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    Man you guys missed mentioning using one of your own plugins! I use Convert Pro to create a full-page pop-up that’s active for everyone all the time. Design the pop-up to say that the site is under maintenance and just enable it & disable it like you do any other Convert Pro pop-up.

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    When having access to your root directory (the one containing ‘.htaccess’, ‘wp-settings.php’ etc.) you could add a file ‘my_index.html’. This file can be of any HTML content and thus gives you the chance to show a totally self-designed message to the visitors. If ‘index.html’ already exists rename it to ‘index1.html’. Rename ‘my_index.html’ to ‘index.html’.
    Rename your ‘index.php’ to ‘index1.php’ – and WordPress will load your ‘index.html’ as soon as a visitor is calling your website.
    To disable this kind of maintenance mode simply revert the steps.

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