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  2. Wojtek Profile Pic

    I have Agemcy licenses. I build store now on Shopify, but I was thinking of switching to WC and Elementor. I haven’t had a chance to look at closer. I know that WC need many add-one to work good. It is not free as people think. However I guess that in my case I can set up fully functional shop without need for additional paid plugins. Can you confirm please. Thanks.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic


      The need of plugins completely depends on what features and functionalities you wish to include on your website. If you wish to build a simple eCommerce store, you can do that using free resources too!

      In fact, take a look at the ready to use eCommerce website templates that we offer. The ones without the Agency tag can be imported and used for free since they are built using 100% FREE resources. 🙂

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      You can add social media links with Astra Widgets plugin. I am not sure if I understood what you mean by adding a subscription. Did you mean by the opt-in form that can add a user as a subscriber? If yes you can use subscription forms provided by any page builder or plugin. In case you need an advanced solution you can go for Convert Pro.

  3. Amanda Profile Pic

    Hey there my woocommerce widget cannot be found in my elementor page builder. Is there a setting that I’m missing?
    Thank you!

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Amanda,

      The WooCommerce widget comes in Elementor Pro. Can you please check whether you have the Pro version?

  4. Esther Roche Profile Pic

    I am using the Astra free theme, the Elementor Free plugin and Woocommerce free too.

    Sadly, I started setting up the Astra site with Elementor much earlier than installing WooCommerce. I use my own design. Since you say that the steps are precisely the other way round, (first install and configure WooCommerce, then set up the site with your free templates… is there anything I can do to avoid having to start from scratch? 🙁

    Also, I noticed that as soon as I activated WooCommerce (having Astra and Elementor previously active), the pages don’t look as I designed them. If I deactivate WooCommerce, everything looks fine.

    Thanks in advance for your response

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Esther,

      If you haven’t yet done so, could you please open up a ticket at our support center, so that we can take a closer look to see how things are set and help you better?

  5. Abdul Jabbar Khan Profile Pic
    Abdul Jabbar Khan

    Hello Team Astra !

    I am planning to buy Astra Pro for an e-commerce site. This is the first time, I would be designing an e-commerce site with card payment options. Does your team helps in integrating woo-commerce and other requisites?

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hi Abdul, sorry our support policy does not allow us in helping with integrating WooCommerce and other requirements. Most of the configurations have been covered in our knowledge base that can be referred to here.

  6. Ghulam Mustafa Pirzada Profile Pic
    Ghulam Mustafa Pirzada

    Is Elementor Pro included in Essential Toolkit and Business Toolkit of Astra.
    And can we integrate indian payment gateways on Indian e commerce stores . Please guide.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Ghulam, Elementor Pro is a plugin from another company hence not included in our plans. We are working on Checkout Plugins, currently we support Google Pay, if possible we shall support other payment gateways.

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