Just out: Meet Astra 4.0 a completely new design to improve your UX


2023 has just begun and we at Brainstorm Force are starting the new year with a bang.

We are proud to announce the latest release of our WordPress theme – Astra 4.0.0!

This new release includes a range of exciting new features and improvements designed to enhance your website experience.

Some of the highlights of this release include a new redesigned admin dashboard and a new mega menu management panel that will make Astra even easier to use.

We have also added some new features that will surely enhance the user experience including a redesigned narrower layout and smooth scroll functionality.

While some of the new features are only available in the Pro version of Astra, we have a special treat for users of the free theme.

Keep an eye out for it at the end of the list of new features!

We would love for you to join the Astra Pro users family though! We hope that the new features will encourage you to upgrade.

Improve your website’s experience with Astra 4.0 new features: dynamic customizer, redesigned mega menu, new scroll capabilities and more!

Let’s see now what’s new in Astra 4.0.0 and how you can use it for your or your customers’ websites.

Astra in 2022

Astra is a theme that is constantly being updated to provide you with the best experience and the latest features.

So far, the theme has received hundreds of updates.

What's New in Astra

Two of the most relevant features that have been added in 2022 were:

Dozens of fixes and small improvements were also made to Astra to make it faster and more efficient!

Astra 4.0.0 – Get ready for all the new features!

Let’s take a look at the updates and improvements that the Astra team has been working on.

You’ll automatically get them when you update the theme from the WordPress admin panel.

FeatureAvailable on free planAvailable with Pro
Redesigned admin dashboardYes. But Pro modules are disabledYes
Redesigned admin mega menuNo. Mega menu is only available with Astra ProYes
Narrow width layoutYesYes
Better layout support for custom post types and new banner styleYesYes
New default homepageYesYes
Smooth scroll to IDYesYes
Quick edit links (headers and custom layouts)No. Custom layouts and custom headers are only available with Astra ProYes
New default colors and typographyYesYes
Scroll to topYesYes

To get the most out of Astra we recommend using Astra Pro.

We strive to keep adding value to Astra, so consider joining or upgrading to a lifetime license to continue receiving these upgrades for life. 🙂

Astra Pro Pricing

Redesigned admin dashboard

In the past, the Astra dashboard was located in the Appearance > Astra options submenu.

This made it difficult for new users to find these options.

Old Astra Dashboard

In the latest update the new Astra administration panel can be found directly in the sidebar.

A more accessible location for such an important element of your site.

New Astra 4.0 Dashboard and welcome tab

Quick settings

Inside the welcome tab you’ll find a quick access button to the customizer.

The WordPress customizer offers so many options, some of them hidden in submenus.

That’s why this dashboard now includes a quick settings section to get you to the area you want to work on faster.

Astra Quick Settings

This tool will save you time every time you need to make small tweaks to your site.

If you are an agency that uses Astra for clients, this new layout should also reduce the number of support requests.

Users will be better able to easily locate what they need to change without asking you!

Pro modules management

You’ll find another section that allows you to easily activate or deactivate your preferred Pro modules in a very straightforward way.

Each module includes a direct link to its documentation and settings panel.

Configuring and discovering new modules that we might add in the future or that you may have missed is now a breeze.

Astra Pro Modules

General settings

The options that were previously spread around the old dashboard are now conveniently located and organized within the general settings tab.

General settings Astra 4.0

An example of this is the Pro feature that enables you to customize Astra with your own branding, known as white labeling.

Other useful shortcuts

The last tab in the top menu of this dashboard will take you to the Starter Templates wizard. Here you can quickly change the look of your website using one of our hundreds of professional-looking templates.

You can also find links to install plugins that can help you even more with your business.

Astra Starter Templates and useful plugins

Those plugins include:

  • Spectra – Our free page builder.
  • SureCart – Turn your WordPress into a powerful eCommerce platform.
  • CartFlowsCreate effective sales funnels within WordPress.

Redesigned admin mega menu

The mega menu is an Astra Pro feature that you can enable with the Nav Menu module (now you know where to find that module quickly!)

This addon lets you create big menus with multiple options.

Very useful for websites with large amounts of content or many sections or categories.

Example of Astra mega menu

You can open the mega menu settings from WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Menus > Astra Menu Settings.

How to configure mega menu Astra

When pressing this button:

  • Before: A modal window covering all the content appeared.
Old Astra mega menu settings
  • Now: A small off-canvas menu appears.
New Astra mega menu settings

Visual space is better optimized and you will have more context about what you are working on.

And some mega menu extra features

In addition to making these menus easier to create, we have also added 4 extra options so you can tailor menus more to your style:

  • Custom icon position support and styling for mega menu items: If you add custom icons to your menus you can now modify their position from the general tab.


The styling options can be found in the design tab.

Custom icon position support and styling for mega menu items
  • Header color added for mega menu items: Now you can add colors to this element as well for normal and hover states.
Header color mega menu items
  • Background gradient added for mega menu items: Create more eye-catching menus using linear or radial gradients as backgrounds.
Background gradient added for mega menu items
  • Divider color and styles for mega menu items: Emphasize the distinctions between sections even more with solid, dotted, dashed or double styles.
Divider color and styles for mega menu items

A new narrow width layout

Astra allows you to choose between many layouts for your posts and pages.

From now on you’ll find an option called narrow width layout that will let you display content in a more minimalist and elegant way.

New Narrow Width Example

In addition to posts and pages, you can also modify the width of blog pages, archive pages and custom post types.

You can modify this width individually for each element or globally from Customizer > Global > Containers.

Modify Narrow container width

Better layout support for custom post types

Previously we had content layout and sidebar layout support only for limited post types: post, pages, and some custom post types (CPT) from WooCommerce, EDD and some LMS.

From now on you’ll be able to use different layouts for every custom post type you use.

Let’s say you’ve created a website for your church.

  • Before you were constrained to use the same content and sidebar layouts for the CPT “sermons” and for your blog articles as everything was considered the same element.
  • Now you can use one layout for your articles and a different one for your sermons CPT.

Just go to the Customizer > Custom Post Types > Select your CPT (single or archive) and pick the layout you wish to use.

Custom container and sidebar layout for custom post types

A new banner style

There’s also a new banner setting in Astra 4.0.

Astra post title options

You’ll get to a new panel where you can pick a different banner layout for the post type you are customizing.

Astra New banner layout

Depending on whether you choose the first layout or the second you’ll see different options below:

  • Container width: Full or custom. Only available on the second layout.
  • Order and visibility of some structure and meta elements: Such as the Title, breadcrumbs or the excerpt.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment of those elements.

Don’t forget to visit the design tab, as you’ll find there even more options to fully customize your post type.

Remember that this upgrade works for posts, pages or any custom post type, and it will be commonly known as Dynamic Customizer.

New default homepage

If you’re installing Astra for the first time, you’ll have to enable it from the WordPress administration panel > Appearance > Themes.

You’ll find 2 options there:

How to enable New Astra homepage
  • If you click on Activate your homepage will showcase your latest post as your homepage.
Astra blog as homepage
  • If you open the live preview you’ll see the new and renewed Astra 4.0 homepage. You can activate it from there.
New Astra Homepage

Later, if you want to display the most recent post instead of the default homepage, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Reading.

Then, select the option: Your homepage displays > Your latest posts.

Smooth scroll to ID

Previously, navigating to a section (a specific part of the same page) wasn’t visually appealing as you just jumped there without any animation.

Now you can enable smooth scroll to smoothly transition to the desired section rather than jumping immediately to it.

why choose Astra

You can enable this feature with just one click from Customizer > Global > Misc > Enable Smooth Scroll to ID.

How to enable smooth scroll to ID in Astra

Quick edit links for custom layouts and page header

If you use custom layouts, one of the most powerful features of Astra Pro, you’ll find this little update really interesting.

To give you more insight into what custom layout or custom header a page is using, a small Astra icon will show up in the frontend displaying the active layouts and a direct link to edit them.

Quick edit links for custom layouts and page header

New default colors and typography

In Astra you can easily modify the typography and colors of your website.

Pro tip:

In the Pro plan you can enable the colors and background module and the typography module to make even more advanced changes.

If designing is not your thing, the default font and colors that the theme uses will give you a clean and minimalist website design that is well-suited to modern tastes.

New typography and colors Astra 4.0

Our present to you: Scroll to top becomes a free feature!

The button that allows users to return to the top of your page with a single click is now a free feature of Astra!

You can find this option on Customizer > Global > Scroll To Top.

You can easily modify its position, visibility by device, size and color as you see fit.

Scroll to top free feature

Wrapping up

The Astra team has put in a lot of effort to deliver significant improvements that make working with the theme easier than ever.

  • The redesigned dashboard and mega menu, along with the ability to quickly see and edit custom layouts, will improve your efficiency in managing websites.
  • The narrow layout, scroll to top, smooth scroll and the new typography will make your users have a better browsing experience.

We can’t wait for you to try out all these new features!

While unlikely, if something is not working as you would expect, Astra has a rollback option to quickly return to a previous version.

Rollback feature Astra

Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about this update.

Thank you for all your support along this journey.

We hope you enjoy the new Astra 4.0!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us what you would like to see in future updates!

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

  1. Steve Profile Pic

    I like the new features in v4, but at least on the free version, the “Hide on Tablet” and “Hide on Mobile” toggles are missing in Header Builder. And possibly related to that, my Off-Canvas Menu and Social Icons in the Off-Canvas area, along with the Above Header area, are missing in Tablet and Mobile modes.

      1. Steve Profile Pic

        One more thing, I just noticed that Structure and Meta settings are missing for Single Post in Customizer, and Author Name and Date are showing up on all posts now, which I had turned off. Those settings are there for Archives/Blog, but not for Single Post.

        1. faisal Profile Pic

          Hey Steve, I noticed the same, haven’t been able to turn off the author’s name and date. Did you find out how to turn them off?

          1. Steve Profile Pic

            Hi, I just used CSS to turn off the entire Meta block on single posts for now:

            .single-post .entry-meta {
            display: none;

            That would turn off any other metas like tags and categories, though, if you’re displaying those. I assume the issue will get fixed in the next update.

  2. Nate Profile Pic

    Hi team, Thanks for the article on 4.0. I see there have been different hooks and filters in 4.0. Can you please provide an updated documentation on which Astra hooks are now available? Here is the existing reference I was using which appears to not be up-to-date. https://developers.wpastra.com/theme-visual-hooks/
    After 4.0, I hope to figure out a new strategy for how to hook between the featured image and the post title, and after the post meta. Thanks!

  3. Robert Profile Pic

    Hey there thanks for the great update 🙂

    How do I activate the new home page layout if I already have Astra installed?


  4. Francisco Opazo Profile Pic

    Congrats on the new 4.0!

    I have updated to 4.0 and my EDD pages are all broken, EDD content blocks in full width no matter the template I choose. Go back button hidden under the header, etc. Please check.


    I am using Astra 4.0.2 and Astra Pro 4.0.1.
    Structure and Meta settings are missing from Customize -> Blog -> Single Post, after update.
    Please check.

  6. Mark Profile Pic

    Since version 4, the scroll to top button seems to be corrupt.
    Instead of a square button (all sites) show a button the size of the screen width …
    Any advice?

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