Introducing WooCommerce Module in Astra Pro!

Astra Pro Module for WooCommerce is here!

I’m really excited to be officially announcing our first major update of 2018 and it’s amazing!

Get your WooCommerce website ready for more design features with Astra Pro

Here are some quick screenshots of all new features:

Brand new List Style:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product styles

Off Canvas Filtering:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product filtering

Hover Effects for Images:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product per page

Box Shadow:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product customization settings

Quick View:

Astra Pro WooCommerce quick view

Horizontal / Vertical Gallery:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product gallery

Ajax Add to Cart on Single Product Page:

Astra Pro WooCommerce add to cart

Product Navigation:

Astra Pro WooCommerce product navigation

Options for the Cart in Menu:

Astra Pro WooCommerce cart icon

Two Step Checkout:

Astra Pro WooCommerce checkout customization

Distraction Free Checkout:

Astra Pro WooCommerce checkout settings

What’s more?

Focus on Performance

Performance is important. For e-Commerce stores, delay of every second means loss of sales and search engine rankings. Amazon estimates that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year.

Understanding the importance of the speedy stores, we have taken care for the performance throughout the development and made sure it performs great and remains fast. Astra makes no extra HTTP requests. We have profiled and optimized every line of code to ensure Astra remains performant as possible.

Design & Customizations

There are more than 3 million WooCommerce stores active today. But every brand and stores have their own design requirements.

We have taken efforts to ensure Astra will make any WooCommerce website look stunning out of the box with minimum setup. Furthermore, we have offered customization options for every tweak that will make your store look unique.

Convert more with better Checkout Pages

There is so much said about cart abandonments. We researched all possible reasons for abandonments during checkout and addressed them in the checkout page design. Here are some of the options you will find for the checkout pages:

  • Two step checkout to make forms look simple and elegant
  • Inline validation of fields
  • Distraction Free Checkout that removes unnecessary details from the page
  • Use Placeholders instead of Labels to make the checkout form look less busy
  • Local storage feature to avoid users frustration & data loss by accidental refresh
  • Options to remove unnecessary fields such as Coupon, Order Note, etc

New Starter Templates

Have you notice new templates we have been adding in our library? We have designed some eCommerce website templates as well that you can check.

Just in case if you didn’t know, these sites can be imported easily.

What’s Next?

We spent last couple of months to make Astra the best WooCommerce theme. Now February is going to be a big month for us as we plan to release other awaited features viz. Spacing Module, Background Images, Menu Customizer, better integration with LifterLMS, LearnDash and finally the Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

Our team very excited and hope you are too 🙂

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  1. Kolahn Garcia Profile Pic

    Thanks for the great work you guys have done and keep on doing. The WooCommerce came at a perfect time for me as I just decided to change my WordPress workflow and use Astra with Elementor for my projects. I am PATTTIIIEEEENNNTTTLLLLLYYYYYY waiting for the Ultimate add-ons for Elementor.


  2. ericgracieta Profile Pic

    It’s a really motivating article, i did not regret at all to have buy my agency licence, i’m doing a website with LearnDsh, so i cant complain about the integration as well in your priority for next month, but your Trello roadmap only mention LifterLMS integration and addon, not LearnDash 🙁

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      LearnDash is now next in the line for this type of integration. We have also updated the Trello Board for the public roadmap 🙂

    2. Vít Hofman Profile Pic

      Hello. I buy Astra pro theme. Install it. Activate it. I have activated Woocommerce in theme settings to. But. In customize theme settings I really don’t see options like you shown on pictures. I can customize woo, bat only little. Can you try to help me?

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      In the v1.2.0 The Cart in menu can be added using a shortcode. So this shortcode can be added anywhere on your site. Including Custom Beaver Themer Header.

  3. Supriya Kanjilal Profile Pic
    Supriya Kanjilal

    I can’t find the colour custrmizer of discount sales badge. By default it picks the themes colour. How can i customize it?

  4. Butch Pornebo Profile Pic

    Off-Canvas Filter – Filter Attributes

    Why is the custom field attributes not part of the drop down selection ?

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      The Filter attributes should be available. The off-canvas sidebar is a sidebar area where you can add different widgets. WooCommerce provides the widget “Filter products by Attributes” which lets you filter using custom attributes.

  5. Max Profile Pic

    How can i add custom fields to a single product page with Astro Pro Woo-commerce Module?
    Is there any documentation on this?

    1. Support Team Profile Pic


      Here is an article that will help you with the settings that can be managed with the WooCommerce module on a single product page.

      Could you please open up a ticket if you need help with anything else?

      It will help us understand your requirements better. 🙂

  6. Kari Profile Pic

    Thank you so much for adding these features. I had just switched to another “Woocommerce friendly” theme but saw that you added all of these tools, and the functionality is SO much smoother and better! I’m really happy to have everything under one roof now!

  7. Rahul Profile Pic

    Thank you so much for adding these features. What is missing here is Ajax Live Search that Porto Theme already includes. Using the default WordPress Sitewide Search isn’t sufficient for e-commerce sites. Looking forward to what your team has in store for future updates!

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Hello Rahul,

      We appreciate your thoughts and feedback. 🙂

      Yes, we do have some changes and improvements lined up for the WooCommerce module. Stay tuned!

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