30 Best One Page Theme for WordPress Website [2021]

30 Best One Page WordPress Themes for Winning Websites in 2021

Astra Fitness Trainer demo site

The traditional multi-page website is just one way of building a web presence. It is not the only way. One page websites are also a viable way to promote your business, hobby or interest.

If you can tell your story in a few words and know how to quickly grab attention and keep the audience scrolling down the page, there are few better methods of engagement than a one page website!

One page websites can also be used for sales funnels, resumes and other uses aside from businesses. Many hobby websites and blogs also rock the one page layout. They can tell a story in a linear way down a single page and can be ideal for smaller businesses, freelancers and creatives who prefer this method of storytelling.

With that in mind, we have curated this list of the best one page WordPress themes around. Each delivers high quality visuals, fast loading pages and all the ingredients you need to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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What You Need to Build a One Page WordPress Website

A one page WordPress theme is only part of the story when launching a website. You will also need:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Themes
  • Plugins


A domain is your website URL. The www.websitename.com the user will type into the browser to arrive at your site. For businesses, the domain should include the business name. For other uses, the domain name should reflect the purpose of the site as closely as possible.


Web hosting is the server space we load a website onto to make it available to the world. You rent this server space from a web host on a monthly or yearly basis. The web server will have a direct connection to the web, allowing users to visit the site.


Here’s where your one page WordPress theme comes in. It’s a graphic layer installed onto WordPress to add a new look, new features and those attractive appeal we like to see on a website.


WordPress plugins add features that the system doesn’t have or improves those it does. There are thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins available covering everything from backups to security and everything in-between.

These four things depend on each other to provide the overall user experience we are looking for. Now you have the basics, let’s take a closer look at the themes.

Best One Page WordPress Themes

This list includes what we consider the best one page WordPress themes around right now. The list covers business, blogs, hobbies and all kinds of uses. If you’re in the market for a single page WordPress theme, you’ll find it here!

1. Astra

Astra Yoga Studio website

Astra is one of the world’s best-selling WordPress themes. It has dozens of demo websites you can use, is compatible with most WordPress plugins, loads quickly and uses drag and drop page builders so you can create your website without having to learn code.

Astra has a wide selection of WordPress themes covering most niches. There are some dedicated WordPress one page themes and some standard themes that could easily be used to create a one page website. Each offers modern design, a wide range of page elements to use and all the ingredients you need to build a top performing website.

The use of Elementor, Brizy Builder, Gutenberg and Beaver Builder page builders means anyone, of any skill level can create an amazing website with minimal effort. The ability to load a demo website and customize it to your own needs means there really is no limit to what you can achieve with Astra!

Astra has demo websites covering every conceivable use. Demos can also be fully customized to a different purpose with ease.

2. Divi

DJ Home Divi website

Divi also has some one page WordPress themes worth exploring. Like Astra, there are some dedicated single page themes and some standard web themes that could easily be turned into a single page website. All offer attractive designs that cover a wide range of niches.

Divi also uses a drag and drop page builder, the Divi Builder. It provides the same advantages as Elementor, Brizy Builder, Gutenberg and Beaver Builder. It also integrates other WordPress plugins, works fluidly and has been designed with SEO in mind.

Divi could be useful for businesses, hobbies, clubs and almost any conceivable use.

3. Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro studio press wordpress theme

Parallax Pro is a very stylish one page WordPress theme for musicians. It uses a dark main image that transitions into a parallax background down the page. That dark background contrasts nicely with white content areas to create a monochrome design that is very effective.

Parallax Pro uses the Genesis Framework that plugs into WordPress to offer different features. It means learning another system but this one is relatively straightforward and delivers great performance and reliability in return.

Parallax Pro has a distinct aesthetic that could be ideal for musicians, photographers and creatives of all kinds.

4. Montblanc

One page theme Montblanc

Montblanc is a very stylish single page WP theme with four distinct versions. We rate Parallax over the others because it’s already configured as a one page layout. All of the demos could be configured this way, but the hard work is done for you.

The design is very modern with a largely greyscale colour scheme with pops of colour from images. The font choice is also good, with a mixture of old and new spaced throughout the page.

Montblanc could be used for business, hobbies, creatives or anything you like.

5. Neve

VR Studio Neve template demo

Neve is another theme family with dozens of templates to choose from, including WordPress onepage themes. The quality and variety of demo themes is superb and covers almost every niche. Each is a little different and offers bold colours, good use of white space and the power to customize as you see fit.

Neve offers free and premium themes with a range of templates for both. Each is designed for maximum flexibility, fast loading and reliability. While the designs may take more work to make them unique than others here, the inclusion of page builder compatibility should make it easy.

Neve could be suitable for corporate websites, freelancers, hobbies, stores and any use you put it to.

6. Hestia Pro

Hestia PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Hestia Pro is from the same developer as Neve and looks slightly similar. This is a dedicated WordPress one page theme though. It uses a similar design scheme as Neve with bold colours, good use of white space and strong fonts to create instant engagement.

Hestia Pro has been designed to work fast, be SEO friendly and uses the Live Customizer function in WordPress to make changes. It is compatible with page builders too so all bases are covered.

Hestia Pro is a good looking theme that doesn’t have a distinct character of its own. It could be useful for companies or those in more traditional industries with a little work.

7. Zakra

Zakra Professional demo template

Zakra is another theme with a free and a premium version. The free version has two dedicated single page WordPress themes while the premium version adds another. Both versions offer standard layouts that could be tweaked to become single page.

Zakra stands out for the cleanliness of its designs. All demos offer a clear intent with functional navigation and logical flow down the page. Each uses colour, white space and imagery well to create that professional look you’re after. All demos are worth checking out.

Zakra covers all bases and has corporate themes as well as those suitable for hobbies, freelancers and other industries.

8. Ultra

Ultra Horizontal one page wordpress theme

Ultra is another firm favourite of ours because of its elegant designs, usability and flexibility. One theme stands out as a one page WordPress theme, Horizontal. Where most themes flow vertically down the screen, this scrolls horizontally left to right. It’s a unique take on the single page theme and we like it a lot.

Other Ultra demo websites could also be used as single page themes and reflect the same quality of design that Horizontal does. All use the Themify Builder to customize pages, can utilize parallax layouts and are designed to be responsive and load quickly.

Ultra themes cover a wide user base from business to hobbies, news to general interest.

9. OnePage

OnePage Theme demo

OnePage is a dedicated single page WordPress theme with a standard business layout. There is a blog demo too. Both provide the basis for you to build your own pages using a selection of page elements covering services, portfolio, testimonials, image galleries, forms and everything you’re likely to need.

The designs are attractive with a good mix of colour, graphics, images and white space. Pages scroll smoothly and could allow you to tell a story with ease. The theme has a useful customizer to change colours, fonts, page elements and everything you see on the page. It’s a very user friendly template.

OnePage doesn’t make an instant impact but grows on you the more you look at it. The design could work for businesses of all kinds.

10. Business One Page

Business One Page theme demo site

Business One Page is a standard corporate layout built as a one page WordPress theme. There is a free and a premium version that look very similar to each other. Each uses a full page slider as the intro before evolving into a standard layout with service boxes, alternating light and dark backgrounds and content elements.

The demos use a calm blue colour with a pop of colour from orange buttons. It could work very well as is, or be customized to suit your brand. Page elements can be added, changed or removed as required and everything you see on the page can be tweaked to suit your exact needs

Business One Page is designed to be a turnkey business page and delivers on that promise.

11. Parallax

Parallax single page theme

Parallax is a standout single page WordPress theme. It uses a monochrome image header to make the impact and interesting lower navigation menu underneath. The page then transitions to a dark and light layout with parallax image background and alternating light and dark backgrounds and fonts.

This is a very contemporary theme with flat design, modern fonts and a cool aesthetic that could resonate with a wide audience. The theme comes with a myriad of layout options, infinite scroll and a number of features you could use on your page.

Parallax would be ideal for photographers, artists, musicians, bars, barbers and any niche where contemporary design would appeal.

12. Responsive App

AppTheme Theme MyThemeShop demo template

Responsive App is a colourful WordPress one page theme designed for business. The demo showcases an app design agency but could easily be changed to suit any niche. This is a well-considered design that offers the flexibility to build your page however you like.

Responsive App begins with a large header image and headline with a large sticky navigation bar. The page unfolds to show more colourful graphics, coloured backgrounds and animations that create interest. While a lot of colour is used, the tone has been carefully chosen to be attractive rather than off-putting. It’s a well-balanced design.

This template is designed as a company theme and it works well for that. There is also a blog layout demo that works equally well.

13. Daylight

Daylight wordpress template

Daylight looks very similar to Responsive App at first glance. Similar colours, similar header, similar feel. It’s only when you scroll down that you see it’s a completely different offering with a unique character.

Daylight uses colour well with a carefully chosen palette and mixture of light and dark and complementing colours. A smattering of graphics and image overlays add more character while telling your story and gradually unfold to cover all the subject you would need from a single page website.

Daylight is a flexible theme that could be equally used for a business as for a freelancer or musician.

14. OnePress

OnePress theme demo

OnePress is a free one page WordPress theme that takes us more into the light side. This template uses white and off-white backgrounds, a light blue colour scheme and lots of images to paint the picture. Subtle sticky navigation and smooth scrolling creates that feeling of effortless cool.

Considering this is a free theme, the quality of design is superb. Font choice is excellent, pages scroll smoothly, you can use parallax effects if you like and utilize a range of custom widgets. It’s a feature-rich template that delivers a very similar experience to premium ones in this list as long as you know what you’re doing.

OnePress is a traditional business layout but includes elements that could be useful across industries including bars, hairdressers, beauty, travel and other niches.

15. Rife

Lander wordpress theme demo

Rife is another free single page WordPress theme that looks anything but. It comes with a selection of demo sites you can use as you see fit. We chose Lander as it’s already configured as a one page website but also because it uses strong colour contrasts to create an impact.

Rife begins with an animated header with scrolling text and a button that sends you down the page. It’s quite a statement and one this template can back up. The page transitions to a white background with stark black font and icons before switching to a parallax background. This is a very competent design with a real eye for detail.

This theme has everything you need to build any kind of website. Elements work for companies, agencies, freelancers and every type of use.

16. Potenza

Potenza demo

Potenza is a strong theme that makes an instant impact. While not designed specifically as a one page WordPress theme, it could easily be built as one. The demo begins with a strong statement header with image slider and strong headline font. A black navigation bar helps create the character of the page.

Further down the page of the demo site, it transitions to alternating dark and light blocks with parallax effects and contrasting fonts. The page includes service blocks, pricing blocks, testimonials, biographies and a very attractive contact form. Everything a business needs in a website.

While flexible, Potenza is primarily a business theme. That doesn’t mean it won’t work elsewhere but might take some effort!

17. Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro Coworking demo website

Sydney Pro has a selection of attractive demo websites to choose from covering most niches. Each has been designed using alternating dark and light elements and attractive imagery to great effect. None are designed specifically for one page websites but could be built that way with minimal effort.

We particularly like Band. It showcases an excellent use for the theme and contains a nice range of page elements that could really work. All designs are modern and attractive and contain nice colour combinations and attractive graphics. As it uses the Elementor page builder, customizing it would be a breeze!

Sydney Pro is a genuinely flexible WordPress theme that could be used by anyone.

18. ShowStopper

showstopper wordpress demo site

Calling your product ShowStopper is a real statement of intent. Fortunately, this one page WordPress theme delivers. It’s a very composed design with header slider, subtle sticky navigation and a mixture of colours throughout the page.

ShowStopper includes all the page elements you’ll need along with colourful icons, a portfolio section, a WooCommerce store section, blog and contact form. The page flows smoothly and creates a relaxed feel as you explore. This offers real potential in the right hands.

ShowStopper is a flexible theme that could work for many businesses or online stores.

19. Zero

Zero theme demo

Zero is a light WordPress theme with a single page and multipage version. It creates a feeling of relaxation right away thanks to that serene image and pastel colours. While you may want to change these, keeping that same feeling could work to evoke the desired emotion in your audience.

Zero has a standard layout with service blocks, a portfolio, biography section, blog and contact form. There is also scope to add a store and other page elements should you wish to. As Zero uses Visual Composer any changes you do make will be very straightforward.

Zero is genuinely appealing and could work for any business with an audience that would respond well to soft colours and an easy going aesthetic.

20. Fullpane

Fullpane demo

Fullpane is a unique theme that uses a combination of minimal design and one page to deliver something quite different. There is no top navigation and there are no dividers or bordered page elements. Instead, there are full page images with overlaid text, pulldown top menu and footer navigation instead.

The overall effect is a very good one. Images slide both horizontally and vertically and you could easily create a very impactful one page website just with the demo website. Other page elements, colours, menus and other features are available, not really necessary in our opinion.

Fullpane would be ideal for photographers, artists, models and anyone who wants to showcase visual work.

21. Startup

Startup Theme demo template

Startup is a smart modern theme that foregoes images in favour of graphics. This is a very current trend that features on many websites. Graphics, combined with a strong colour and stark modern fonts combines to create an accessible design for a wide range of niches.

The demo website is set up as a one page website. It uses a range of blues throughout to create a cohesive palette and a mix of graphics and copy to tell the story. The theme includes all the page elements you need along with compatibility with WooCommerce for a store. It’s a well thought-out design that we thoroughly recommend.

Startup could be useful for startups, new businesses, graphics designers and any other business for whom modernity sells.

22. OneEngine

Multi-purpose One Page WordPress Theme demo site

OneEngine is a colourful one page WordPress theme that sets its stall out nice and early. That full screen header tells you exactly what to expect with a couple of lines and a simple graphic. That story is borne out further down the page as you scroll.

Below the fold, the template takes on a more traditional look with light backgrounds, service blocks, biography, skills graphics, a portfolio section, blog and form. Other page elements are also available to tell your story however you like. The overall look and feel of this theme is of calm competence and that’s a great characteristic to have.

OneEngine would be ideal for anyone in creative industries or whose audience will respond to a bold introduction.

23. Lense

Scroller Gallery Lense wordpress theme

Lense is another take on the single page WordPress theme. It’s another horizontal scrolling page with imagery at its heart, but a much lighter version than we have seen previously. It’s a cutting edge design that keeps things simple while not missing anything out.

Content is kept minimal with Lense but the template supports traditional layouts as well as the side scrolling Scroller Gallery. While each has minimal copy and page elements, each allows images to shine and would be perfect for portfolios or image-heavy websites.

Lense would be ideal for photographers, graphics designers or artists who want to showcase their work.

24. Shapely

Shapely Demo

Shapely is a free one page WordPress theme that looks premium. That header image is everything and serves to set the scene for the rest of the page. Alongside a modern headline and buttons, gives you all you need to know before scrolling down.

The page quickly transitions into a light and accessible design with white and grey backgrounds and black modern fonts. A simple layout allows you to tell your story without any fussiness and the parallax sections would work well for calls to action. While you could customize this page as you like, the default works very well.

Shapely is a flexible theme that could genuinely be used for any type of niche.

25. Zelle Pro

Zelle PRO WordPress Theme demo site

Zelle Pro is a sibling to Neve and looks it. This is a slightly different take on the flat design built around a single page. It uses the same combination of modern fonts, strong colours and white space to deliver a professional-looking website.

Zelle offers a very competent demo website that can be customized using your favourite page builder. It is compatible with most plugins but the demo pages include most of what you’ll need. The combination of colours, white space and those parallax backgrounds make a very attractive website that could serve you well.

Zelle Pro would be ideal for new or creative niches where the audience would appreciate bold colours.

26. Ripple

ripple theme demo

Ripple is a smart modern WordPress one page theme. It’s also free, which is surprising given the quality. If you didn’t know it was free, you genuinely wouldn’t believe it. The design is that good.

Like many in this list, it opens with a full size image slider with headlines and modest navigation. It then opens up into a smooth-scrolling page that includes service blocks, calls to action, testimonials, portfolio, biography and the usual content you want to see.

Ripple will take more work than premium themes to customize and won’t come with support so would be useful for more experienced WordPress users.

27. Enterprise

Enterprise theme demo

Enterprise is another smart modern one page WordPress theme. This one isn’t free though, but is well worth the cost. This has a slightly more understated design with faded main image and sans serif headline. There is minimal navigation accessible by a slider at the side.

Down the page you see an innovative patterned background behind a parallax effect, soft colours, attractive icons and all the ingredients you need to build a page. The colour palette is very appealing, as are the icons and visuals.

Enterprise is a well-balanced design that could work exceptionally well for a number of niches.

28. OnePage Express

OnePage wordpress theme demo

As the name suggests, OnePage Express is a one page WordPress theme. It’s a bold design with striking header image and a selection of demo themes to choose from. Each does its thing slightly differently so there should be one here that’s perfect for your needs.

Pages unfold smoothly into alternative content rows with different backgrounds. There are service elements, blog, portfolio, testimonials, calls to action and some clean forms. Each demo page is slightly different but all create the same professional yet accessible appeal.

OnePage Express has a youthful vibe so could work for education, training, agency or something else entirely!

29. VW One Page

VW One Page Pro demo site

VW One Page is another of those themes that you would never believe was free until we told you. Well it is. This is a very competent single page WordPress theme designed for business. It uses bold colours, strong graphics and some neat effects to get its point across.

This is a strong theme that could easily be toned down simply by changing the red. Or ramped up, depending on your needs. The strength of the template is that it could easily cope with any of these changes without losing its core character. With all the page elements you’ll need and some optional ones besides, this is definitely a theme worth trying.

VW One Page would be ideal for upstarts, freelance designers and anyone who isn’t afraid to make an impact.

30. Illdy

Illdy Theme Demo

Illdy is a calm and collected free WordPress one page theme with a little Skandi influence. The demo template starts with a full size image with grey filter and stark white font. A modern yellow contrast colour adds real interest while doing very little.

The rest of the page adds more colours and content blocks as the page unfolds. Each is clear, modern and accessible while telling the story. A mixture of content blocks covers all the features you’ll need.

Illdy is a clean, crisp design with a very modern aesthetic. It will need more work than premium themes to customize but could work for many types of use.

31. Innofit

Innofit Lite WordPress Theme

Innofit may be last but it is certainly not least. This is a very strong template that is completely free. It uses solid design to deliver a modern corporate website that scrolls smoothly and provides everything you need to tell the brand story. It’s a surprisingly complete theme considering it costs nothing.

The page uses contrast for effect. Bright white backgrounds with bright contrast colours and off-white backgrounds with dark contrast colours. Alongside some nice icons and imagery, the theme creates a standout page. A nice blog layout, subtle shadow effects, an attractive form and the option to add a store all add to the appeal.

Innofit is a very flexible theme but is largely corporate in its appeal. Therefore we think it would be ideal for small businesses.

Summary of One Page WordPress Themes

One page design is alive and kicking and can make a real impact in the right hands. The one page WordPress themes in this list prove that you can be a little different in your approach to your website than the norm while still appealing to your core audience.

We think any one of these single page WordPress themes are worth checking out!

Which WordPress One Page Theme Should You Choose?

This is always the million dollar question. How can you choose a standout single page WordPress theme from the carefully curated list of 30? With difficulty!

Astra stands out from the crowd thanks to its ease of use, integration with leading page builders, compatibility with WooCommerce and the quality of the designs.

The greyscale palette of Montblanc is another standout theme that does one page design very well. Rife and VW One Page both stand out because of the quality of design and features while being free.

Finally, Enterprise is worth checking out thanks to the page balance, soft colour palette and that patterned background.

So that’s what we think are the best one page WordPress themes around. What about you? Do you have any to suggest?

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  1. With my study I found that, having one page website design does increase conversions. It’s best to have all product details and contact information on a same page if your business in small.

  2. I’m planning changing my website layout to one page and all above themes looks so premium and gives the business website feeling.
    It was a nice list and I got inspiration to work on my website, Thank You.

  3. Stephan Bautista

    I really like the way web designing process has changes, even a newbie like me can create website easily using WordPress and Starter Templates.
    All themes are good and professional looking.

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    Please suggest me one page theme for digital marketing agency website.

  5. I must say most business website’s these days are using one page format. It keeps things simple and very effective technique.
    Go ahead and convert your website to one page and see the difference.

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    Nice list of themes, I have personally used few of the top themes for my customers.

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    Hope everything goes smooth.

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