Introducing AMP Support in Astra

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Native AMP Support in Astra

Astra integrates beautifully with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP allows loading web pages faster on mobile devices than their usual speed. This document will help to understand AMP in detail and how Astra works with AMP. Let’s take a look! 

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

AMP gives faster page loading experience on the mobile web. Your website pages will load on mobile devices without delay. AMP allows restricted HTML and JS to render on mobile devices and so the speed of the pages will be increased.

AMP is an open-source project for the betterment of future web on mobile devices. It is an initiative by Google. It is recommended to use AMP pages as most of your website viewers will be using smaller devices.

What is mean by Native AMP Support in Astra?

As mentioned earlier AMP restricts HTML, CSS, and JS to load on mobile devices. It does not allow more than 50KB CSS to load on mobile. Because of this, you can not see the exact Non-AMP pages design on AMP pages.

Astra’s native AMP support takes care of allowed CSS size and manages the design of the mobile pages accordingly. Astra tries to retain the original design of the pages in AMP mode. So that your AMP pages look much similar to Non-AMP/ original design.

How AMP can be enabled on the website?

To start using AMP, you need to enable it on the site with a plugin. Install the following plugin on your website just like any other WordPress plugin.

AMP: This plugin is freely available on

Read how the AMP plugin can be configured with recommended settings.

Important Note: Due to JS and CSS restrictions by AMP some of the Astra theme and Astra Pro settings will not work. Here is the complete list for the options that won’t work with AMP.

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