1. maps Profile Pic

    Hi there,
    It seems “on_sale” can be set to “true” only. “False” doesn’t work.
    If somebody has a solution to display products which are NOT on sale, I’m all ears

  2. Christopher Maile Profile Pic
    Christopher Maile

    Thank you so much for the insights.
    This is such an eye-opener for me as an intermediate WordPress developer.

    I have one question though; can I use Woocommerce shortcodes to design a sales funnel by just adding and arranging the sequence of pages after a button has been clicked that will redirect to “other awesome stuff that compliments your product added to the cart” on the same page, especially making it sort of an ‘Order Bump’ feature? This, all done with the default Woocommerce plugin + the shortcodes only.

    Thank you in advance

  3. VT Profile Pic

    How to change display 12 columns of product per row? The maximum is “6” now. Any number past 6 will display 4 col in a row only.

  4. Raja Profile Pic

    how can i give confirmation_order_details in shortcode . i have tried this (confirmation_order_details) but actually this is not working, please help me find out. give me the solution .

  5. Abhi Profile Pic

    When I am adding product to cart in mobile side cart automatic open half how can I do in Astra free version

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