1. Casey Griffith Profile Pic
    Casey Griffith

    I thought it would be challenging to add coupon code functionality to my WooCommerce website. But you guys made it so easy for me. Thank You.

  2. Robert Ball Profile Pic

    Thanks for this guide. The basic WooCommerce coupon functionality is enough for me now.
    This article was very informative. 👍

  3. Heather Profile Pic

    I used to be able to add a start date for my coupon code but this is no longer an option now or am I missing something?

  4. SUNJOY GROUP Promo Codes & Coupon Profile Pic
    SUNJOY GROUP Promo Codes & Coupon

    Thanks for sharing the detailed information very informative blog. I’ve learned something new today, keep up the good work!

  5. Loïc Profile Pic

    Very helpful article that is not too pushy on the plugin. Thank you.

    But I wonder how I could change the display of the coupon on the product page.
    For instance, now there is a magnet in the corner of each product with a text that says “sale!”.
    How could I change that text and put the % of discount instead?
    Or how to strikethrough the existing price and show the discounted price with a different color?

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