after hours of browsing my website. And there’s nothing I can do. Now I know how to reach them. This article really helps me. Thank you. Looking forward to more of your articles. Keep it up!

  2. Boniceli Profile Pic

    Do you have more articles about how to offer many channels of communication to address Customer Queries? I think this is what I really need. Thank you for the information. I’ll share this with my company and business partners. Keep up the good work.

  3. Riana Profile Pic

    I didn’t know that I can use my scarcity to my advantage and lower my cart abandonment rate. Great idea! Surely this will help me boost my sales and compensate for all the efforts I made to build this business. This article is worth reading. I’ll check for more articles on your website. Thanks for sharing

  4. France Profile Pic

    I agree with you. You really need to be upfront about any additional charges on your products.In my website, I always include all the charges and make sure nothing is hidden from my clients. It builds trust and generates more sales. It’s really a proven strategy. This article explains it well and many more things I can do to avoid cart abandonment. Very informative article. Great job.

  5. Daniel Profile Pic

    This article is full of ideas I can use for my website. I like how you explain each item. I want to learn more about the concept of “social proof”, I hope you have more articles about it or links. I also agree with all the suggestions. Thanks for this informative blog. Big help!

  6. Efren Profile Pic

    Well done!

    These are really powerful strategies to solve my cart abandonment problem. I’ve been searching for solutions and still can’t find one until I read your article. Here are the best solutions. I will definitely use these strategies.

    Thank you.

  7. GTechWeb_India Profile Pic

    Such a nice article!

    I think you’re right. You should be very clear about any added costs that come with your products. It makes people trust you and leads to more sales. It is a tried-and-true plan. This article explains it well and tells me a lot of other things I can do to keep people from leaving their carts. 

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