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14 Best Yoga Websites: Web Design Inspirations for Studios and Teachers

Quick Summary ↪ This post outlines nine essential elements every yoga website should include, such as a clear class schedule, an informative about section, teaching philosophy, and client testimonials. You’ll find 14 exemplary yoga websites for inspiration. Whether you're starting out or expanding a studio, we recommend using Astra to create a visually appealing yoga website.

Yoga Websites example

Are you a new yoga teacher looking to get your first client? Or perhaps you’re an experienced teacher looking to open a studio and build an online media presence?

No matter where you are on your journey, you’ll need a website!

In this post, we’ll talk about building a website for your yoga studio or other yoga-related project.

First, we’ll discuss the 9 things you should always include on your site. Then, we’ll look at the 14 best yoga websites from around the world.

Finally, we’ll talk about using Astra to quickly create your own beautiful yoga website.

What Should Be on Your Yoga Website?

Before we look at the best yoga websites, let’s first examine what you should include on your own yoga site. There are at least 9 things you should always try to include.

key factors of a yoga website

New to WordPress? Don’t worry! Check out our guide to creating a new website. In less than an hour, you’ll learn everything you need to know about WordPress, create a new site, and begin customizing it.

Course Selection

First and foremost, be sure to list all of your available courses in a prominent location. Whether you teach online or in-person, be sure to specify the details in each course description.


If your courses are live (and not pre-recorded), you’ll naturally need to have a schedule. While putting this on a separate page works well, some sites opt to have a small notification box in the lower right corner of the screen. This is a great way to make your site feel active.

Credentials, Awards, Educational Accomplishments

If you’ve taken any educational classes, received any awards, or have any credentials, be sure to share them. These help build your authority as an expert in teaching yoga.


Perhaps the most important thing to include on your yoga site is a testimonial section. Testimonials are key for gaining new clients, especially in a service-based business like yoga lessons.

The absolute best type of testimonial is a video. For example, this testimonial below is for Exhale Yoga Retreats:

Educational Blog Posts, Videos, and Other Content

One of the best ways to market your yoga website is via content marketing. Blog posts, videos, Instagram posts, and interviews are just a few ways that you can promote your studio.

Pricing and Payment System

It is common for newer yoga teachers to just accept payment in person. This isn’t a great idea. Why? For two reasons.

One, because it’s never a good idea to carry a ton of cash around! And two, because it’s a much smarter business move to have customers prepay. That way, you can reliably plan your yoga sessions.

We recommend having customers pay directly on your website. Read our guide to learn more about accepting payments with WordPress.


Many yoga studios earn extra income from “swag.” This includes t-shirts, yoga mats, coffee cups, and virtually any other kind of product you can think of.

With WooCommerce, selling these products is a really simple process.

Contact Information and Map

If you run in-person courses, be sure to include the address and map. The easier you make it for customers to find you, the more likely they are to book. Also, include your email and a phone number, if you have one set up specifically for your business.

Social Media Links

Finally, you should always have links to social media displayed prominently. Potential clients often want to check that you’re popular and actively posting new content to help build a picture of you and your business.

Top 14 Most Beautiful and Unique Yoga Websites

Now let’s take a look at some of the best yoga sites from around the world. We cover both individual teachers and larger yoga studios.

1. Elena Brower

Elena Brower yoga site

Elena Brower is a yoga teacher, author, and podcast host. On her site, she has links to various aspects of her business. These include guides to her three books, yoga and meditation classes, a podcast about different topics, and a place to subscribe to her membership package.

Since Elena’s business is branded with her own name, her website has numerous professional pictures of her doing yoga and teaching. If your yoga site is centered around your own identity, consider using a similar strategy with a simple and clean WordPress theme.

2. Mountain Soul Yoga

Mountain Soul Yoga website

Mountain Soul Yoga is a boutique yoga studio that offers group classes, private training, physical therapy, lessons, virtual events, and other yoga-related services.

Their site uses a number of images, which helps potential clients get a better feel for the studio. One unique feature is a notification box that appears in the bottom right corner of every page. It displays the daily schedule and includes live streams and in-person courses.

If you have daily events at your yoga studio, be sure to highlight them in a prominent place on your website.

3. Alo Moves

Alo Moves site

Alo Moves has a very eye-catching video background on their homepage which helps their subscription yoga service seem modern and unique. In fact, the entire website has a very modern style, which makes it seem high-tech and advanced in comparison to most other yoga sites.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Differentiate yourself by having a modern design, especially one that incorporates video backgrounds.

4. Meghan Currie Yoga

Meghan Currie Yoga site

Meghan’s yoga website is designed to be casual, approachable, and not intimidating. It does this by using a handwritten font, personal photos, and a unique writing style. This makes her seem like a real person and not simply a large, faceless yoga studio.

Do you take a more informal, personal approach to teaching yoga? Try using handwritten fonts, warm colors, a minimal WordPress theme, and other design elements to give your website a friendly feel.

5. Glo

Glo yoga site

Glo is an online yoga service with over 4,000 classes available on demand. Course selections are personalized and drawn from a global network of yoga teachers. To help potential clients imagine the online courses, Glo has a number of mockup images and videos of the courses being viewed on mobile devices and laptops which shows that the website is using a responsive theme that looks great on both the devices.

Running an online yoga course? Share examples of what your course will actually look like. The more real-world examples you can share, the better.

6. Chelsey Korus


Chelsey Korus is a yoga teacher that has been featured in numerous publications like Women’s Fitness and Prevention Magazine. Her website features numerous videos and photographs, which give it a very professional feel. Combined with the refined design of the theme, it conveys that Chelsey is a true expert at yoga.

Even if you aren’t as accomplished as Chelsey, you’ll still benefit from taking a similar approach when creating your website. Using a minimal theme with an abundance of photos can help you present yourself in a professional manner.

7. CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga website

CorePower Yoga is a yoga company with over 200 studios across the United States. Their website has a bright orange and black design that gives their site an electric energy. They also utilize a chat app, which is unique compared to most competitors.

Using a chat app is a great way to answer new clients’ questions, gather more information from customers, and capitalize on impulse buying decisions.

8. Exhale Yoga Retreats


Exhale Yoga Retreats offers numerous retreats in locations like the Philippines and Bali. They also have online courses, teacher training, and other services. The site uses a ton of videos, images, and other colorful media, which gives it a feeling of authenticity.

The testimonials page has five video testimonials which are extremely effective in convincing new clients to sign up.

Is storytelling an important part of your marketing strategy? Be sure to share your stories and use images, video, and other multimedia.

9. Yoga Trade

Yoga Trade website

Yoga Trade is an international marketplace and community for yoga professionals. The site has jobs and other opportunities, events, physical locations for yoga classes, and a membership program. Their site has a prominent search bar in the top header, which is very useful for finding exactly what you’re looking for.

If your site has a large amount of content, consider using a search bar as the primary navigation feature. It can help users save a ton of time!

10. Shine Power Yoga


Shine Power Yoga offers online and in-person classes, workshops, teacher training, a shop, and other services. Their website is very colorful and filled with images, which makes it both enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Full-width images are a great way to make a simple website feel more exciting, so be sure to use some!

11. True Ayurveda

True Ayurveda website

Julie Bernier is a Ayurvedic yoga practitioner. Ayurvedic is an alternative medicine approach with origins in India. Her website has a minimal, elegant design. With only four links in the menu bar, it’s very easy to navigate and quickly understand what services she offers.

Keeping it simple is always a good idea. If you specialize in a single type of yoga, consider adopting a minimalist approach like True Ayurveda.

12. Love Light Yoga

Love Light Yoga website

Love Light Yoga is a yoga studio that offers many different products and services. Their main specialty is “yin” yoga, which is a slower-paced form of yoga that incorporates elements of traditional Chinese medicine. They have virtual yoga classes, a “yin school” membership program, customized programs, and other projects.

If you offer a variety of different programs, Love Light Yoga’s website is a nice model to follow.

13. Power Yoga

Power Yoga website

Power Yoga is an online yoga service. They have a variety of different courses on offer, which are available as recurring classes or single sessions. These courses are themed around different aspects of yoga, including lower and upper back, core yoga, morning yoga practice, and more. There is also a biography page for each of the 22 instructors.

The subscription plans are simple: Basic is free, Premium is $22 per month, and Premium Annual is $180 per year. The inclusion of a free plan helps assuage the fears of new users.

If you offer online yoga classes, be sure to make it easy to test them out. A free plan or free trial is an excellent way to do this!

14. Kia Miller Radiant Body Yoga

Kia Miller yoga website

Kia Miller is a yoga teacher and founder of Radiant Body Yoga (RBY), which is a holistic approach to yoga that includes physical postures, breathing, kriya, meditation, and chanting. Her site has a video background on the home page, which gives it a dynamic feeling.

There is also an events calendar, online and in-person courses, retreats, a blog, videos, and links to social media. Images, which are used on every page of the website, help add some context to the different products and courses. This is especially helpful for some of the more expensive programs.

If you are selling expensive products or services, be sure to include a lot of photos and details about the products. These help contextualize the product and convince potential customers that it’s worth investing their time and money.

Using Astra to Create Your Own Yoga Site

Now that we’ve examined some of the best yoga sites from around the world, let’s talk about using Astra to create your own. With over a million active installations, Astra is the most popular WordPress theme available.

Why Use Astra?

Astra makes setting up a yoga site really easy. The theme comes with over 250+ premade templates, 3 of which are designed specifically for yoga. Others are optimized for writers, video bloggers, and other subjects.

With one of our Astra premium plans, you’ll get access to these 3 templates, plus over a hundred others.

Astra is also full of tons of other features and functionality, including:

  • Build your own headers and footers with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Customize your colors, typography, font size and more to match your brand
  • Design layouts to be masonry, grid, or in other configurations
  • Mobile-optimized with only 50KB file size ensures that your site will load quickly

Read a full list of Astra’s features on our site.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio Astra template

As the name suggests, this template is designed for yoga studios. The home page has sections for call-to-action buttons, describing the different types of yoga that you offer, a video, instructor profiles, a featured reviews section, certification logos, popular classes, and a newsletter subscription form.

On other pages, you can list your full class schedule, share testimonials, and more.

Yoga Instructor

Sarah Jones Yoga Instructor Astra template

This template is designed for individual yoga instructors. The home page has a large section for displaying the types of yoga you teach, your accolades, testimonials, and other impressive statistics that help you land new customers.

June Flint – Yoga Studio

June Flint Yoga Studio Astra template

This template has a modern style and areas for every aspect of a yoga studio. The home page comes with a large call-to-action button, a section to showcase your areas of expertise, class schedules, testimonials, and contact information.

The theme is designed to display everything on one page, but you can modify this to fit your needs.

Recommended starter templates for yoga websites

Frequently Asked Questions

When a yoga studio is in different cities, should there be separate websites?

If a yoga studio is in different cities, you can have separate websites, but you don’t always need to. It depends on a number of factors, including the size of the studio and the resources available.

If the studio is large and has multiple locations, it may make sense to have separate websites for each city. This would allow customers to easily find information about classes and events in their area.

If the studio is small or only has one location, a single website may be sufficient.

Can I display YouTube yoga videos on my website?

Yes, you can display YouTube yoga videos on your website.

The best practice is to create and upload your own yoga related videos on YouTube then embed them on your website.
The legality of displaying other people’s YouTube yoga videos on your website depends on a variety of factors.

As your yoga studio website will be intended for commercial purposes, you should not use other people’s YouTube yoga videos.
If you still want to use others’ yoga videos then you can reach out to the original owner of the video to obtain permission so that you can use it on your website.

Or, you can also use others’ videos that come under the Creative Commons policy.

Ready to Build Your Own Yoga Site?

Whether you’re an independent yoga instructor, Pilates instructor or a growing franchise of studios, you’re now prepared to build a beautiful, unique website for your yoga business.

In this post, we first talked about the different elements that every yoga website should have. Then, we covered the 14 best yoga websites from around the web and looked at using Astra to create your own yoga website. Along the way, we took actionable lessons to help you create your own yoga site.

Are you a yoga teacher? Or maybe you do yoga yourself? What websites do you like, and which don’t you like? Share them below!

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