Last Updated 4 Jul 2024

17 Best WordPress Automation Tools to Save 100+ Hours/Week

Quick Summary ↪ We have tried and tested 17 WordPress automation plugins on our websites and SureTriggers is our favorite. It lets us connect our websites to hundreds of WordPress plugins, third-party tools, and partner websites. Keep reading to see how we came to this conclusion.

WordPress Automation Tools

We spend a lot of time performing repetitive tasks on our websites and wondered if automation would make it any easier.

We tried a number of WordPress automation tools to see whether they lived up to the hype.

We also wanted to know if they could actually save time and effort like they promise.

Here are some of the most common tasks we automated:

  • Exchanging data between our website and CRM tool.
  • Getting in touch with customers with an automated email.
  • Offering condition-based discount coupons.
  • Enrolling new customers into a SkillJet course.
  • Gathering data in Google Sheets when a user submits a form.

And so much more!

If you’re looking for your next automation tool, it could be one of these!

Top 3 WordPress Automation Plugins

We tried and tested all the leading WordPress automation plugins on our websites, and SureTriggers is our favorite.

It lets us connect to hundreds of WordPress plugins, third-party tools, and partner websites.

It’s not the only game in town though. We also rate Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP, so let’s see how they compare.

SureTriggersUncanny AutomatorAutomatorWP
Free Plan
Paid PlansStarts at $108/yearStarts at $149/yearStarts at $149/year
Automation BuildingDrag and drop visual builderDrag and drop visual builderTrigger-based actions
Webhooks and APISupports incoming webhooks and APIsLimited webhook supportAPI integration
Number of Integrations600+170+130+
Plugin CompatibilityIntegrates with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor and LearnDash.Compatible with most WordPress pluginsIntegrates with some popular plugins
Active Installs30,000+40,000+8,000+
Customer SupportEmail support, knowledge base, and documentationEmail support, knowledge base, and documentationEmail support, knowledge base, and documentation

We could add Zapier, but it doesn’t really specialize in WordPress automation. There are better alternatives than Zapier, too.

Here’s a list of WordPress automation plugins to help you save time and run your business more efficiently.

17 Top WordPress Automation Tools

Our team has hand-picked some of the best WordPress automation plugins.

We will discuss each plugin’s most powerful features, pros, cons, and who we think it’s best for.

SureTriggers [Best Overall]


SureTriggers is a powerful WordPress automation tool. It lets you connect your WordPress website to 600+ popular tools, plugins, and even partner websites.

SureTriggers Popular Features

  • No-code canvas builder: The intuitive visual automation builder offers a modern user interface and allows you to create workflows in minutes. Drag and drop triggers and actions onto the canvas to create workflows without coding.
  • Integrate with popular WordPress plugins and tools: SureTriggers integrates with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, FluentCRM, CartFlows, and more. It also integrates with web apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, and Notion.

This wide range of integration unlocks millions of automation possibilities to run your online business smoothly.

  • Build complex automations with ease: Advanced features like delays, scheduling, conditional branches, filters, and data formatters make it easy to create multi-step automations.

SureTriggers allows you to automate tasks right from the WordPress dashboard. No need to switch between multiple interfaces when creating automations!

We covered everything you need to know about SureTriggers in our SureTriggers review. Be sure to check it out!

SureTriggers Pros and Cons

✅ No-code visual automation builder.❌ No self-hosted option yet.
✅ Cloud platform hosts and executes automations, keeping your website fast and lean.
✅ Create up to 1000 tasks per month with the free plan.
✅ Pre-built automation templates.
✅ Customize automations with schedule, delay, conditions, and more.
✅ 600+ integrations with popular tools, plugins, and websites.

SureTriggers Pricing

SureTriggers offers 3 monthly plans to suit different needs.

FreeFreeConnect 1 WordPress website, create 1000 tasks/month, build 5 workflows, 600+ app integrations, pre-built automation templates, webhooks, and more.
Pro$9/monthConnect 5 WordPress websites, create 5000 tasks/month, build unlimited workflows, 600+ app integrations, pre-built automation templates, webhooks, multi-step workflows, premium apps, and more.
Business$19/monthEverything in the Pro plan, plus connect unlimited WordPress websites, data logs for up to 30 days, add 10 organization members, priority support, API integrations, and more.

We think SureTriggers is a better and more affordable Zapier alternative if you are looking for all the amazing automation features.

Check out this video to learn how to get started with SureTriggers.

Uncanny Automator [Best for Basic Automations]


Uncanny Automator is a go-to plugin for automating WordPress tasks. It empowers you to create dynamic workflows by connecting various WordPress plugins, sites, and apps without having to code.

It uses the familiar trigger and action methodology and can help with many everyday tasks you’ll be familiar with if you work with WordPress.

Uncanny Automator Popular Features

  • No-code automation: Users love the ability to create “recipes” or automations that trigger actions when certain events happen. However, you do not get any pre-built automations.
  • Integrations: Integrates with 170+ popular WordPress plugins and apps like WooCommerce, LearnDash, MemberPress, SeedProd, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. You can also connect with 1000+ external apps via Zapier.
  • Offers common triggers: Supports common WordPress triggers like page views, comments, logins, and post-publishing. Using these triggers, you can execute actions such as sending emails, creating posts, and adding user roles.

Uncanny Automator puts no limitations on how many automations you can create or tasks you can complete.

Uncanny Automator Pros and Cons

✅ Integration with OpenAI.❌ Connects with only 1 WordPress website in the Basic plan.
✅ No-code automation builder is very easy to use.❌ Outdated interface.
❌ Too many limitations with the free plan.
❌ No monthly payments. Yearly plans only.
❌ Not much of an upgrade from the Plus to the Elite plan.

Uncanny Automator Pricing

Uncanny Automator offers a free plan and three premium options.

FreeFree foreverBasic triggers and actions for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Automator.
Basic$149/yearConnect 1 website, no-code automation builder, 1-click app integrations, unlimited recipes and app credits, 1000+ triggers and actions.
Plus$249/yearEverything in the Basic plan, plus connect 10 websites, multi-site support, addons for custom user fields, restrict content and user lists.
Elite$399/yearSame as the Plus plan. However, this plan lets you connect with 50 websites.

🔔Uncanny Automators offers savings on the first year of all its plans. All renewals are at full price.

AutomatorWP [Best for Basic Triggers and Filters]


AutomatorWP is another popular WordPress automation plugin that enables you to create automated workflows using a simple “trigger” and “action” system.

It can connect your website with different WordPress plugins, sites, and apps and automate a variety of tasks.

AutomatorWP Popular Features

  • Drag and drop automation builder: The drag and drop automation builder lets you create automations linked to WordPress activities. Send automated personalized emails, add user tags, enroll students in courses, and more.
  • Multiple triggers and automations: AutomatorWP is highly customizable, with 200+ triggers, actions, and filters to choose from to build complex automations. It has a simple visual builder to configure them.
  • Integrations and add-ons: AutomatorWP integrates with 130+ tools and plugins like ActiveCampaign, AffiliateWP, Airtable, Ekementor, Google Calendar, HubSpot, and others.

For example, if you sell courses via LearnDash, you can create a separate automation for students and a separate one for site visitors.

AutomatorWP lacks advanced automation features, but it can get the job done.

Also, due to a lack of integration, you might have to rely on Zapier or Make to integrate more platforms into WordPress.

AutomatorWP Pros and Cons

✅ Drag and drop builder❌ No savings on the 1-year plan.
✅ Basic triggers and actions for email marketing.❌ Outdated user interface.
✅ Create scheduled recurring automations.❌ Relatively more expensive than other WordPress automation plugins.
❌ Limited integrations. You’ll have to rely on paid addons.

AutomatorWP Pricing

AutomatorWP offers 4 plans to choose from. There are no pay monthly plans.

FreeFreeBuild simple automations with basic actions and triggers.
Personal Pass$149/yearAccess to all addons, connect up to 2 websites, 1 addon for all pro features, and 1 year of support and updates.
Professional Pass$249/yearSame as Personal, connect up to 10 websites.
All Access Pass$499/yearSame as Professional Pass, connect unlimited websites.

Retainful [Best for Email Marketing Automation]


If you run a WooCommerce business, you’ll understand the frustration of abandoned carts. Retainful helps you recover them with automated email campaigns.

It also helps you send targeted, personalized emails and track users with real-time analytics.

Retainful Popular Feature

  • Automated emails: Create multiple email sequences for your WooCommerce store. Automate emails for abandoned cart recovery, order follow-up, win-back campaigns, thank you and welcome emails, and more.
  • Dynamic coupons and popups: You can create cart popups that show up and capture the buyer’s email as early as possible. You can also set up exit intent popups to prevent cart abandonment and coupons to increase conversions.
  • Drag and drop visual editor: Retainful offers a visual automation builder with a drag and drop interface. You can add delays, conditions, and actions based on customer and order properties.

Retainful connects with popular email marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, MailerLite, Klaviyo, Sendinblue, and others.

Retainful Pros and Cons

✅ Send up to 500 emails/month with the free plan❌ You can only build up to 25 automation workflows, even with the highest plan.
✅ Pre-built email templates and email sequences.❌ Active popup forms limited to 25.
✅ No limitations on email campaigns, audience lists, and customer segmentation.❌ Live chat support is not available for the Essential plan.
❌ Monthly prices increase as your contact list grows.

Retainful Pricing

Retainful offers a varied pricing plan charged according to your contact list. Here are the monthly fees for a list of 1000 to 2000 contacts.

Free$0Abandoned cart recovery, 1 automation workflow, up to 300 contacts, 500 emails/month, pre-built templates, and email support.
Essential$14/monthUnlimited email campaigns, audience lists, and segmentations. Send up to 20,000 emails/month, 1 active form, 1 automation workflow.
Starter$19/monthEverything in the Essential plan, plus 10 active forms and automations, add up to 3 users and a dedicated onboarding specialist.
Growth$49/monthEverything in the Starter plan, plus 25 active forms and automations, add up to 6 users, a dedicated onboarding specialist and personalized onboarding.

CartFlows [Best for Automating Sales Funnels]


CartFlows is a popular WordPress sales funnel builder specifically built for WooCommerce stores.

It lets you create unlimited sales funnels with pre-built templates, send cart recovery emails, supports Google autocomplete and other smart eCommerce tools.

CartFlows Popular Features

  • One-click upsells/downsells: Boost your AOV by offering one-click upsell and downsells. You can even perform conditional upsells and downsells.
  • Order bumps: Show one-click order bumps on your checkout page. Buyers can simply click and add the product to their cart.
  • Pre-built templates: Offers fully customizable conversion-boosting templates for landing, opt-in, checkout, and thank you pages.

CartFlows Pros and Cons

✅ Drag and drop editor for funnel building.❌ Only for WooCommerce.
✅ Checkout editor to customize the WooCommerce checkout page.❌ Upsells, downsells, order bumps, and A/B testing features are unavailable in the Starter plan.

CartFlows Pricing

CartFlows offers 3 paid plans. There is no free trial, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Starter$99/yearCreate unlimited sales funnels on 1 website, store checkout optimization, free plugins, and premium support.
Plus$189/yearUnlock advanced sales funnel features (upsells, downsells, order bumps), create unlimited sales funnels on up to 10 websites,
Pro Bundle$299/yearEverything in the Plus plan, unlimited funnels on 30 websites, access premium plugins, advanced automation features, and A/B test funnels.

🔔 Want to know more about CartFlows? Read our complete CartFlows review.

Zapier [Best for Connecting SaaS Platforms]


Zapier is the most popular workflow automation tool on the internet. It connects your website and online store to 7000+ third-party apps, including Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Notion, and others.

It has a lot going for it but can be expensive and difficult to use. It has thousands of integrations though.

Zapier Popular Features

  • Create multi-step Zaps: Premium users can create multi-step Zaps (automated workflows). Thousands of triggers and actions are available to create unlimited automations.
  • Use webhooks: Connect to more than 7000+ apps via webhooks.
  • AI chatbots: Zapier’s AI-powered chatbots allow you to build and automate customer conversations in minutes, answering questions, resolving issues, and nurturing leads.

Zapier Pros and Cons

✅ Connects with 7000+ apps.❌ Steep learning curve for beginners.
✅ Intuitive drag and drop editor to create automations, web pages, forms, and basic apps.❌ Forces you to buy addons to unlock advanced features.
✅ Offer AI chatbots to automate customer conversations.❌ More focused on SaaS platforms than WordPress websites.

Zapier Pricing

Below are the Zapier plans. If you pay annually, you can save up to 33%.

FreeFree foreverZapier automation platform, unlimited zaps, 2-step automations, and AI power-ups.
Professional$19.99/monthEverything in the Free plan, and multi-step zaps, unlimited premium apps, webhooks, and email support.
Team$69/monthEverything in the Professional plan, and unlimited users, shared workspaces, shared app connections, premium support, and an SSO addon.
EnterpriseContact for pricingEverything in the Team plan, and advanced app controls, admin permissions, annual task limits and designated technical support.

There are separate free and paid plans for addons like Tables, Interfaces, and Chatbots.

FunnelKit Automations [Best for WooCommerce Automations]


FunnelKit Automations is an automation plugin specifically made for WooCommerce stores.

It lets you create automated email sequences for cart abandonment recovery, welcoming new users, post-purchase follow-up sequences, and a whole lot more.

FunnelKit Automations Popular Features

  • Visual automation builder: Offers a visual drag and drop workflow builder so you can create multi-step automations.
  • Condition-based workflows: Create ultra-personalized email campaigns based on conditions such as product purchased, total AOV or repeat customers.
  • CRM Database: FunnelKit Automations acts as your CRM, too. It lets you store customer data, create in-depth customer profiles, tag users and create lists for broadcast campaigns.

FunnelKit Automations Pros and Cons

✅ Store and manage unlimited contacts.❌ Only for WooCommerce stores.
✅ Create automated workflows for WooCommerce activities.❌ The Automations feature is only available with Professional and Elite plans.
✅ Customizable pre-made templates for emails.
✅ Segment customers with tags and lists to send personalized broadcast emails.

FunnelKit Automations Pricing

FunnelKit Automations has two price plans.

Automations$99.50/yearUse on 1 website, automations, contact profile, analytics, broadcast, integrations.
Automations + Funnel Builder
$249.50/yearEverything in the Automations plan and funnel builder, upsells, modern checkout pages, A/B testing and order bumps.

HubSpot [Best for CRM]


HubSpot is a popular all-in-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for businesses.

It offers a free WordPress plugin to manage contacts, automate email marketing, use live chat and forms, and offer actionable analytics.

HubSpot Popular Features

  • CRM and contact management: Stores all customer data in one place, providing a 360-degree view.
  • Email marketing: Create and send newsletters, automate email campaigns, and track engagement.
  • Forms and lead capture: Helps you build custom forms or link existing forms to capture leads.

HubSpot Pros and Cons

✅ OpenAI integration for generating blog posts, sales copy, website content and emails.❌ Steep learning curve for beginners.
✅ Wide range of CRM and marketing features.❌ Works best with other HubSpot tools.
✅ In-depth analysis of contact interactions.❌ Essential features like SEO, lead scoring, and landing pages only available with paid plans.
✅ Automates customer service with AI chatbots.❌ Paid plans costlier than other WordPress automation tools.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is free to use and powered by its free CRM.

Fees will depend on the product you choose. For more details, please visit HubSpot’s pricing page.

Rank Math SEO [Best for SEO]


Rank Math SEO is one of the most popular AI plugins for WordPress for SEO. It lets you optimize blog posts, content and landing pages to rank on search engines.

Rank Math SEO is best for content marketers, bloggers, and website owners who want to improve their search rankings with powerful keyword analysis and AI-powered content.

Rank Math SEO Popular Features

  • SEO automation: Simplifies SEO tasks, including image optimization, managing redirects, and tracking rankings.
  • SEO analysis: The built-in SEO Analyzer tool evaluates your site’s SEO settings and offers recommendations for improvement.
  • Google Schema markup: Easily configure Google Schema Markup (rich snippets). Supports 16 types, including FAQ and How To schemas.

Rank Math SEO Pros and Cons

✅ Wide range of AI-powered SEO and content optimization features.❌ Slow customer support.
✅ Offers a lot of features even with the free plan.❌ Limited usage of content AI with paid SEO suite plans.
✅ Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor website traffic.❌ In some cases, the test scores and guidelines do not align with Google’s ranking factors.
✅ Google Keyword Rank Tracker to monitor keyword rankings

Rank Math SEO Pricing

Free$0/monthSEO analytics, Google Index status, Rank Tracker, integration with GA and GSC and advanced schema features.
Pro$6.99/monthUse on unlimited personal websites, 5K content AI credits, track up to 1,000 keywords.
Business$20.99/monthUse on up to 200 client websites, 12K content AI credits, track up to 20,000 keywords.
Agency$49.99/monthUse on up to 750 client websites, 30K content AI credits, track up to 75,000 keywords.

🔔 Renewal prices are significantly higher after the initial annual plan.

Popup Builder by OptinMonster [Best for Lead Generation]


OptinMonster is a well-known WordPress popup builder and lead generation tool. It enables you to create eye-catching popup campaigns to expand your email list and increase conversions.

It’s a well-known platform that offers a lot of marketing tools for WordPress site owners.

Popup Builder by OptinMonster Popular Features

  • Wide variety of exit-intent popups: Use popups (lightbox, floating bar, slide-in) to engage visitors before exiting your websites.
  • Personalized targeting: Create personalized popup campaigns based on user interests, geographical locations, and past actions.
  • Geo-targeting: Display special offers and promotions based on user location.

Popup Builder by OptinMonster Pros and Cons

✅ 700+ pre-built popup templates.❌ No free plan.
✅ Integrates with major email marketing services and CRMs.❌ Advanced features like behavior automation, geo-targeting, and smart tags, are only available in the Growth plan.
✅ Various types of popups are supported.❌ Popups show the OptinMonster badge in the Basic and Plus plans.
✅ Advanced triggers and targeting options for personalization.

Popup Builder by OptinMonster Pricing

Basic$9.97/monthUse on 1 website, 2,500 page views, all types of popups, page-level targeting, CRM integrations.
Plus$19.97/monthEverything in the Basic plan, use on 2 websites, 10,000 page views, more integrations, advanced targeting rules, and advanced features like A/B testing, device targeting, and content locking.
Pro$29.97/monthEverything in the Plus plan, use on 3 websites, 25,000 page views, pro integrations, pro targeting rules, pro features like countdown timers, multi-step campaigns, and mobile-specific campaigns.
Growth$49.97/monthEverything in the Pro plan, use on 5 websites, 100,000 page views, eCommerce integrations, growth targeting rules, and growth features like coupon wheel and scratch n’ win campaigns.

Tidio [Best for Live Chat Automation]


Tidio enables websites and online stores to create a seamless customer experience. It offers live chat, chatbots, the Lyro AI chatbot, and multi-channel communication.

Tidio acts as a robust helpdesk solution by managing all customer messages in one place. This makes it a useful WooCommerce plugin for business management.

Tidio Popular Features

  • AI chatbot: Lyro AI chatbot that can answer up to 70% of customer questions and perform repetitive tasks.
  • Advanced live chat options: Live chat with the ability to preview carts, check order history, and recommend products directly in the chat.
  • Route queries appropriately: Ability to route conversations to the right agent with the Departments feature.

Tidio Pros and Cons

✅ Lyro AI chatbot answers up to 70% of customer queries.❌Tidio+ upgrade needed to handle more than 300 conversations with the Lyro AI chatbot.
✅ Pre-built chatbot strategies to boost sales and customer experience.❌ Separate addon plans for Lyro AI chatbot and Flows.
✅ Manages all customer messages in one place.❌ Starter plan can handle only 100 customer service conversations.
✅ Free Android and iOS apps.❌ Growth plan varies according to the number of conversations.

Tidio Pricing

Free$0/monthUp to 50 conversations, live chat, ticketing, and social media integrations.
Starter$24.17/monthEverything in the free plan, and up to 100 conversations, basic analytics, live visitors list, operating hours, and live chat support.
Growth$49.17/monthEverything in the Starter plan, and up to 2,000 conversations, advanced analytics, Tidio power features, no Tidio branding.
Tidio+$749/monthEverything in the Growth plan, and custom branding, multisite, Open API, multi-language conversations.
Enterprise$2999/monthEverything in the Tidio+ plan, and unlimited quota, analysis and monitoring, super admin role, and Lyro as a managed service.

TrustPulse [Best for Social Proof]


TrustPulse is a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and social proof plugin that displays real-time user activity notifications on your website.

Notifications, such as recent purchases, signups, or downloads, create a sense of urgency and social validation, encouraging visitors to take action.

TrustPulse Popular Features

  • Custom FOMO notifications: Create beautiful FOMO popups with custom messages, colors, and images.
  • Smart targeting: Show notifications to specific audience segments for maximum impact.
  • “On Fire” notifications: Show the number of users taking a particular action in a given period of time.

TrustPulse Pros and Cons

✅ Boosts conversions by up to 15%❌ The Basic plan shows popups to only 1500 unique visitors/month.
✅ Custom popups for on-brand experience.❌ Cannot remove the TrustPulse branding in the Basic and Plus plans.
✅ Works on mobile and desktop devices.❌ WooCommerce users are forced to buy either Pro or Growth plans.
✅ Smart targeting and actionable insights.❌ Requires a paid TrustPulse account to use the plugin (starts at $5/month)

TrustPulse Pricing

Basic$5/month1 website, 1,500 unique visitors/month, unlimited recent activity and on-fire campaigns, design and effect customizations.
Plus$10/month2 websites, 10,000 unique visitors/month, unlimited campaigns, all design and effect customizations, mobile device targeting.
Pro$19/monthEverything in the Plus plan, 5 websites, 25,000 unique visitors/month, WooCommerce integration, advanced tagging and controls.
Growth$39/monthEverything in the Pro plan, 10 websites, 100,000 unique visitors/month, custom layout controls, and sub-accounts.

Smash Balloon [Best for Social Media Integration]


Smash Balloon helps you integrate social media feeds with your business website. It is one of the most popular WordPress automation tools since it is used by over 1.75 million users.

If you’re trying to leverage social, this plugin helps you share new content, highlight special offers and generally engage with your audience.

Smash Balloon Popular Features

  • Display social media feeds: Display customizable social media feeds seamlessly from various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), and Facebook.
  • Social Wall: Combines all your social media channels into one stunning social media wall.
  • SEO friendly: Embeds content directly on your web page instead of using iframes. This way, your pages load independently of the embedded social media channels.

Smash Balloon Pros and Cons

✅ Easy to set up.❌ No Pinterest integration.
✅ Integrates with popular GDPR-consent plugins.❌ May require some CSS customization.
✅ Optimized for SEO and fast loading.
✅ Intelligent feed caching and a robust backup system.

Smash Balloon Pricing

You can buy plans for individual social media platforms for between $49 and $199 per platform.

However, Smash Balloon offers an All Access Bundle at $299/year. This will let you integrate all the social media platforms, on unlimited websites, create a Social Wall, and get all future updates and priority support.

RafflePress [Best for Giveaways]


RafflePress is a popular WordPress giveaway plugin that helps you boost your website traffic, email list, and social media followers with viral contests.

It features powerful automation tools, pre-built contest templates, and a drag and drop builder.

RafflePress Popular Features

  • Automated workflows: Automatically adds contest entrants to email lists, sends follow-up messages, and shares updates on social media.
  • Goal-based giveaway templates: Get faster results with pre-built contest templates. Templates are inspired by the most successful online contests and giveaways.
  • Tracking and reporting: Provides detailed performance monitoring to optimize giveaways.

RafflePress Pros and Cons

✅ Drag and drop giveaway builder❌ Beginners might feel overwhelmed with the interface
✅ Proven pre-built contest templates❌ The free plan has a lot of limits.
✅ Boost referrals with viral sharing
✅ Integrates with popular CRM and marketing tools.

RafflePress Pricing

Plus$39.50/yearUse on 1 website, time controls, multiple prizes, email verifications, notifications, prize image gallery, design options.
Pro$99.50/yearEverything in the Plus plan, 3 websites, email integrations, polls and surveys, mandatory actions, repeat actions.
Growth$199.50/yearEverything in the Pro plan, 20 websites, viral sharing, entries report, Facebook login, Zapier integrations.
(one time)
Lifetime plan. Offers all the features and is usable on unlimited websites.

PushEngage [Best for Push Notifications]


PushEngage helps you drive traffic, boost engagement, and improve conversions by sending timely push notifications.

Notifications can engage or re-engage website visitors whether they use mobile or desktop, even when they are not on your website.

PushEngage Popular Features

  • Automated campaigns: Set up automated drip campaigns for push notifications based on user behavior.
  • Advanced analytics: Gain insights into notification performance, including subscriber growth and conversion rates.
  • eCommerce integration: Integrates with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce for abandoned cart reminders and inventory alerts.

PushEngage Pros and Cons

✅ Condition-based automated drip campaigns.❌ Use it on 3 websites only. (Unlimited websites in the Enterprise plan.)
✅ Advanced reports and analytics.❌ No A/B testing or drip autoresponders in the Business plan.
✅ Seamless integration with popular tools and platforms.❌ Prices increase as you pass 1,000 subscribers.
✅ All core features are available in the free plan.

PushEngage Pricing

Free$0/monthUse on 1 website, web push campaigns, Android and iOS mobile app push, 30 campaigns, 200 subscribers.
Business$9/monthEverything in the Free plan, 1 website, up to 50k subscribers, standard features, personalization options, performance analytics.
Premium$19/monthEverything in the Business plan, 2 websites, up to 100k subscribers, advanced features, advanced personalization options, advanced analytics, account management.
Growth$39/monthEverything in the Premium plan, 3 websites, up to 250k subscribers, automation features, account management, VIP support.
EnterpriseCustom pricingUnlimited websites, campaigns, and subscribers, custom contracts, quotes, and segment allocation, enterprise support, campaign assistance.

WPForms [Best for WordPress Forms Automations]


WPForms is a form builder plugin for WordPress websites. It lets you create custom forms for contact, lead generation, surveys, payments, and anything you can think of.

It comes with pre-built templates and integrates with various CRM and marketing tools.

WPForms Popular Features

  • Drag and drop builder: Create complex forms easily without coding.
  • Pre-built templates: Start quickly with 100+ templates for contact forms, surveys, payment forms, and other form types.
  • Automation: Connect with other plugins, like SureTriggers to automate workflows, such as adding submissions to email lists or triggering actions.

WPForms Pros and Cons

✅ No-code visual automation builder.❌Requires a self-hosted WordPress website.
✅ Responsive forms that work perfectly on all devices.❌ Free version has a lot of limitations.
✅ 100+ pre-built form templates.
✅ Integrates with popular automation plugins.

WPForms Pricing

Basic$49.50/yearUse on 1 website, all essential features, basic customizations, and standard support.
Plus$99.50/yearEverything in the Basic plan, 3 websites, marketing integrations, form automations, and standard support.
Pro$199.50/yearEverything in the Plus plan, 5 websites, accept payments, advanced form options and automations, conversion tools, advanced add-ons, and priority support.
Elite$299.50/yearEverything in the Pro plan, usable on unlimited websites, premium integrations, site management, and premium support.

All paid plans offer unlimited forms, submissions, and users.

UpdraftPlus [Best for Backup Automation]


UpdraftPlus is a backup automation plugin that stores website backups periodically. It backs up your WordPress files, plugins, databases, and themes.

You can use the backups to restore or migrate WordPress websites, make copies of sites, and ensure you’re always protected.

UpdraftPlus Popular Features

  • Backup and restore: Automatically backup and restore WordPress files, databases, plugins, and themes manually or on a schedule.
  • Remote storage: Supports cloud storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and OneDrive, providing secure offsite backup storage.
  • Migration and cloning: Effortlessly migrate or clone your site to a new host or domain.

UpdraftPlus Pros and Cons

✅ Comprehensive backup and migration solution.❌ Advanced remote storage options are available only with premium plans.
✅ Wide range of remote storage options for backups.
✅ Automatic backups before core updates.
✅ Intuitive interface.

UpdraftPlus Pricing

(2 websites)
Automatic backups, more storage options, migration options, 1GB integrated storage, 1 UpdraftClone token.
(10 websites)
Everything in the Personal plan, 2 UpdraftClone tokens.
(35 websites)
Everything in the Business plan, 5 UpdraftClone tokens.
(unlimited websites)
Everything in the Agency plan, 10 UpdraftClone tokens.
(unlimited websites)
Manage unlimited number of websites with UpdraftCentral Cloud, 10 UpdraftClone tokens, and 50GB UpdraftVault storage.

What We Look for in a WordPress Automation Tool

We don’t know about you, but we consider a few characteristics when choosing a WordPress tool:


Ensures the tool has the features you need to automate specific tasks, such as email marketing, social media posting, or CRM integration.

A tool with extensive functionality can address a wide range of requirements.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly tool allows you to set up and manage automations without extensive technical knowledge, which saves time and reduces learning curve.


Ensures the tool can seamlessly connect with your existing WordPress plugins, third-party apps, and services.

Good integration enhances workflow efficiency and data synchronization.


Provides the flexibility to tailor the tool to your specific needs, allowing you to create bespoke automations that fit your needs.


Allows the tool to grow with your business. A scalable tool can handle increased automation tasks and more complex workflows as your needs expand.

Support and Documentation

Access to reliable customer support and comprehensive documentation helps you troubleshoot issues and make the most of the tool’s features.


Helps you choose a tool that fits within your budget while offering good value for the features provided.

Performance Impact

Ensures the tool does not significantly slow down your website. A lightweight tool maintains your site’s speed and performance, improving user experience and SEO.


Ensures the tool follows best security practices to protect your data and your site from vulnerabilities.

Security is crucial for maintaining user trust and complying with regulations.

User Reviews and Ratings

Provides insights into other users’ experiences, helping you gauge its reliability, performance, and support quality.

Reviews can highlight potential issues or advantages you might not have considered.

Updates and Maintenance

Ensures the tool is regularly updated to fix bugs, add new features, and maintain compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

Regular updates indicate ongoing developer support.

Trial Period or Demo

A trial period or demo helps you assess whether the tool meets your needs and integrates well with your existing setup.


We discussed some of the most popular WordPress automation tools we know of in this list. Each excels in one way or another, but one tool stands out – SureTriggers.

SureTriggers is easy to use, uses a simple drag and drop automation builder, and helps you automate all kinds of repetitive tasks.

It integrates with 600+ tools and plugins and is much more affordable than Zapier.

Now, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Which automation tool is your favorite? What tasks do you wish to automate with a WordPress automation plugin?

WordPress Automation Tool FAQs

What is an automation tool for WordPress?

WordPress automation tools allow you to connect your websites to various plugins, apps, tools, and websites using an automated workflow.

Can you automate WordPress?

Yes, you can automate WordPress tasks and activities using automation plugins like SureTriggers.

Is Uncanny Automator free or pro?

Uncanny Automator offers both a free version and a paid version. The free version includes many popular integrations, triggers, and actions. The paid version adds advanced features like delays, scheduling, conditions and user creation.

What is the most famous tool for integrating a 3rd party tool into WordPress?

Uncanny Automator is the most famous automation tool. However, its outdated interface and limited integrations limit your automation possibilities. Instead, try SureTriggers, which offers an intuitive drag and drop builder and integrates with 600+ tools.

Article by
Abhijeet Kaldate


Abhijeet Kaldate is the co-founder and CRO of Brainstorm Force. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for getting things done, Abhijeet oversees the company's operations, managing key areas such as HR, marketing, design and finance.

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

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