How to Set up a WordPress Staging Site?

What is a staging site?

A staging site is an exact copy of your existing website. But it is not available to everyone as your live site. So even if you change anything on the staging site it will not reflect on your live site.

Why having a staging site makes sense?

1. As it’s not a live site, you can test stable updates, beta updates or new plugins and make any kind of experiments. You can do this without worrying about breaking your live site.
2. Provide access to support staff for troubleshooting without worrying about your confidential data.

Why is this useful for the support team?

1. If you are a customer who can not provide login details of the live site to the support team, you can create a staging site and share login details of it.
2. It is better for the support team to troubleshoot support problems on the staging site, instead of the live site.
3. So the support team doesn’t have to worry about breaking the live site of the customer.

How to create a staging site?

Below is the detailed video that shows how to set up a staging site in less than 5 minutes with the WP Staging plugin.

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