1. Gabe Profile Pic

    I’d like to know why you are promoting a developer like Hesham, behind WP Rich Snippets who scammed people for hundreds of dollars for lifetime passes then started another called Schema plugin for monthly only passes and leaving all his WP Rich Snippet clients in the lurch. This guy has no shame and you should not be promoting him.
    Just look up some of the serious reviews of WP Rich Snippets where the reviewers bought the plugin and you’ll see that they completely distance themselves from it and him.

  2. Alex Profile Pic

    Good article! I have one question. Can I switch schema plugins without losing the star ratings I already have?

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Alex,

      Glad you found the article useful.

      Currently, I doubt Schema Plugins are able to import data from other plugins.

  3. David F Profile Pic

    I don’t see uschema plugin listed and was wondering how it compares to your plugin. It looks like your plugin has more article types — i.e. report article, news article, tech article, etc. and more tutorials?

  4. Garik Himebaugh Profile Pic

    Can you compare Schema Pro to Yoast SEO Premium? The only comparison I can find online is from 2018 so it’s not really relevant anymore. This would be super helpful because people who already have Yoast would know if Schema Pro makes sense as an add on, or not.

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