32 Essential WooCommerce Plugins To Pull More Profit in 2021

32 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins: Every Store Needs to Have These!

WooCommerce is the most popular way to build an eCommerce store, but that doesn’t mean the core WooCommerce plugin is all you need to run an eCommerce store.

To set your store up for success, there are some must-have WooCommerce plugins that, no matter what your niche is, can optimize your store. These plugins will help your store load faster, send emails more reliably, convert more visitors into customers, and more.

To that end, We’ve collected 32 plugins that I believe all WooCommerce stores can benefit from. Let’s go through them…

32 Must-Have Plugins For WooCommerce In 2020

To help make this list accessible, I’ll start with a short explanation for why I consider each plugin a must-have WooCommerce plugin. That is the one key benefit that you’ll get from using each plugin.

Then, I’ll share a little more about what each plugin does and how it works, along with the price (many of them are free!).

1. HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot for WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Price: Free

Why you need it: 

You likely know HubSpot as a leader in CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service software. And with their free WooCommerce plugin, you can add key marketing functionality to your WooCommerce store to grow your business better!   

Easily manage WooCommerce activity in a CRM, track and recover abandoned carts, send beautiful marketing emails, build ads, and track everything with robust analytics! Rather than relying on multiple marketing plugins, get all-in-one value from HubSpot.

2. Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log

Post SMTP mailer plugin image

Price: Free

Why you need it: Helps make sure the many WooCommerce transactional emails don’t end up in your customers’ spam filters.

WooCommerce stores send a lot of emails – order confirmations, password resets, etc. However, because of how it works, the default WordPress email system (wp_mail) can often end up delivering those emails straight to people’s spam folders, which obviously isn’t good for your store’s usability.

Using SMTP instead of wp_mail is a great way to ensure more reliable email delivery, and the Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin makes it super easy to set up SMTP with your WooCommerce store.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue's WordPress email plugin - homepage

Why you need it: Provides contact form, contact lists, newsletters, marketing automation, emails and statistics. This is all-in-one email marketing plugin.

Price: Free. Premium plan starts from $25 per month.

Sendinblue’s WordPress email plugin provides everything you need to build powerful email marketing. It provides easy drag & drop editor to design subscription/ email signup forms. You can use advanced segmentation to manage contact lists. Design beautiful on-brand emails, newsletters easily. One of the attractive features of Sendinblue is Marketing Automation. You get one-click activation for the marketing automation tracker. With this plugin, you can create highly engaging templates, pull more traffic, and even use on-site live-chat.

4. CartFlows

Cartflows site image

Why you need it: Helps you create more conversion-optimized checkout pages to increase conversion rates and revenue per order.

Price: Free. Pro is $299

Your store’s checkout process depends on your theme, and not all themes are optimized for WooCommerce conversion best practices.

CartFlows is a plugin that lets you create your own custom checkout process, complete with proven funnel tactics like upsells and order bumps. You don’t need any technical knowledge, either, because CartFlows lets you design your pages using your favorite page builder plugin (e.g. Elementor).

Optimizing your checkout process can boost your conversion rates, and incorporating order bumps and upsells can help boost your revenue per order, so this one is just generally a great tool for improving any WooCommerce store’s bottom line.

5. ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

Elex WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin

Why you need it:  Lets your customers request a quote for the products in your store by providing an ‘Add to Quote’ option with or without the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Price: The subscription plan starts at $59.

ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin lets your customers choose products from the Shop page or individual product pages and enter the required quantity to request a quote for the products to you. The ‘Add to Quote’ option can be made available with or without the ‘Add to Cart’ button for satisfying both customers and suppliers.

You can use this plugin to accept quote requests of products when they are out of stock, which can be processed later when the stock issue gets resolved. It seamlessly streamlines the entire process of accepting, approving, and processing payments of the quote requests. The customizable request form lets you add the relevant fields by mapping them with WooCommerce default checkout fields and display them on a custom lightbox or the desired webpage.

6. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart abandonment recovery plugin image

Why you need it: Helps you recover abandoned shopping carts and claw back some potentially lost revenue.

Price: Free

As much as you optimize your checkout process with CartFlows, you’re still going to end up with some shoppers abandoning their shopping carts. The average cart abandonment rate is 60-80%, and even the best-optimized checkout pages still have a ~20%+ cart abandonment rate.

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin helps you recover some of those carts by capturing shoppers’ email addresses on the checkout page and then sending an automatic series of recovery emails if shoppers don’t complete their purchase.

You can create your own custom email series, complete with unique coupon codes and links that automatically re-populate each shopper’s cart.

You’ll never completely eliminate shopping cart abandonment at your store, but even just recovering a small percentage of abandoned carts can make a big impact on your store’s revenue.

7. AffiliateWP

Affiliate WP plugin image

Why you need it: Helps you create an army of loyal promoters to market your store for you.

Price: $99+

An affiliate program helps you grow your store by offering affiliates a small percentage or flat fee for driving sales to your site. There’s a reason most eCommerce stores have an affiliate program – it creates an army of people who will create content to promote your store.

With the AffiliateWP plugin, you can create your own affiliate program without needing to pay a commission to a middle-man affiliate network. What’s more, AffiliateWP has built-in WooCommerce support, so you won’t need to hire a developer to implement the necessary tracking.

You’ll even be able to create special coupons for affiliates and automate payouts to save time.

If you’re interested in using affiliate marketing to grow your WooCommerce store, this one is a must-have.

8. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

WooCommerce wishlist plugin

Why you need it: Allows your visitors to add products in their wishlist while looking for other additional products to buy and purchase it later or share their wishlist with their friends.

Price: Free

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist provides your customers a place where they can put the products of their interest while looking for other products to buy. It provides an increasing amount of potential sales per checkout.

Your store visitors will also be reminded of their past interests and offer gift lists that they can share with their friends for events like weddings and birthdays.

9. WooCommerce Customizer

Skyverge plugin site

Why you need it: it allows you to customize button text, labels, fields and more without writing PHP code.

Price: Free

Normally, you have to write PHP code to use customization filters for buttons, text, labes, etc. With WooCommerce Customizer, you will have an easy user-interface to use built-in WooCommerce filters for this purpose.

WooCommerce Customizer opens up visual editing settings. You can change sales badges, Add to Cart text, and checkout page coupons, among others.

10. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

WooCommerce zoom magnifier plugin

Why you need it: Lets your customers zoom in the photo of the products without being directed to another page.

Price: € 49,99

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier lets your visitors look closely on your products and see each detail which in turn gives your customers more engagement with your store and more sales for your products.

Once the visitor put the cursor over your product images it will zoom in the products. You can also customize the zoom area. A slider of product image thumbnails can also be added below the product image.

11. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin image

Why you need it: Lets you use the WooCommerce mobile apps, and is just generally a Swiss Army Knife for your store.

Price: Free

If I had to single out the biggest benefit of Jetpack for a WooCommerce store, it would be that using the Jetpack plugin is a requirement to use the WooCommerce mobile apps, which let you manage your store on the go and get real-time alerts. In my opinion, that alone is a reason to consider Jetpack a must-have WooCommerce plugin.

Jetpack also packs in a ton of other features, and you’ll want to consider whether or not these other features will benefit your store. If you don’t want to use them, Jetpack offers a modular approach that lets you disable most features.

12. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin

Why you need it: Allows you to easily add, customize, and rearrange fields on the checkout page of your store.

Price: $39

If you want to take control of how your checkout field looks and feel, the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor provides you the authority to add, edit, delete, and rearrange the Checkout field of your store.

13. UpdraftPlus

Updraftplus plugin image

Why you need it: Keeps your store’s precious data safe and secure.

Price: Free or $195 / Year

With a regular WordPress site, most people can get away with general backups. However, with a WooCommerce store, you can’t afford to lose any data as you’ll constantly have new orders coming in. If something bad happens, and if your backup fails, you might lose essential data and damage your reputation.

UpdraftPlus helps keep your WooCommerce store’s data safe with offsite backups.

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen – set up a strong backup solution from the beginning so that you’re always ready if something happens.

14. Sucuri

Sucuri site image

Why you need it: Helps secure your store and protect it from malicious actors.

Price: Free to flexible yearly pricing

The UpdraftPlus plugin above helps you keep your store’s data safe if something bad happens… And Sucuri helps stop something bad from happening in the first place.

This plugin implements a huge array of WordPress security hardening best practices to lock down your store. It also offers proactive monitoring, like file change detection and malware scanning.

If you’re serious about the security and safety of your website, consider using a web application firewall (WAF) and security plugin by Sucuri.

15. YITH WooCommerce AJAX Filter

WooCommerce ajax product filter plugin

Why you need it: allows your visitors to filter their product searches based on their desired specifications.

Price: Free

The YITH WooCommerce AJAX Filter allows your visitors to narrow down their searches based on certain criteria. You can upload an icon as a customized loader, customize WooCommerce Price Filter widget and filter for products that are on sale.

16. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin image

Why you need it: Helps you rank your store in Google and attract more customers.

Price: Free core plugin. $49 for WooCommerce SEO plugin.

If you want to reach more potential customers, ranking your site in Google is essential (I’m sure I don’t need to convince you of the importance of SEO for eCommerce!).

However, WordPress and WooCommerce aren’t optimized for SEO out of the box. To fix that, you can use the massively popular Yoast SEO plugin.

It’ll help you set up important SEO and social media metadata for all of your products. And, with the premium Yoast WooCommerce SEO add-on, it can also help add structured data and enhance your Pinterest and Facebook metadata with details like price and stock status.

17. WooCommerce Menu Cart

WooCommerce menu cart plugin

Why you need it: it allows you to display a cart button on your site or customize your existing cart button

Price: Free. Pro version is €29

With this plugin it allows you to install a shopping cart button in the navigation bar and it includes the following options:

  • Display cart icon, or only items/prices.
  • Display items only, price only, or both.
  • Display always, or only when there are items in the cart.
  • Float left, float right, or use your menu’s default settings.
  • Customize your own CSS

Its Pro Version Includes the following:

  • A choice of over 10 cart icons
  • A fully featured cart details flyout
  • Ability to add cart + flyout for unlimited menus
  • Ability to add a custom css classes
  • Automatic updates on any great new features
  • Shortcode to display cart anywhere on your site
  • Quick and thorough support

18. Optimole

Optimole image optimization plugin

Why you need it: Helps you keep your store loading quickly by reducing the file size of your product images.

Price: Free to flexible monthly or yearly plans.

Page load times are super important for all websites, but doubly so for eCommerce stores, where even small changes in loading time can have a big effect on your store’s conversion rates.

For an eCommerce store with lots of product images, large, unoptimized product images can be one of the biggest performance drags.

Optimole fixes that by letting you automatically resize and compress your product images. This keeps your page size down and your store loading fast.

19. YITH WooCommerce Compare

WooCommerce compare plugin

Why you need it: Provides a side-by-side comparison of products to help your visitors see the difference and decide which is best according to their needs.

Price: Free

Just a click of the button and the customers will be able to see the products they want to compare side-by-side in a popup without being directed to another page. Customers can add to cart the products of their choice directly from the comparison popup.

20. Header and Footer Scripts (for Analytics and Tracking Pixels)

Header & footer plugin image

Why you need it: Helps you integrate tracking scripts from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and others.

Price: Free

Header and Footer Scripts doesn’t really do anything by itself, but it’s what this plugin lets you do that makes it a must-have WooCommerce plugin.

As the name suggests, it makes it easy for you to inject tracking scripts in either your site’s header (the <head> section) or footer (right before the closing </body> tag).

Most WooCommerce stores will have a decent number of tracking scripts. For example, you’ll almost certainly have basics like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and you’ll probably have other scripts too, like Hotjar for heatmap testing.

Header and Footer Scripts provides you a non-technical way to add all those scripts to your site and it also keeps them organized so that you can quickly remove or modify them as needed.

21. TrustPulse

Trustplus plugin site

Why you need it: It is the best social proof notifications app and it creates attractive Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) popups that can boost your store’s conversions and increase sales

Price: $49.50

People want to see if other clients are subscribed to or availing your products and services. This social proof app provides real-time tracking of your website and shows to the visitors who subscribed to your services or who recently purchased the products you are offering.

22. OptinMonster

OptinMonster plugin site

Why you need it: It helps convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers and grow your email list faster.

Price: $9 per month billed annually

OptinMonster has coupon Wheel opt-ins that you can use to instantly increase sales and conversions by 40%. Its Exit-intent technology monitors the movement of your visitors and prompts targeted campaigns based on your visitors behavior right at the very moment they are about to exit. With its segmentation features, it shows personalized, behavior-based messages to shoppers to get more conversions and sales.

23. MonsterInsight

Monster Insight plugin image

Why you need it: it keeps track of all critical eCommerce data such as conversion rate, transactions, revenue, etc.

Price: $99.50 per year

Many beginners find it hard to set up and understand the Google Analytics report. This analytics data are important for you to make decisions based on data.

With MonsterInsight you don’t need to hire a developer or learn how to code to be able to properly setup Google Analytics, add event tracking, configure eCommerce tracking, etc. MonsterInsight makes it effortless to set up those features in WordPress all in one.

24. WooCommerce Products Slider

WooCommerce products slider plugin image

Why you need it: gives you an attractive and interactive way to display your product images and its information though sliders and carousels.

Price: Free

Product sliders and carousels are attractive ways to keep your visitors engaged. Shoppers can view images and product information and can add products to their shopping carts from the carousel.

This tool is fully responsive and mobile ready. You can put a slider anywhere and as many as you want. It hides out-of-stock products and you can customize your slider for Desktop and Tablets.

25. WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS)

WooCommerce currency switcher plugin

Why you need it: this allows your customers to switch the currency of the products’ prices according to real time currency rates.

Price: Free

Users from different countries will find it easy to decide if they are going to buy your products if they can see the prices in their local currencies. WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows your visitors to switch to their preferred currency and check how much it will cost them.

You can also use this plugin to set fixed minimums for free shipping and shipping minimums, fixed coupon verification amounts, and more at the back end.

26. LiveChat WooCommerce Chat Plugin

Livechat plugin site image

Why you need it: Your store will have real-time conversations with your visitors so you can provide them the information they need.

Price: $16 per month billed annually

Having a LiveChat WooCommerce Chat Plugin will encourage your store visitors to have a conversation with you on the product of their interests.

You can also send automated chat responses and messages to your visitors once a certain criteria are met.

LiveChat WooCommerce Chat Plugin also lets you manage email, Facebook Messenger and other social media responses with the same interface. You can also view your shoppers’ cart contents in real-time to have an idea who are going to buy more products.

27. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

WooCommerce ajax search plugin

Why you need it: Allows your visitors to quickly look for the products they need using a search box.

Price: Free

With YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin, your store visitors will be able to look for the products they are searching using the title or keywords of the products. They can easily type in the search box key phrases or certain specifications of the products they need.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search offers search features that instantly display products as visitors type in the search box without leaving the current page they are viewing.

28. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for woocommerce plugin site image

Why you need it: Allows you to add tons of useful features to your store such as good sold info, labels, buttons, stock management, currency options, checkout customization, payment gateways, shipping options, etc.

Price: Free. Booster Plus is $59 per year

Booster for WooCommerce is almost a complete package of ecommerce plugins that you can install in your store. Almost all the other features presented in the listings above are included in this booster plugin like changing pricing and currencies, adjusting price buttons and labels, customize cart and checkout, etc.

Booster for WooCommerce also allows you to add crowdfunding products, display when the product will be available, display products by country, and display custom shopping cart info.

29. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order delivery date plugin site image

Why you need it: Allows customers to choose a delivery date for their purchased products during the checkout.

Price: Free. Pro is $99

The Order Delivery Date for WooCommece provides the best customer experience to your buyers even after they have made their purchase. Shoppers can now select the delivery date of their purchased products at their most convenient date and time.

30. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

WooCommerce quick viewplugin

Why you need it: Allows your customers to see the product details without being directed to another page.

Price: Free

Just by putting the cursor above the product image, your visitors will see a quick view popup with a larger product image, product description and an add to cart button providing your visitors quick information about your products without being directed to another page.

31. WPForms

WPForms plugin site image

Why you need it: you will need an easy drag and drop form such as contact forms, online surveys, polls, etc.

Price: Free. Pro is $199.50 per year

WPForms provides user friendly drag and drop forms for your WooCommerce store. Its free version lets comes with simple contact forms and all other essential features, while the Pro version lets you use advanced features to improve your form conversions like landing pages conversational forms, form abandonment, smart conditional logic, etc.

32. Omnisend

Omnisend WooCommerce Plugin Homepage

Why you need it: Allows you to automate email marketing using several marketing channels like email, SMS, push notifications, FB messenger, and more.

Price: Free. Standard plan starts from $16 per month.

Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform built for eCommerce. It allows you to increase sales with email & SMS marketing automation, push notifications, and other channels separately or combining them into the one automation workflow. Send beautiful email newsletters and campaigns. Drive more sales with highly-relevant marketing automation using pre-built automation for cart abandonment, welcome series, transactional emails, and more. Personalize your message to customer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior to deliver targeted messages at the right time.

Get Started With These 32 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

While there are certainly more than 32 plugins that can benefit WooCommerce stores, these 30 must-have plugins are more about providing a strong foundation that will help your store no matter what you’re selling or how you’re using WooCommerce.

If you use these plugins as your foundation, your store will already have a strong starting point when it comes to marketing, conversion optimization, security, and performance optimization.

From there, you can add additional plugins as needed to meet your store’s needs.

Get started today and build a better WooCommerce store.

P.S. If you’re looking for the perfect WooCommerce theme to pair with these plugins, check out the Astra theme – it’s highly customizable and integrates well with all the plugins on this list.

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  10. It is really refreshing to learn new things. I am a starting digital marketing and currently learining about woocommerce. I am planning to focus in these career since the demand is so high.

    I never regretted checking on your blog, it is full of information that I needed to equip my self as well my future career.

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